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Dutch boyband hopes to reverse Brexit through the power of music


Re: Slightly wrong.

"If necessary, I'm sure the other 27 will agree to an extension of the current arrangement, and this might be necessary as I suspect we will see both a referendum and general election over this."

I've seen this comment elsewhere in British media as well, but I'm afraid it's a complete fantasy. There's no way all 27 will agree to any extension.

If the British decide to increase their own internal chaos by holding another referendum or a general election, that is not the EU's problem. You're out by 29 March, one way or the other. The EU wants this to be over, and that's the harsh reality. There is simply no reason for the EU to grant any extension.

There are other, legal ways to nab Microsoft emails, privacy groups remind Supremes


Part of me wants the DoJ to win this case. It would prompt providers to move more legal entities and data centers to Europe, providing a nice economic boost.

Ecuador tried to make Julian Assange a diplomat


Re: Smuggle him out in the Diplomatic Bag

I don't see why. Legally, it doesn't seem any different from the current situation. Assange is already on Ecuadorian territory, and Ecuador is already ignoring the UK wish to hand him over. They'd just be shipping him to a different part of Ecuador, and it would all be legal.


Smuggle him out in the Diplomatic Bag

I don't understand why the embassy doesn't just smuggle him out in the diplomatic bag and put the bag on a plane to Ecuador. The diplomatic bag can be as big as you like; they could fashion a big crate with enough air and food for a few days, and just ship him out as cargo. Under the Vienna Convention, the UK couldn't do anything to stop them, even if they gave it loads of publicity.

RDX removable disk has ransomware protection begging to be bypassed


So why is the ransomware protection "begging to be bypassed"? There's no discussion of a vuln, you're just describing the way the product is supposed to work.

This article does not live up to the promise its title makes.

Robot overlords? Pshaw! I ain't afraid of no AI – researchers


Noted! Sorry about that :)


"But it’s unlikely that we will build human-like AI. Even from a philosophical aspect, it has too many moral hazards,” Bryson added.

I love his optimism, where corporation wouldn't build an incredibly profit-generating AIs because of "moral hazards". Because a corporation would NEVER do such a thing :D

Zombie Moore's Law shows hardware is eating software


This is not going to save Moore's law

I don't buy the premise of this story.

Yes, doing stuff in specialized hardware gives you a 200x, or a 1000x-boost over doing it in software on a general-purpose chip.

But that's a one-time boost. At the end of the day, the performance of that hardware is still going to be limited by its process density.

So all you're really doing is delaying the point at which you can no longer improve performance, even in hardware, at the cost of adding extra chippery for various functions.

Having offended everyone else in the world, Linus Torvalds calls own lawyers a 'nasty festering disease'


Apparently, he's not even a good coder

If you're going to rant at people for their comment style, at least don't make mistakes in the actual rant where you're telling people how to do it:

[quote="Linus Torvalds"]

In other words, these three models are good:


/* This is a comment *./



What happened there? Was he so angry he was just mashing the keys in the wrong order?

Reminder: IE, Edge, Outlook etc still cough up your Windows, VPN credentials to strangers



Just.... unbelievable.

3D print biz Shapeways hacked, home and email addresses swiped


Which hashing algorithm?

Is it known which hashing algorithm was used by Shapeways?

(and if it's one of the SHAs, whether the hashes were salted?)

Lester Haines: RIP


RIP Lester. I loved his stories, he will be missed.

US Republican enviro-vets: 'Climate change is real. Deal with it'


Re: Whatever.

Wait a minute..... so 30 degrees of global warming is a good thing, but 30.5 would suddenly be a catastrophe?


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