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VMware loses three top execs who owned growth products


More will leave. No point staying when Broadcom comes knocking.

Broadcom's $61b VMWare merger faces another hurdle: UK's competition watchdog


I hope it gets blocked.

Meta threatens to stop sharing news in USA to protest publisher payment plan


This is good. Drop all news from there.

Twitter tries to lure brands back with spend-matching scheme


Why would anyone pay to post? Just weird.


Re: No

Yes. Investigate Biden and trump. Everyone release their taxes. Why was trump so against it. Does he want to show the world what a great business man he is. I s he emperor with no clothes. Or the greatest con man in America.

Broadcom looks for EU approval of VMware takeover



I hope for the customers and workers at VMware that this will not go though.

More than 4 in 10 PCs still can't upgrade to Windows 11


Holding on

Sticking to 10 as long as I can. Hopefully they will extend it past 2025.

VMware’s subscriptions start at 16 cores, prices won't be made public


Time to move on

You do t want to be stuck with Broadcom.

AWS sales boss claims Microsoft's softened cloud licensing regime is a sham


Microsoft licensing

Microsoft licensing is properly the worst in the world. It is designed to confused people so they just give in. Buy everything

VMware president sees some 'anxiety' at customers who've seen Broadcom at work


Time to move

Time to move to another platform. It ain’t worth sticking around.

Broadcom takeover deal for VMware faces no rival bids



I am praying for the VMware employees.

Windows 11: The little engine that could, eventually


Windows store apps. So how many PC were surveyed. 10? Lol. Windows store is dead.

VMware customers fear Broadcom acquisition will stall innovation, increase cost


Re: Already planning

Yup. Already planning as well. Broadcom is the worst thing that happened to VMware.

Yes, of course there's now malware for Windows Subsystem for Linux


Does this mean windows 11 can be infected with windows, Linux and Android malware ? Just wondering.

Microsoft, flush with cash, raises cloud office suite prices for businesses


Monopoly do have its privileges

TWO can play this 64-bit mobile game, says Samsung, crossly


Re: Why does Samsung have to wait for Google?

Because Samsung normally just copy.

Samsung overtakes Apple as most profitable global handset maker


Re: Memories of Eaton's...

I think you have a point. On the flip side, I found android to be confusing to use all regular users. There are so many setting to change. Sometimes people just want simple steps. Too many settings can turn off what you call smartness. If it was so smart, why do I need to change so much for one simple request.