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TalkTalk posts 3% sales drop, says Openreach should walk the WalkWalk

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Re: TT's TV Adverts

Too true. I almost battered one a couple of months ago. Just kept ignoring my "sorry, not interested" usual reply that 99.9% of sales reps realise they will never get a sale.

Then went back and started laughing and mouthing off about me behind my back, but still within earshot.

I was in a bad mood that day as it was, so I went back and let him know in no uncertain terms just how bad my mood was.

And yeah, it did feel good to see him shit bricks when shit just got real for the prick.

Why can't you install Windows 10 Creators Update on your old Atom netbook? Because Intel stopped loving you

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CPU drivers?


Full of it.

UK government's war on e-cigs is over

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Re: Oh god no resturant will be safe again

"Just told my employer/HR that if they allow vaping in the building they can have my resignation."

Just hope they've not been looking to get rid of you then Bob. If you turn up next week and everyones vaping then you know everyone hated you.

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Re: Jesus, NO!

What about your crappy after shave to mask your awful BO and bad breath? Not to mention the fact your underpants stink of piss and shit because you've not changed them for weeks.

Google unleashes 20m lab-created blood-thirsty freaks on a city. And this is a good thing, it says

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You're being downvoted

By the Religious Science Zelots, who treat Science like a religion and the common man cannot question, ever, what the "Scientists" say. (Despite history showing that Sicentists are usually always wrong)

Take Physics for example. They do not know what 90% of the Universe is made up of. They can't measure it, they can't see it.

Would you let a baker lecture you on baking if they didn't have a clue what 90% of the cake they're trying to sell was made up of.


Pastor la vista, baby! FCC enforcers shut down church pirate radio

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Re: To be fair ...

You've just ignored everything he said.

Here, let me help.

Customer A = just browses recipes and facebook

Customer B = Heavy Netflix / YouTube User and torrents.

Provider = X amount of Bandwidth per months.

Currently customer A is subsidising Customer B.

If that wasn't the case, and everyone acted like Customer B, then you would end up paying substantially more.

That's the reality under NN.

You think it's great, because you are customer B.

Screw all those Customer A types that are subsidising you.


Fake Newspaper steals Reg design to spruik storage upstart

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You're having a laugh?

Unless you believe you own the copyright on red rectangles.

Besides, your site is so generic looking anyway, good luck in courts.

Dear racist Airbnb host, we've enrolled you in an Asian American studies course

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Law Clerk named Suh?

If she has a child, call it Will, and ensure it becomes a lawyer.

Openreach kicks off 'rebrand' by painting over BT logo on vans

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Re: Will it really make any differece?

We're a household of 3, with almost 1Tb download.

They do throttle, eventually. Noticed it on several wet weekends when we've all ended up staying in, streaming most of the day, and bought a game on steam.

60gb games x 3 = is almost 1/5th of a terabyte just on it's own.

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Re: Will it really make any differece?

"I've done 35gb+ this month, and that's about average"

I'm close to pushing a terabyte a month. And yes, I do get slow downs. But it's to be expected given the usage.

And before anyone asks, that amount isn't pron or warez. It's simply HD youtube, HD Netflix, HD Amazon and Steam.

3 people in a household, no cable/live TV. Soon adds up.

Web inventor Sir Tim sizes up handcuffs for his creation – and world has 2 weeks to appeal

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Preaching loudly communism whilst in reality acting all like the greedy fascist totalitarians they actually are.

Largest advertising company in the world still wincing after NotPetya punch

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I'm setting up a board of directors outsourcing company.

And I'm going to take it to the shareholders meetings of every company.

Lets' see how those fuckers feel when it's their jobs being outsource.

Just say to the shareholders, shit dudes, we can give you 20% more money this year in dividends when we outsource those lazy overpaid fuckers.

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Re: Worlds largest advertising company?!?


Facebook, Google et al, are all INTERNET based advertising.

There is more to the world than INTERNET advertising.

Bonkers call to boycott Raspberry Pi Foundation over 'gay agenda'

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Everyone whose opinion differs than mine

Is a bigot, they scream, with no shred of Irony or actual understanding of the words they use.

