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Blockchain study finds 0.00% success rate and vendors don't call back when asked for evidence


Re: Blockchains are a wonderful tool .....

The meme a few years ago was ... "imagine a bewolf cluster of those."

But I didn't know what a bewolf cluster was though.

'The capacitors exploded, showering the lab in flaming confetti'


You should have seen what has happened when a Schlumberger S9K was brought up after a California Rolling Blackout in 2005. The TIU (Loadboard) couldn't be released because of the design of the interlock. The maintenance manager (contrary to his own SOP) threw the switch. Now the VCC was only like 1.15v even in those days, but the power capability was 5kw which is 5k AMPS! ... well the power supplies had a habit of coming on full power from a dead wakeup, but the relay would have been in the open position only in a safe power down which we didn't have. Max voltage for the SLB HV PS is 12.5v for the SLB digital HV PS. Needless to say when 5kW hits 50 or so under rated caps sparks fly.

This was another one of those days when I yelled the F-I-R-E word at work ... and meant it.

Beer hall putz: Regulator slaps northern pub over Nazi-themed ad


for the love of terrorism

"( Even within the last few weeks, the leader of the Labour party went on a holiday to Mexico to visit^H "visit a cafe next to but not enter" the home of on of his idols, Leon Trotsky )."


Good ol' "You'll take Communism or I'll give you Terrorism"--Lev Davidovich a.k.a. Leon Trotsky.


lack of reading

The OP meant extreme punishment to Germany over WWI (which Germany didn't start). Extreme punishment led oppressed Germans to become politically scattered hence the fringe Nazi party won. Kind of like how Arnold Schwarzenegger won the California Governorship in a field of 28 candidates after Gray Davis was recalled for bungling the electric power grid.

Many people down voted the OP, likely they didn't understand the history of how WWII started, which is based on how WWI ended, which is completely divorced from how WWI started, which is based on 19'th century European politics.

Google aims disrupto-tronic ray at intercoms. Yes, intercoms


Re: Does it drag them out of bed?

Mom used to let the dogs in from the cold, pull back my covers and point them to my bed. They'd jump on and rough-house, lick me--cold noses, muddy paws, claws and all. Can't take your frustrations out on the dogs.


Imagine a Bewolf Cluster of those

Does it broadcast to your neighbors too?

That could be fun . . . "Google broadcast It's time for sex."

Parliamentarians ask Obama to withdraw Lauri Love extradition request


Go deep for the gender change

Mr Love is totally misunderstanding how to work the US justice system.

Rule number 1, work the US press. Be misunderstood. Don't have a treatable mental condition, have gender issues.

Have your parents start their own reality show where wear lots of makeup, especially have dad wear lots of mascara. get them in funky costumes which show lots of flesh, and go to the beach and act all weird. Pay to have glamour magazines do expose on your new lifestyle, get a boob job and wear lots of makeup and high fashion to fully expose your new identity. Of course change your name, especially something pornish.

But if it looks like you're going to the big house, be sure they send you to woman's prison with your penis still intact.

R2D2 delivery robots to scurry through the streets of San Francisco


fixed hazards will be the real challenge

A wheeled robot can only navigate across a relatively flat surface. SF has some notoriously steep hills with sidewalks going straight up, some of the sidewalks even have steps. Then there's the curb, newspaper racks and detritus.

Aside from the Jawas, you'll have to make a human delivery point, and that human won't want to receive if the Jawas are watching.

Edward Snowden's 40 days in a Russian airport – by the woman who helped him escape


epic fail

who we have chosen to represent us and do what's right for us

The elected officials aren't here to assist the people any more than fleas are on the dog to assist him. The police department isn't here to protect the people, they are here to provide enough justice that the people don't get frustrated and form a new body of protection which could rival the current form of government. Anyone who receives a paycheck isn't showing up out of the goodness of their heart, they're there for the money.

Oooooklahoma! Where the cops can stop and empty your bank cards – on just a hunch


Re: America?

North America is the US and Canada. And what exactly are Canadians? Pseudo Americans in denial.

Costa Rica launches investigation after reports hackers ‘rigged’ 2014 election


in the US we have TV comedians

Here in the US, a large number of the young hipster types get all their political news from the late night TV comedians. So there is a lot of Hollywood influence on our elections. Hence a few catchy sound bites substitutes for critical thinking. There are a lot of people who vote for a gender or race because critical thinking isn't as hip as following the crowds.

