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Valve says no Steam Machines until 2015, fingers crossed


Um, didn't they shelve the LCD display planned for the controller? Article says there will be such a display. Did I miss news adding it in, but not as shiny as the original one?

A steam punk VDU ?


Am I missing something...

...or could you not just use the same technique as the older railway station departure boards, some clocks etc - a bank of cards that flip around to show the desired character. One each for each character 'position' on the display.

You'd have to keep the front clear of obstruction, sure, for the cards to flip around, but not very far. Depending on how you construct it, you wouldn't need that at all.

Horrific moment curvy mum-of-none Mail Online spills everyone's data


Sounds suspiciously like someone was over-eager when configuring server-side caching.

Wii U sales plunge: Nintendo hopes Mario and Zelda will shift some kit


The way I see it, it's a combination of the economy (people not having as much cash to splash around) and very weak selection of launch titles - that still hasn't picked up. It feels to me like they might have done better delaying the launch until the games were ready!

Typical! Google's wonder-dongle is a solution looking for a problem


AIUI, it does do mirroring of a Chrome instance - meaning you can use it to watch any content that can be played in a Chrome browser instance.


I think this misses the point

To my mind, what Google have done is what they've done so well in many other areas - sidestep the need to provide content by enabling world+dog to provide content for them. From what I've heard, the technical bar to providing playback capability (for a content provider) is incredibly low.

This is what Google do (mostly) - produce a platform, and take advantage of people using it.


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