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I love my electricity company's app – but the FBI says the nuclear industry bribed politicians $60m to kill it


Re: An honest question...

Yes, OpenEnergyMonitor does this. It has been the open-source version of a smart meter since before smart meters were a glint in a corrupt politician's wallet.

Reg reader lost for words over blank HP keyboard



I would think the layout would be the least of your worries on a pubic keyboard.

Feds commandeer botnet, issue 'stop' command


Why not disinfect it?

If they have control over the botnet, and assuming it can be made to run arbitrary code, can't they simply instruct it to uninstall itself?

Far better (and permanent) solution than hackishly trying to knock out each node every time they come back online - which they concede will probably lead to the original operators eventually regaining control of the botnet, and no doubt protecting it against this kind of takeover in the future.

Fukushima situation as of Wednesday


One notch

Don't forget that like the earthquake magnitude scale, the IAEA scale is logarithmic, meaning that a '6' as recently suggested by French authorities is supposedly one tenth as severe as Chernobyl.

US trade rep bashes Baidu for 'deep linking' naughtiness


Missed a bit over there

Some notable absentees from the list... "Google" comes to mind...

As for the list, there's a few sites there I haven't come across before - must check them out!

Portsmouth redefines the Olympic-sized swimming pool


[citation needed]

I've heard the same claim about Bath Uni's 50m pool, and a quick [popular search engine] reveals other instances around the world.

It seems too common a cock-up to be true, has anyone ever verified any of these likely urban legends?

My guess is that many of these pools would not conform to the Olympic standard for some other reason; Bath for example has only 8 lanes where 10 are required.

Subsequently, stories about it being two tile-thicknesses too short emerge amongst students/locals and are perpetuated in campus mythology and occasionally shoddy journalism simply because it's a better story.

Lock and load: Birmingham launches gunfire location IT


Saw it coming

I seem to remember these devices first appeared in the dystopian near-future setting of the classic video game Deus Ex. The response was simple, of course, people just killed each other with crossbows and swords instead.

Amazon.com sells empty Vista boxes for $200?


You misunderstand

"Windows XP / Vista / 2000, No Operating System" is just the system requirements, meaning it can be installed on computers with or without Windows already installed.

It's not an empty box at all, you have to look on ebay for those. (I hear someone's already sold an empty iPhone box)


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