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Google reveals rapid Bluetooth gadget connection tech


Re: Protocol could easily have been designed without the Google backend roundtrip

Assuming you don't stick a Progressive tattle-tale device into your car, the black box info doesn't leave the car. You own the car and the black box and there are a limited number of things as the owner of the car that you can do. Regardless no database of private information is being maintained and used for marketing purposes.

You can buy a non-Android phone. Licensing this protocol means every phone (smart home device, any Bluetooth pairing event) uses the Google lookup service and Google gets the data.


Re: Why would anyone be an early adopter of a Google invention?

... Considering they just junked their public key pinning,

They junked their public key pinning because it served their purpose which was to take down VeriSign/Symantec's PKI. Now that they accomplished that, the hard work of maintaining this can no longer be justified.

Google launches root certificate authority


Poor Certificate Practices


Google = Up to 4 DAYS to update OCSP, Up to 1 WEEK to update the CRL.

This is not reasonable when Symantec does less than 5 minutes for OCSP and daily for CRL.

EFF dinks HP Inc finks in rinky-dink ink stink


Pay Later, Not Pay now.

As an alternative point of view. I just had to purchase a new printer/scanner/copier and decided on an HP model partly because it cost $60. $60 was much cheaper than any other brand. Now the fact that this model is locked to use $25 HP ink cartridges is probably one reason why the printer could be offered at $60.

PEAK APPLE: iPad market share hits the skids


Re: Hmmm...

IPad4, while faster than the iPad3, can't mirror it's retina display at full resolution. That lightning port is *still* not able to handle the bandwidth (although Apple knows about the problem and is working on the problem). If you want a retina display on an IPad and the ability to watch the same resolution on your TV then the discontinued iPad3 is the only device that can do this.

Symantec slams Web Gateway back door on would-be corporate spies


Seriously? Cross Symantec Web Gateway off the list for consideration. I wonder which failed acquisition this technology is from?


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