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Too little, too late: Intel's legacy is eroding


Re: Participation trophy

I still have the review of Intel 11thGen chips in the ear... "Waste of Sand." I see the difference every day. My company machine is Intel 11870 (or so), which can be quite fast for about 10 seconds. After that it is only loud. As in LOUD. Most of the other tech here is AMD Ryzen 3000 or 5000. It is usually faster or way, waaay faster, and this sustainably without making much noise. A bit frustrating for even slightly compute-heavy tasks.

Chip startup alleges Cadence sabotaged processor rollout


So it is SOP to get non working blocks from Cadence. Noted.

Nvidia wants to lure you to the Arm side with fresh server bait


Re: If you can't buy...

I'm sure you're not wrong. I like the performance of their products, though. I think a fitting comparision would be Weylandt Corp. They are enablers and sip your life blood at the same time.

Microsoft accidentally turned off hardware requirements for Windows 11


cost/benefit vs any linux or linux in disguise

Using anything on Windows appears o be a hassle these days. I mean, really. Nothing works straight out of the box, and if it does, it's classified as a bug. Go figure. True, the main consoles are still running some Windows here, still, but when it comes to testing new things... actually not much does. Will be another few years, and either Windows is a GUI frontend like X Server on Linux or it will be gone. Maybe for good.

CIOs largely believe their software supply chain is vulnerable


so their BS detector is not entirely off

Ryzen Pro CPUs are better for work than Intel's, claims AMD


IDK, got a fleet of ryzen 9s at the start of the plandemic. Never looked back, its quite a difference work wise. A bit hairy to get the cooling right, but after that... available power and bandwith, cheaper or simply unavailable with Intel machines. Not to speak of bhyve not really performing on Intel with Windows guests.

New GNOME Human Interface Guidelines now official – and obviously some people hate it


Re: Have they ever wondered what the title bar is for?

… on an ultra-wide screen. Let‘s make it a column. Not optimal, but vertical screen space is at a premium these days.


Re: A theory

Too fictional



Who pays them. Do they know that they‘re pissing up a wall and annoy everybody? Is that the purpose of spending the money?

Google: Linux kernel and its toolchains are underinvested by at least 100 engineers


@Google: you know what to do...

... could be, though, that this wi be another fork.

BOFH: When the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East, only then will the UPS cease to supply uninterrupted voltage


Re: Reminds me...

Hey. That''s where the fun starts.

'Universal Processor' startup Tachyum unveils full-system Prodigy emulator ahead of sampling later this year


Re: Transmeta

Well, wasn't there something with a RISC machine running microcode on the inside? That's how almost all x86 chips work today, more or less.

Key Perl Core developer quits, says he was bullied for daring to suggest programming language contained 'cruft'


Re: Cult and control

Ego. It does that to you. Or, to be more specific, to the developers who think they are something (special). Been there, done that, and also the other side. Tiring, and fact of life. Afraid this does only change with the age of the person in question, but not generally.


How dare he... Well, let's see if it was enough.

Someone defeated the anti-crypto-coin-mining protection for Nvidia's 'gamers only' RTX 3060 ... It was Nvidia


You can buy those and replace it. Also a good chance for a general cleanup of the card.

Buggy chkdsk in Windows update that caused boot failures and damaged file systems has been fixed


Re: Always

Oh, and a setup where you can spin up the image as a VM just in case. Saved me a few times this year. Macrium FTW. Synology too.


Re: The Day is not done

Nah. Nobody remembers 1-2-3. I think these are signs of replacing the windows kernel with WSL aka linux.

'Best tech employer of the year' threatened trainee with £15k penalty fee for quitting to look after his sick mum


Re: "top business and technology professionals"

Only as an advisor, to be paid up front and in full.

Death of the PC? Do me a favour, says Lenovo bigwig: 'I'm expecting the biggest growth in a decade... for 2021'


Re: What growth?

Yes, certainly. However, upgrading to nvme ssd and R9 Ryzen _is_ quite an improvement. I won't buy premanufactured systems with them, however. Too much cost cutting in those. Same for the 4x50G chips. Was on an upgrade run the last weeks, and what I learned was: think bigger. I mean, really. If you want a M/B that doesn't surprise you with peripheral restrictions, you need to spend €200. If you want to get the most out of the biggest chip available, you need to spend €300 at least fo the M/B only. What you get is quite some performance. If you don't need the performance, though...