Lost in the obits: Intel's Andy Grove's great warning to Silicon Valley


Re: Translating to:

Merciless exploitation of a resource (human labor

were you kidnapped and held at gunpoint and forced to work? No? You voluntarily entered into an employment contract and received the wages and benefits you agreed to exchange for the days of your life?

Quit bitchin' and walk out the damn door and don't look back!

Those guys don't play fair, they expect me to earn my way through life :(

God I hate whiners.


Re: And zero lobbying was done

There's a lot more to it than that, if you want to sell computers in Asia, you probably need to have a factory there, otherwise the local governments will tax you to death. Likewise Europe and south America. Besides putting all of your eggs in one basket (America) is dangerous in that a Bernie Sanders could pop in and nationalize your business out from under your feet ala Castro's Cuba in the 1950's. Think "you didn't build that " campaign from Obama.


Re: The problem is the natural outgrowth of legislation, at least in the US.

So 1/3 of the population of the US could and probably should be working but isn't?

You're promoting child labor, aren't you?

No dufus, there are some 90 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 55 who are not in the work force, they are sponging off the folks who are working. 5% unemployment means that about 5 million of the remaining 100 million are seeking work.

Posh frockers Lord & Taylor spanked after Instagram fillies shocker


Re: Would this be illegal elsewhere?

"One milk advert claims it will help the intellectual development of your child"

but real milk will boost the intellectual development of your child, so what's your beef?

Apple tells iPhone court 'the Founders would be appalled' by Feds


it will all end in tears

I think a new revolution is due soon across the world, it'll be interesting to see how it pans out."

Yeah I'm pretty sure that a revolution would end up worse than the present junk. Look how many people follow some chick with a big ass, get their news from tv comedians, have never read a "good book", don't know about the canon of western literature , and don't think about what is important.

Behold, Microsoft SQL Server on Linux – and a firm screw-you to Oracle


Re: Yes and No

One hidden caveat is the expanded "reserved words" list. I hope a little thing like that won't bring down your server too.

Yahoo! recruits! two! more! pallbearers!


Typical bankers mentality. They should instead fire all executive staff and replace them all with the first twenty grads from Stanford and Berkeley. In a year Yahoo would be trouncing Google.

But then again the purpose of a manager is to line his own pockets and not that of his employer and shareholders,

Uncle Sam's boffins stumble upon battery storage holy grail


Re: Green Prince of Darkness....the "sustainable" fraud....

It's called isotope reset, google it.

Humans – 1 Robots – 0: Mercedes deautomates production lines


Re: Oh dear Brits

To the victors goes the right to write the history.


major depression straight ahead

My US history prof argued that the "great depression " 1929-1940 in the US was caused by industrialists cutting pay. With the rise of a new middle class due to the industrial revolution, suddenly there was a middle class to demand conveniences such as automobiles. The industrialists cut the pay of the workers and the demand for hard goods collapsed followed by the consumer goods manufacturing. The industrialists were holding onto too much of a percentage of the available capital. Of course we all know that the depression was prolonged by misguided attempts at socialism, and the final solution turned out to be an industrial scale war which put the industrialists back in charge.

Coding is more important than Shakespeare, says VC living in self-contained universe


Someone woke up with the ear buds wrapped around his neck.

Granted the MS (Master of Science) types without an appreciation for art and literature are total bores, likewise LA (Liberal Arts) types lacking critical thinking skills don't realize where we'd be without science.

Extremists from camps are equally closed mindedly declaring the other useless when in fact a complete human being possesses a balance of both.

Boffins' gravitational wave detection hat trick blows open astronomy


Re: how do you measure a change of 1/10,000 of a proton diameter with a laser?

There's a lot about this that seems a little too precise. Two black holes collided 1.3 billion light years away, and we know how much energy it put into a wave we have never measured before?

Seems more likely that some kid was banging mud off of his shoes in Fish Kill Montana. Meanwhile we are on a planet with a thin rocky crust floating on a soft flexible core, the orbit of our moon is causing very strong gravity waves moving millions of tons of water every second, pulling and pushing on the tectonic plates, causing them to flex constantly grinding the boundaries of said plates.

If the gravity of our moon can cause such distortion visible to the naked eye, how come that is not what we measured?