Shock: NASA denies secret child sex slave cannibal colony on Mars

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Re: School boy mistake

That's not what the religious wackos heard him say though, was it.

Virgin Media router security flap follows weak password expose

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Re: Who actually uses the router ?

I use an ASUS router with custom firmware so I can run AB-Solutions that removes all advertising and tracking (via sending their DNS requests to null) for EVERY device on my internal network.

Worth it for that alone.

Report estimates cost of disruption to GPS in UK would be £1bn per day

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Given we part funded it, why should we have to pay for it?

If we have to pay for it, aren't we entitled to a refund?

Or are you simply talking emotional bullshit because all those bigots dared to disagree with you over which government should be running the UK?

Currys PC World given a spanking for misleading laptop savings ads

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I like going into PC world.

It's fun watching the jackals circle me, believing me to be prey.

Only when I tell them I could smell their desperation from the other side of the car park and that every second passing is the sword of Damocles swinging every closer to their demise as more and more people simply use their store to see products in person before they go home to order it online and not have to deal with the pressure of after sales at the till, the smell of desperation in the sales staff, the woeful customer service if anything goes wrong, and the high rip off prices, and that everything they've just said to me about the products they were trying to flog me was absolute bullshit.

I always leave the store feeling like a kitten whose made his first blood by dewinging a stray moth. The poor staff, left fluttering around on the ground wondering what just hit them.

Brazilian whacks Intel over 'exploding' Atom smartphone chips

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Re: Ah, so that's why they killed Atom.

There is no way you're trying to tell this crowd that Atom is similar to ARM on mobile.

Because we know it's not.

Discredit a journo? Easy, that'll be $55k. Fix an election? Oh, I can do that for just $400k

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Discredit a journalist?

Who'd pay for that when they're doing it to themselves for free.

There's a reason the majority of the population don't trust journalists and the media, and it's got fuck all to do with hackers, and more to do with them blaming hackers for their own incompetence.

France and UK want to make web firms liable for users' content

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Maybe the BBC should be held accountable as well.

In fact, it absolutely should be held accountable.

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If you profit from what people post

Then you have a responsibility to deal with what they post.

It's really that simple. These companies can't simply wash their hands of it.

And to all those claiming "freedom of speech" would be wise to remember that freedom of speech is related to criticism of the government, and does not give you carte blanche to say what the fuck you like on a private companies private server, especially when that private company is raking in billions in profits from said comments.

No-one is intending to stop you virtue signalling about how bad poor white people are, how racist they are, and how terrible Men are, just to ensure you get your nice middle class Guardian points. Being a hypocritical sanctimonious twat isn't.

Personally I believe that people getting upset the government is stamping down on people preaching actual hate (rather than then BS stuff you liberals get outraged about) should be prosecuted for being wankers. Alas, we live in a democracy and I wouldn't get enough votes to change the law.

But if you genuinely believe we shouldn't try and stop nutters instigating terrorism on social media because it "upsets you", then you need genuine help.

Virgin Media resolves flaw in config backup for Super Hub routers

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Re: Am I missing something?

The same as when people say "never write down your password".

I'm sorry, but if someone is in my house looking for my passwords without my authorisation or knowledge then I have bigger security concerns than someone wanting to tweet under my username.

Two leading ladies of Europe warn that internet regulation is coming

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How you hate democracy in the UK, but then bow down to dictators like Merkel deciding for the rest of the EU states how they will operate.

We're not saying we're living in a simulation but someone's simulated the universe in a computer

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The Universe isn't expanding.

We still exist in the space occupied by the initial singularity.

What's actually happening is that everything inside of that singularity is getting smaller relative to each other, which makes it appear that we are expanding away from each other.

There was no "big bang", what actually happened was the inverse, an implosion.

You may think, what the heck, but consider the square root of a negative number, and you catch my drift.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Intel to Qualcomm and Microsoft: Nice x86 emulation you've got there, shame if it got sued into oblivion

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Re: Tough Times at Santa Clara

Why do you keep using the single course "andandtech" as evidence for your claims?

If you can provide multiple different sources then you rule out the possibility of bias.

You are aware of bias I hope?

Doesn't matter who the author is, it's the publisher that decides what goes in there, they have the final say.

