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iPhone vs. Galaxy fight hospitalises two after beer bottle stabbing

Jorge Lopez

Sports of the 2015s

Doesn't this sort of brawl happen over sports as well? I guess we can add this to a new type of modern day sporting event brawl

Apple bitchslaps iPhone rival Xiaomi: World No 1? That's BIG TALK

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Time to put a Mexican American in there.

Wanna see a b#tch slap? Put one of us in there mang. Just watch as we tell China where they can stick their yellow river and back up their mings.

A.) Mexico can out produce China and we're not dumb either. We don't need to steal or cheat to make headway. Why do we? We're not cut off from the rest of the world and everyone wanted our stuff. (albeit they stole it from us)

B.) I am American, 4th generation but the economic power of Mexican, Canada and the United States (as well as the $$) will put an end to this Chinese dominance. We built the most pyramids in ancient history. We built some of the most advanced science in ancient and modern history (the northern hemisphere of Americas) I think we can put together a few mobes.

C.) Mexico and United States booted the monarch in England on two separate occasions. We didn't have 100 years of a British footprint. We will get Quebec to come around first and then the rest of Canada will fall. Once that happens. Stick that giant eye sore of a building that looks like an arch up your xiaomi.

I mean this as a friendly competition. I love Chinese culture and the history. China should be proud of its accomplishments. It's influenced so much and many great inventions (and religions) have come from China's influence. I would not advocate hurting chinese but have no problem in competing them under the yellow sea.

Guess what happened when T-Mobile US's boss trolled AT&T's CES party

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Re: Wild West Spirit

Still the best company out there. I've been a customer for 10 years next month.

HTC: Shipping Android updates is harder than you think – here's why

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Finally owning up and taking the blame... Partially.

Blows the carrier urban legend myth out of the water. Was sick of hearing that lame excuse. One word: Apple. They dealt with more carriers than ever and you never hear them holding back updates and security patches because of carriers.

Jorge Lopez

Lmfao. Are you seriously still holding onto this urban legend ? That was disproven ages ago. Even Samsung admitted they only release one update and one upgrade for a device. It's in rare situations a device will get further updates. They want you buying a new phone.

Carriers are the last step. Read the article. The longest part happens way before the carriers are even involved. The real issue is they limit their off shored development until they get to the certified release. Their slowness would be reduced if they actually paid more for development.

Look behind you, T-Mobile US: Sprint wants to GOBBLE you – allegedly

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Re: Combining GSM and CDMA?

Like sprint will allow you to use those phones, they won't because they will force you to buy their branded phones which they will never unlock. You will never be allowed to use an unlocked phone on sprint. Ever. Even if the dropped CrapDMA they will force you to use their phones and say its a "programming" issue

Does 'Star Wars' casting call hint at DEATH of LUKE SKYWALKER?

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Re: This is Disney

Emperors new groove sorta... I mean true he has to have no parents to be emperor but. ... I always thought it didn't have a MAIN character persay.

Love that movie

LILO and stitch fits your analogy tho

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This is what happens when you put Abrahams at the helm

T&A red goop destroy all we know and love crap with rock and roll blaring in the background.

You'll be begging for jar jar

Intel, AMD financials: Bad news for Obama campaign

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Thumb Up

Even El Reg is turning on Obama!

Woot!@# Good job. Well written.

Samsung's lovely illegal tablet: Why no one wants to know

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I see why it's illegal

I thought this was an iPad at first with one of those mock up desktop screens.

Grow up, Google: You're threatening IT growth

Jorge Lopez

Two things

STOP! Apple has a killer app. It's called the APP. The fact that Apple provided a platform and storefront for Apps is huge. Before then, no one thought of this idea. I should know. I have had a handheld since post-newton. Did you ever get an app from online? The experience was horrid. Not to mention you paid 20-50 bucks for simple apps. IM apps, photo apps, etc.

Apple also created the concept of multitouch. They pushed a new type of touch interface. That in itself was a killer app.