Re: Neato

"About a quarter of the way around the Earth would be the ideal place to have another detector and India seems to fit the bill for that."

Ummm India is more like half way around the earth from the US. They don't call it the antipodies for nuthin'. The antipodies of the US is actually somewhere in the Indian ocean, but you get the idea.

hive mind informs climate change believers and sceptics


Calling Dr Frankenstein

What you are proposing is not a scientific method. You don't start with a cause and claim an effect. You first find an effect then search for a cause. When you have a formula for carbon and temperature, you can then predict an increase. If however the data doesn't fit the model, you can either throw out the model or throw out the data, or perhaps you can massage the data to fit proven scientific theory . . . but by this time an astute observer would have noticed your Josef Stalin tendencies and gone into hiding.


Re: I don't know for sure but...

If this is the foundation of your belief system Without Fourier, we might still be struggling to solve partial differential equations and the signal processing problems in mobile phones, so I wouldn't like to argue with him about the greenhouse effect!

Then Einstein's belief in Intelligent Design must put you directly into that camp?

Who would code a self-destruct feature into their own web browser? Oh, hello, Apple


Re: Oh, yummies

That has the makings of a fun poem, needs some tuning.

Most of the world still dependent on cash


Re: Eh?

You're totally missing the point of going out with a friend for some suds. It's about relaxing, taking your time, browsing over the beer selection, browsing over the girl selection, scanning for some other mates who might have dropped by, chatting up the barmaid, then ordering up some beer.

Not slammin' down some alcohol and jammin' out the door.

Flare-well, 2015 – solar storm to light up skies on New Year's Eve


No problemo . . . me t'inks

About the Carrignton event smokin' a lot of hardware and starting some fires. Well thems was the bad ol' days of cloth and paper insulation. Now a'days almost every piece of equipment is on a spike supressing power strip, plus whatever OVP the power companies have on board. So I don't see a G5 event causing permanent damage on a very large scale. Certanly not on a dogs-n-cats living together scale.

Not that people 100+ years in the future won't look back and think us primative in their eyes.

Multinationals hiding more than half a trillion from G20 tax collectors


Who pays taxes

"Taxes are for little people" Leona Helmsley

Linus Torvalds targeted by honeytraps, claims Eric S. Raymond


Re: Seems sensible for anyone with a high profile.

True, but the investigation and the stress incurred just might kill you. Once you get to the other side , you'll never have peace, you'll never see women in the same light again.

They will all be suspect, your spouse , your children , your sister, your mother, let alone coworkers and strangers . . . lurking psychopaths.

SAVE THE PLANKTON: So much more than whale food


Re: How much more was there before we nearly wiped out the whales.

Relatively speaking, the ocean is fantastically huge, and whales are very small . . . ecosystem wise that is. whales eat and poop out a very small amount of plankton compared to the amount that dies every day .

Milking cow shot dead by police 'while trying to escape'


Re: A cow is actually quite dangerous

When the only tool you have looks like a gun, every problem starts to look like a target.


Re: A cow is actually quite dangerous

You won't need a gun . . . If you shoot Mongo. You'll only make him mad.

Having been a cowboy, and having had to once put a few down, I can tell you that you want to do it execution style and put it in the back of the neck where the spine enters the skull. This will break the atlas vertebrae (the highest one) and cause instant death. They cow will drop like a sack of potatoes and not make so much as a twitch. Only a high power rifle will go through the front of the skull on a bull, while a .22LR will take out the spine.

I had a bull jump the fence and get hit, turned out the people who hit him were on their way to commit a murder. Yes the new pickup looked like it had hit a wall. The bull other than not breathing only had a few ribs looking out of place.

Unless you are chasing a cow, she only wants to be reunited with her baby and her herd.

BONKERS apocalyptic WAR WAGONS circle Vulture South


that's mad max

That's what a mad max movie is all about , lots of really cool reverse engineering , huge amounts of horse power, many pro wrestler types wearing totally punked out clothes and accessories . . . sadly very short on nice looking sheilas.


Re: Alas for myths...

Much better to use an ocean. My oceanography prof told us the water stack up in central America is about 1 foot. That's a huge amount of water.

Seems though that just about every experience I've had with water draining in the northern hemisphere is that it causes a clockwise rotation. Unless heavily influenced . . . but I lost all the data, the dog ate it, and my mom shredded some.