A few rounds of golf, and the advertising budget is brought up, Intel has a lot of money for advertising.

I speculate, of course, but it's a possibility, one that you need to rule out by ceasing to rely on a single source for your claims.

Hotel guest goes broke after booking software gremlin makes her pay for strangers' rooms

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Re: Bah!

It's not the "banks money", it's money the bank is lending to you, with interest.

Perpetuating the myth that a credit card is the "banks money" is the reason for the debt problem.

It's still YOUR money

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Re: "Sounds like a lawsuit"

No amount of T&C's can justify a business charging your account for services you never received.

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Re: ma1010 "Sounds like a lawsuit"

It's her fault for using a debit card is it?

I bet she had a short skirt on as well.

TRUMP SCANDAL! No, not that one. Or that one. Or that one. Or that one.

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You all hate a president that you think is "racist" because he took a stand against Islamic Terrorism whilst there are 22 sets of parents in Manchester burying their children, whilst their Mayor repeats the false narrative "It's nothing to do with Islam", especially as he relied on the Muslim vote to get into power.

UK ministers to push anti-encryption laws after election

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Mate, you're on a loser with common sense like that.

This place is full of people more concerned about the feelings of the "community" where terrorism is allowed to thrive then the feelings of the 22 sets of parents and families burying their dead after the wake of Manchester.

Look at Andy Burnham, saying "nothing to do with Islam", despite all the evidence contrary. He's more concerned about getting their votes than young children being shredded with shrapnel because they follow a religion borne from bloodshed.

The narrative that "islam is peaceful" when it was started by a murderous slave owning paedophile to raise an army to conquer Mecca is fucking disgraceful. Maybe you Guardian readers should read an actual history books for once in your life, rather than listen to propaganda of the Marxist echo chamber who are using Islam to destroy the idea of the nation state so they can seize control. Maybe if you read enough history, you'd realise this isn't nonsense talk. But alas, you're doomed to repeat the same mistakes that history should have taught you.

Of course you're not allowed to speak about historical facts like that. They couldn't call it Blasphemy as that would be too fucking obvious, instead they pretend it's "racism", or "Islamaphobia".

It's tragic when you're more concerned with not insulting a made up God rather than protecting innocent children from being slaughtered in the name of that made up God.

If you wan to protect the terrorists, I challenge you to explain to the grieving families from Manchester exactly why they should listen to sanctimonious twat virtue signal their moral fucking superiority.

Good luck with that.

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There'll come a time when traitors to this land are held responsible for their actions.

Walkers' Crisps pulls backfiring Tweet campaign that paired Gary Lineker and a bunch of nasties

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Re: No such thing as bad publicity?

Too true. The hive mind of the MSM and it's tragic little acolytes forget there is a whole world outside their echo chamber.

It often comes as a shock to them to discover that the vast majority of the worlds population really don't give a shit about the sanctimonious press and their forum dwelling gobshites

William 3 Bronze badge

Someone should have posted one holding up a picture of Gary Linekar.

The sanctimonious twat.

Nokia's retro revival 3310 goes on sale and disappears immediately

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Re: WTF?

Actually fools are the ones complaining on forums about what other people spend their hard earning money on rather than the ones creating the products so fools can complain about them.

Microsoft court victory prompts call for data-grabbing regime

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NYT is a propaganda shit rag.

You saying "it's in the public interest" doesn't make it in the public interest.

Attempt at building kinder, gentler Reddit downvoted off the Web

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Re: The problem is

So true.

If a TOS could solve the worlds problems and make people really nice to each other, we'd have implemented it years ago.

We have actual laws, with actual consequences, and that still doesn't stop people raping kids and murdering innocents.

What hope do a bunch of geeks have brandishing a TOS at people.

Oh no, not the terms of service, I best not ever break that.

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So basically an echo chamber of conformity.

Where only the right opinions are allowed.

Those who do not conform to the hive mind opinion will not be allowed to have their views aired.

They decide what is an acceptable opinion or not.

Anyone who disagrees are intolerant bigots.

And not a /s tag in sight.

EU ministers approve anti-hate speech video rules

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Re: Hate Speech

That's not "hate speech", it's basically an opinion you dislike.

