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New Star Wars movie plot details leak, violate common sense and laws of physics


You want cross genre???

I'll give cross genre!!!

Luke's detached hand, holding the light sabre in a death grip, gets sucked into the intake of a departing freighter. The freighter heads to an uncharted planet. While landing, it is destroyed by a tornado which dis-lodges the hand and sabre - these fall to the ground and the light-sabre be-heads the wicked witch of the east. Inexplicitly, Jar-Jar appears, puts on the ruby slippers, picks up the light sabre and kills most of the munchkins.

Add additional chapters as you see fit.

Russian MP fears US Secret Service cuffed his son for Snowden swap


don't rendition in Italy

They don't like this type of thing in Italy. see:


"12 March 2014 Italy's highest court ... on Tuesday upheld guilty verdicts against three US defendants in the 2003 extraordinary rendition kidnapping of an Egyptian terror suspect. The three Americans are CIA agents who participated in the kidnapping of terror suspect Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr on a Milan street."

Tor is '90 per cent of the net' claims City of London Police Commish – and he's dead wrong


Re: Hilarious

NO, NO, NO! TOR uses an area of the internet the size of a Light-Year. At least that is what Commissioner Leppard meant to say. He read it on the Internet.

US bloke raises $250k to build robo-masturbation device


Re: Connect to 240V, insert penis..?

Murphy's Law will inevitably raise it's ugly head (snicker) at some point in the future regarding this. I await seeing how newspaper editors will handle this, be it THE DAILY MAIL or THE MIRROR.

An autopilot the size of a postage stamp

Black Helicopters

Re: Processing requirements for embedded systems are often over estimated

IIRC, the Voyager, Viking and Galileo spacecrafts used an RCA COSMAC 1802 (radiation hardened...Silicon-on-Sapphire) that ran at 5 or 6 MHZ.

Believe it or not, Intersil still makes a version of it. A bit amazing considering it's from the 70's.


Brits give thumbs-up to shale gas slurping in university-run poll


faucet water igniting

Nial wrote:

>> What's the cause of those youtube videos of people

>> igniting their water mains, if it isn't fracking?

>A pre-existing geological condition.

Maybe...in some cases the water table used for drinking water wells is not saturated with methane or other gasses (the vertical separation may be thousands of feet). When a fracking operation drills through a "cap" to get to the shale to be fracked, they surround the pipe (which will carry the gas) with a cement protective ring. Without this ring, methane from below the cap "creeps" up the side of the pipe until it reaches the water table. It then enters the water - because the water is an easier "escape route" than continuing up the side of the pipe.

A well-designed (i.e.thick enough and high quality cement) casing around the pipe prevents the gas seepage from happening. Bad or failed casings allow clean water to become saturated with gas - these are the flaming faucets that appear on YouTube.

How many cement casings fail? Some say that records from the frackers themselves indicate that 5% or so fail before completion of the drilling. Who knows? And how many will fail in a year? Or 2? Or after a very minor quake?

What are the real figures? Perhaps the fracking industry will someday reveal that to us.

Until then, we will just have to trust them.

Of course, if methane suddenly starts to come out of your faucet (when it never did before) you may not feel so trusting.

[warning: some technical details were simplified in order to prevent this post from being deadly boring]



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