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Apple hit with another class action


What is going on with this world.

I dont get it!!! Why can't a company make an application/system without a law suit? If this guy has a problem, buy another MP3 player (there are plenty out there). The same goes for people complaining about Microsoft and it dominance!!!

If a company invents a product and becomes the dominant player in that area, why should they have to give in to the competition commissions around the world? Bill has worked hard to get MS where it is and if people buy their product to line their pocket then that is personal choice.

What a mad mad world we live in!

Google bags hosted security firm Postini for $625m


More Google New....

Date: 05/09/2010.

Google has announced it will be acquiring Microsoft for an estimated $999 Billion.

Sources from Google say that they will be using "pocket change" to purchases the software giant and dont mind paying over 5 times the value of the company.

In un-related news, Larry Page is current 5 point clear in the race for US President. Good Luck Larry


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