So why do you think Apple needs to be dethroned. Unlike the competition they did not follow the trend but they created it. So why is it you think its a bad thing that Google, which seems to follow the model of Windows CE, needs to do something? They don't GET IT. Do you want to go back to the days of the Moto Q and the Compaq iPaq? Do you want to buy a device like the Dell Axim and find out a year later it was discontinued? Never getting updates for it. Its bad enough Samsung drags its feet updating their Galaxy phones.

Linus Torvalds dubs GNOME 3 'unholy mess'

Jorge Lopez

Linus knows about user interface design?

Since when does he know a thing about user interface design? Maybe he should just stick to working on kernels and leave those graphical techs to the pro's.

Gnome is moving in the same direction as the industry and that is fine by me. I like alot of these features. They are necessary for a mobile environment as well.

Apple vanishes MySQL from Mac OS X Lion Server

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Doesn't PostgreSQL support PL/OpenCL? I would think this is more of a driving factor in moving to this platform than MYSQL's license. This would also mean that Apple is actually more serious about its server than this article assumes.

A peek inside Apple's iCloud data center

Jorge Lopez

Could also be virtualized.

There is nothing stopping Apple from running their own OS on a custom hypervisor or even by partnering with Oracle, EMC or VMWare to make one for them. Chances are they are running many virtualized Operating Systems for whatever serves the best purpose.

The hardware is only one part of datacenter. Even I know this.

Samsung quietly lowers tablet graphics chip spec

Jorge Lopez

Samsung really blows...

I am not a fan of Android but I am even less of a fan of Samsung. I know you have to look at the whole picture but Samsung really does drag down the platform. Their phones were released with major bugs and promises of fixes that never surfaced.

This is just more reason why I would not buy a Galaxy anything.

I will stick to my iPad. I hope people who absolutely won't buy an Apple product don't buy a Samsung. They are just horrible.

Apple seals $66bn in Jobsian wallet

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Jobs Halo

Next Logical Step

The next logical step for Apple is to dive into gaming. They have always wanted to make the Mac a gaming platform. They would first release the console on iOS but have easily ported games on the Mac ala "Game Center for Mac OS". In order to do this they will need three things:

1.) A Mac OS that borrows heavily on the iOS platform.

2.) Enough reserve cash to begin producing a console at a loss

3.) A library of games to introduce on the new console (Optional but preferred)

Apple has the second part, and Mac OS Lion is around the corner. I think that Lion will preview the integration but what comes after Lion will be an all new OS that integrates the two seamlessly. By this time the next console generation will be set in motion.

As for the library of games, they are building one. All they need is a franchise. Such as Nintendo or Sega like franchise. Perhaps even buying out Disney Interactive. Apple has its roots in Atari. Afterall it was Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac that programmed games for Atari while in college. Ever hear of Pong?

Steve Wozniak ready for return to Apple

Jorge Lopez

Wow you guys are really ...

Omg #FAIL# for these posters above me. Apple not open? http://www.opensource.apple.com/

Apple is not a control freak. They are merely protecting their technology like any company can and should. They use standard off the shelf hardware. I remember Apple from the 80s and 90s and they used proprietary non standard hardware. Pretty much every component in a mac or iphone is found elsewhere in the industry. Just because they make an Apple A5 does not mean it is not the same chip found in most other phones.

I don't mind that the iOS is restricted. It's got quality control. Look at the android. Trojans left and right and the user experience is horrid. Android has alot of first time adopters but will those same people buy new androids? What about the return rate on android devices?

I usually let these comments fly but this is ridiculous. Woz may be a great down to earth guy but since when is it ever a good thing to be less successful????

Apple's casual Xbox: Apple TV seeded for online gaming

Jorge Lopez

Apps are what's stopping me

The lack of Apps for this device have been what stops me from getting it. I love Netflix and I love Pandora. I can do Pandora from my Tivo, Netflix and DLNA from my TV, and other apps from my PS3. If Apple moved to provide Apps for the device I would probably drop the "Benjamin" and get one.

I am finding more and more that my tv media mac is not really used. It is mostly a server of sorts in the living room and everything I am doing is over DLNA to the TV or other devices.

I love the app revolution to the tv but using a keyboard has become clunky and outdated. If Apple had a nice controller and a list of apps that worked, I would be there in a heart beat.

Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked

Jorge Lopez

I wish they outted him

I know I know - outing Mark Z is wishful thinking on my part. I have the biggest crush on El Numero Uno Nerdo boy. I personally think he is really adorable. I would love to have seen them fulfill my fantasy and changing his "looking for" status to "men"

I am shocked that of all pages to be hacked it would be his. I dunno, I kinda like the kid and knowing that they could do this makes me want to change my password.

Mark is cool, He's donating alot to charity. I just wish he played on my team :-)


New Xbox 360 said to 'still scratch discs'

Jorge Lopez


I accidentally rated this article as poor because I saw the little bar at the bottom and thought it was a link to other pages. Turns out this is only a one page article and I clicked the "rate this page" button.

Sorry! This is actually a good article!

Sarah Palin to testify in email hack trial

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Wow - the ignorants yap

What I don't understand is how ignorant some of the comments are on here. Here we have a family member of a rank and file member of the democratic party being the fall guy to something he was clearly put up to do by his mates in the party.

This may not be watergate but it sure as heck screams felony imprisonment. This kind of tactic should not be tolerated from any political party. Do we really want to go down this path to excuse these actions just because of a personal political view against Palin?

Apple is suing HTC

Jorge Lopez


It's about time! Now they need to go after google for trying to steal multi-touch in their handheld devices.

It is funny how much their is a double standard out there. It is ok to lay claim on ones own rip off but when Apple clearly patents something companies resort to shady tactics and deny that it's Apples own tech.

HTC is garbage anyway. I bought a phone from them back in April 2008 and the stupid device fell apart by december and all that cool looking protective compound they call "scratch resistant" smeared off on my sweaty hands.

Jobs: I'll decide what to do with Apple's $40bn cash pile

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Please buy SEGA!

Apple should buy SEGA and then publish the games on their iDevices. There is a ton to be made in that realm. I am not talking about going head to head with Sony or MS games for Windows. I am talking about preserving the iPhone games platform, iPad games platform, maybe introducing "light" games for the AppleTV and going head to head with Nintendo.

They do not need to "make" a console because they already have one with the iDevices. All they need to do now is make first party games and they are set.

Apple drives iPhone app developers to the brink

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Oh and one more thing...

Make sure you put in the email - "This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose"

When they respond to the email with this "you are harassing us" excuse - you keep that email. Take them to court a judge will gladly help you settle with them. Most likely in your favor since they are undergoing bankruptcy.

Jorge Lopez

When in rome...

22 emails in 2 days is not bordering harassment but - harassment. There is no doubt about but Is it bad? Have you ever missed a credit card payment? I have and let me tell you, those jokers don't mess around. They will call you from 8am until 9pm non stop trying to get their monies. It is harassment but what can Apple do? IT IS NOT ILLEGAL!

I mean seriously what are they going to do? Not pay you? Here is what YOU can do my friend. You can start tacking on late fees. for each day that passes that they have not paid you. Was a contract signed? Send them a notice of a change of contract that stipulates this, charge them $50 for the change of contract and then charge them $25 a day for each day they breach the contract.

Then send that to your local EU government and the Apple representative in your country. Agree to "waive" the fees for a quick payment. Trust me - this is your business vs their business. It may have to go to court but Apple is the one in the wrong here. They are late on paying and you keep harassing them until they pay. Just like any business would do to you.

Also - check for the nearest local apple rep. If they sell to your country they have to have a "business" license in your country. You *can* physically do something.

Hacker blasts Mac clone maker's licence 'violation'

Jorge Lopez

All Hail Netkas!!!!

Netkas is the one who worked hard for two years to create a custom bootloader based on PC EFI. It was never his intent to profit or commercialize this technology. It was strictly meant for the hobbyist DIY in all of use mac techies.

I am proud of him slapping this guy at PyStar who is trying to profit from the hackintosh community.

NOTE I said "Guy". This business is an uber small Pop business run out of someone's garage.

Apple emasculates the iPhone

Jorge Lopez

Genius Bar

No sarcasm here. Just wanted to inform you that Apple has this service called the Genius Bar in every Apple Store.

I highly recommend you pop over to the Apple Store and check with one of the geniuses. They will be able to get you squared away.

There are quick solutions to all your complaints above.