Therein is the problem with "hate speech", you and I have a different opinion than what it is.

Except you believe your opinion is more equal to mine.

Real "hate speech" is saying "Stop them saying things that I don't like"

William 3 Bronze badge

Hate speech

Eventually becomes speech the government/dictator does not like.

North Korea, or the King of Thailand.

No doubt "hate speech" will eventually be any "speech about leaving the glorious EU"

After all, the Guardian and it's readers (who flock on here for some reason) believe that anyone voting to leave the EU are racist, xenophobes that eats kittens whilst laughing.

The fascists of the future will call themselves the anti fascists.

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Re: My child ...

Imagine your horror in the future as they all become politicians.

LastPass now supports 2FA auth, completely undermines 2FA auth

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Complex passwords stuck on a post it note under your desk

Is quite simply the best security policy.

The reason being that if someone has physical access to your computer then all bets on security are off.

That inch of wood between your keyboard and the password fools any and all internet hackers.

If someone is in your house, you have bigger fish to fry then your facebook/the register forum passwords.

PC repair chap lets tech support scammer log on to his PC. His Linux PC

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Re: It was most likely hist real IP

warehouse full of Indians at a scam call centre = "amazed they didn't work for Microsoft"

restaurant full of Italians at a protection racket ring = "amazed they worked for the Mafia"


Samsung was just Tizen – homegrown Linux again pitched at n00bs

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Sasmung Software?

From it's smart TV's spying on it's customers, to it installing duplicate uninstallable software for every Google service, to it's woeful TouchWiz UI.

People don't buy Samsung because they make great software. People buy Samsung because they have great marketing.

All that free music on YouTube is good for you, Google tells music biz

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I enjoy these PR pieces on behalf of the BPI.

Surely this article should come with "there now follows a party political broadcast on behalf of the music industry", where Andrew makes all kinds of strawman argument and fallacies to bolster his case.

Don't worry Andrew, the little brown envelope is in the usual dead drop.

No mention of how rights holders abuse there authority by taking down home videos of children and families because their "IP" is incidentally in the background? You know to balance out the reporting?

Why, of course not, it's all evil Google whose the big bad wolf, isn't it.

I mean, takedown notices for fair use? Absolutely not. Those poor innocent multi-nationals would never abuse their power like that. After all, they've stopped suing people for millions of a handful of songs on a torrent. So we should be forever grateful for their tolerance. It's not like they lobby governments to change the laws to make copyright infringement a criminal case like the TV industry has. We should be grateful for that I suppose.

Sorry Andrew, but the sympathy for the big music corps is non existent. Spew as much drivel as you like on behalf of your sponsors, we're not buying it.

Have a nice day. Hope you sleep well at night.

Amazon's Alexa is worst receptionist ever: Crazy exes, stalkers' calls put through automatically

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Re: How do you think...

I don't answer the phone to any unknown numbers. If it's important they will leave a voicemail. Then I will add their number to my contacts.

If you're getting calls from a crazy ex boyfriend so often then it's a matter for the police and they will stop them doing so.

For now, GNU GPL is an enforceable contract, says US federal judge

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That definition now means any country with a working democracy and decent standard of living.

It's not obsolete, as it's still used today.

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Re: Technical Point

I would say the process of clicking the "download" button would be classed as "consideration".

What's a 'good' quarter at AMD these days? Chucking $73m on a fire

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Re: Well When I'm not making a monthly loss

Those extra 10 fps are only applicable at stupidly low resolutions that no-one spending £300 upwards on a CPU would ever use in real life.

When you start gaming at 1440p or 4k there is NO difference in FPS.

In multitasking there is.

I own a 4790k, and all my other rigs are Intel (2500k etc, etc)

However I will be buying a Ryzen this Christmas as it's the ONLY upgrade worthwhile.

I couldn't give a shit about an extra 10-20 fps at 720p at minimum graphical settings.

I own a 3440 x 1440 monitor and a GTX1080, it's fucking nonsense for me to play at those settings, ever.

Facebook decides fake news isn't crazy after all. It's now a real problem

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Deciding what is "fake" on behalf of others for their own protection.

Is the primary aim of all Totalitarian regimes.