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US citizen sues France over France-dot-com brouhaha


Re: Once it's on The Internet, it's there forever...

And back in the days France was busy promoting Minitel as a superior platform, so they didn't give a damn: "la internet c'est une m**de! Vive le Minitel!!!". :)

Hip hop-eration: Hopless Franken-beer will bring you hoppiness


Re: Happy to be living near Germany

Actually, lots of great German beer are made with wheat, which was one of the reasons to come up with the law. Wheat for bread, barley for beer. Also, in 1516 they didn't knew about yeast which is a mandatory ingredient of beer. They thought the beer had to be blessed by a priest so fermentation would occur. But these days the isn't being strictly followed, is it? :)

My name is Bill Gates and I am an Android user


Re: Damn them to Hell

"Microsoft were just starting to get it right when Nadella took over"

It was the same story with Zune. The HD it's still one of my favorite music players ever. They really could have kept it to the audiophile niche but no... Kill the product and move on.

Eighteen year old server trumped by functional 486 fleet!


The Special One

Windows NT "4.1"??? That really needs to be a special (or imaginary) NT version to run 15 years without a reboot...

Are you the keymaster? Alternatives in a LogMeIn/LastPass universe


Moved from LastPass to enPass

Although I'm a big cloud fan, I've concluded after thinking a byte, I want more control of my passwords file.

So after looking around for alternatives, ended up with enPass. There is no browser integration but I can live without that.

I wanted true multi platform coverage, ability to sync to OneDrive, Dropbox, etc, in addition to local storage. A good password generator and simple, fuss free, operation. I didn't mind paying as the licensing it's pretty straight forward: You pay once and then the license sits on the file, not the app, meaning that you can use it from your mobile, desktop, laptop, etc. Sync works super well and there isn't really anything I can complain. It has a few additional features that I haven't tried, such as password sharing. Migration was simple just by exporting from LastPass and importing into enPass.

Introducing the Asus VivoMini UN42 – a pint-sized PC, literally


Re: Footprint

You'll find out that a good chunk of that reported size it's actually the WinSXS directory that mostly comprises hard links which will report occupied space when they really don't. Windows 10 on the other hand, seems to reduce a bit the install footprint. I've recovered about 2 GB after upgrading the magnificent HP Stream 360 (also a 32 GB disk) from 8.1. Didn't had time to check if that's only by remaining temporary space though.

Bank of England CIO: ‘Beware of the cloud, beware of vendors’


Re: Enterprise? Not yet...

No they don't although most are much more energy efficient than your local datacenter and some already generate part or even all of their energy needs. But that's not the point. The point is that if electricity is a commodity to you why can't you rely on computing providers to be a commodity as well? IMHO it's a no-brainer.


Re: Enterprise? Not yet...

So you need electricity to run your servers. Do you produce your own or do you rely in some company to do it? Ah, you have generators to compensate for an eventual outage... For how long will it run? As long as you have petrol? You produce your own?... Get over it guys. Commodity cloud computing it's here to stay. Maybe you can't run all of your workloads on it, but you still have a choice. And it's not all our nothing, geeezzz!

HP Stream x360: Flippable and stylish Chromebook killer


I just bought one for my wife after reading the article and I must say I am very pleased with it. It has a super, super, super strong point, imho: FANLESS == NO NOISE

Same old iPad? NO. The new 'soft SIMs' are BIG NEWS


Re: And when you are out of battery

Not sure if Apple will be doing it but if you associate the v-SIM with some cloud based identity, then logging into another device will automatically allow you to reconfigure it. Additionally will probably mean that the same v-SIM can be used in multiple devices (just like registering sip endpoints)... My guess.

Happy 20th birthday, Windows NT 3.1: Microsoft's server outrider


Re: Misleading

What you mean by David Cutler left Microsoft? The man is still around...