Anti-gay Indiana starts backtracking on hated law after tech pressure


hypocrisy on display

Cook is using his right to ignore others to attract the right to ignore others.

Forget silly privacy worries - help biometrics firms make MILLIONS


Re: "Nothing to do with socialism and everything to do with fascism."

Data fetishists want data.

Correct, and control fetishes want better control. And better data is about better control.

Google gets my data, I get search and email and that. Help help, I'm being REPRESSED!


Re: Not so fast

In the eyes of a socialist, the statement "A voluntary transaction is, by definition, mutually beneficial." is complete heresy.

Socialists and other spoil't brats being unable to see themselves in the eyes of others, selfishly think everything should be given to them without recompense.

Silicene takes on graphene as next transistor wonder-stuff


Re: Interesting

The US has absolutely robbed Asian countries of their best and brightest minds. Whilst American young-uns have their heads stuck in either a bong or a box, the young Asians are pouring out of US McUniversities in hordes. In many US corporations a significant fraction of the meetings are no longer held in english, with Hindi being the linga Franca.

Zoinks! Is that Mystery Machine Apple's SELF-DRIVING FAMILY WAGON? You decide


Re: No it isn't

Apple . . . who else would put a white cardboard crown on a car. Then drive around with a "why are you lookin' at me" expression on their face.


Re: Remember...

But then again we park in drive ways and drive in park ways . . .

Scientists skeptical of Lockheed Martin's truck-sized fusion reactor breakthrough boast


Another Glomar Explorer

Me thinks they are building another Glomar Explorer. This is a cover story for something else, perhaps a time machine . . . working google car . . . warp drive?

Oh yeah they expect to lose their a$$es at it too.

Healthcare: Look anywhere you like for answers, just not the US


it's all about shaking the money tree

The congress critters are the root of the evil here. They create the noncompetitive insurance environment, massive regulations at the request of the equipment manufacturers causing providers to have to constantly upgrade perfectly acceptable equipment and facilities in the name of safety which cannot be questioned about whether the cost or benefit is reasonable. The litigation lawyers are in bed with the congress critters in the tort game sucking down up to half of the maternity dollars in some places (Las Vegas). The malpractice insurance industry is onboard too catching their piece of the action. The psychologists jumped on board declaring that health insurance needs to cover counseling and drug treatment . . . suddenly we noticed that there was a dead camel under the pile of sticks.

The root cause seems to be that the lawyers can legislate from the court with out consequence of the cost, and once a law is in place it cannot be repealed especially if it has health or safety in the name.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


April first?

Is it April first in ol' blighty?


One word DailyMail

Go pirate the DailyMail app for mobile devices. Actually do this after taking penance for being stooge enough to reward some joker for selling you a makeover. Next you'll discover that you need to change your name to "globally align your corporate office with the customer imperative" or some other such nonsense. That would lead you to discover where Boot magazine went to after they changed their name to PC gamer.

I suppose you have already rewarded the BOFH for reassigning the IP addresses of the routers to bond with the harmonic convergence of the winter solstice.

sigh . . . just a sign that the end is near for el reg.

Eat FATTY FOODS to stay THIN. They might even help your heart


Re: >Fat is good - as long as it is the correct fats.

"They have to take a very broad brush to the facts, weigh up their target audience " . . . you forgot the part where the government needs to check in with the political donors and act a accordingly to the sources of money. I saw a lecture on utube where a college prof claims that the American Heart Association is funded by General Mills which is the largest manufacturer of breakfast cereals.

Rich techbro CEOs told to sleep rough before slamming the poor


Re: New depths of stupid plumbed by ... the above

Let them live in Stockton or some other place where the housing fits their budget. This is America, you can live anywhere you can afford to live. I might want to live in Malibu but the investment I made in an education is not returning the results required to buy a beach condo there. The homeless suffer from the same malady, insufficient education to secure the housing in the most desirable district. Houses are really affordable in say Detroit Michigan, and they have a very liberal government run exclusively by the democratic party.


Re: Means nothing

Perhaps the precious homeless could put down the bong and work on improving themselves. But then again why bother when you have all the leftover Marxists batting for you.

3D printed guns: This time it's for real! Oh, wait – no, still crap

Black Helicopters

Re: Techie/Legal stuff

I he had made a smooth bore gun with a barrel length of less than 16 inches it could be proved he had manufactured a sawed off shotgun, which is a violation of US federal law.