With so many cloud services dependent on it, Azure Active Directory has become a single point of failure for Microsoft


Re: This was noticed by potential customers

Well, IMO, they already did but didn't tell anyone. Dynamics is ERP, but more or less more than three (or five?) ERP products not really merged into one. Microsoft bought Navision A/S and some others in 2001. As of now, cloud-only (okay, you can get on-prem), and web client only.

Too many staff have privileged work accounts for no good reason, reckon IT bods



Yawn again.

Linux fans thrown a bone in one Windows 10 build while Peppa Pig may fly if another is ready in time for this year


Re: I'm confused..

Well, that's obvious. Everybody knows this URL. Like all the powershell commands...


Re: Windows awoke to discover it had metamorphosed into...

Not working. And, more importand, if it works, waay too slow.

Quick, show this article to the boss, before they ask you to spin your own crisis comms Power App in 2 days


Re: MS Excel has an internal competitor?

That, too.

Imagine OLE reinvented for the web and that's 90% of Microsoft's Fluid Framework: We dig into O365 collaborative tech


Re: Please, not all this fun again...........

Open Source.

Microsoft explains self-serve Power platform's bypassing of Office 365 admins to cries of 'are you completely insane?'


Desperate attempt at generating revenue

... so the whole thing is on the brink of being shit-canned. Wait and see, I guess.

Flak overflow: Barrage of criticism prompts very public Stack Overflow apology


Well... Bollocks? They should better do something on the reputation front. It is practically impossible for a new user to gain any reputation. For years now. New user doesn't mean unexperienced.

HP Inc waves bye to EMEA president with 'immediate effect'


Did he have a chance? I think not.

Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes


Re: To have complex handling is not the same as to have poor dynamics

Both is possible.

Unearthed emails could be smoking gun in epic GDPR battle: Google, adtech giants 'know they break Euro privacy law'


Re: Death to advertisers!

I'm willing to pay a subscription.

Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait


Re: Devs MUST test

You need to have an age rating on TDD, though. No programmer with under 10 years of experience should even consider it.


...or MacOS

Dallying with both for testing purposes, or to be more precise, non-work work. Both are useable, MacOS is nicer and a bit stranger, but you can get used to it. The hardware is a bit like technology from the future. Amazing what you can get out of an i5 with these drivers and GUI. And most of it without even starting the fan on the 'book. Fascinating. Weird keyboard, though.

Pull request accepted: You want to buy GitHub, Microsoft? Go for it – EU


Doesn't mean they don't shoot themselves in the foot

The have a rich history of doing just that.

Microsoft yanks the document-destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update


Re: wait, wait, wait, wait.....

Did a zfs scrub at the backup yesterday to be sure. Had to do it again on another disk and RMA the first one. So... probably?

CADs and boffins get some ThinkPad love



This increasingly becomes sort of a challenge... unless you‘re using it with Linux, offcourse. Had to reassemble mine with a non-ATI mainboard a few years ago. Very reliable now, keeping it to Linux makes it quite useful.

Intel admits a load of its CPUs have Spectre v2 flaw that can't be fixed


Re: So since Intel have now confirmed that are unwilling to fix...

It's probably 0000, actually.

Microsoft's Cloud UI brings Windows full circle


Cruel, but necessary.

You will end up with one structured menu per window, or with a finder-like concept. These things work. Oh, and a global, system-wide hotkey editor.

Lenovo hires tech 'big brains' to turn around crappy sales


Re: I have been looking around for a reasonable laptop

Main issue (besides of keyboard, glossy screen) is fan noise, IMO. I have punished Lenovo for my 2012 T420s (and myself, apparrently) for having a nice laptop that sounds like a little hair dryer the moment you do some work. Punishment was to buy a Fujitsu U745 (in 2015). And guess what, it's even louder and more annoying when its run unthrottled. Nice machine in every other aspect, the whole package (including dock) is really nice. Solution is to not buy i7 if you aren't deaf, and / or to throttle the CPU at 95% or so. This way turbo mode is off, and you get a mostly silent machine. If Lenovo, then have a look at the keyboard layout. The best value for money appears to be Asus (non-Zen), though. They also have good keyboards and are generally well-built.

Want a Windows 10 update? Don't go to Microsoft ... please


Tried O&O ShutUp10?

This actually does disable defender - and Cortana, and a few other things.

Cops break up German sausage fight between pair of Neubrandenburgers

Thumb Up

That's where I grew up

No BMWs there at the time, though.

My Microsoft Office 365 woes: Constant crashes, malware macros – and settings from Hell


Re: Email alternative

At least they say they do: http://www.emclient.com/server?lang=en "eM Client can be set up with the Microsoft Exchange server to replace outlook, syncing your emails, contacts, calendars and tasks. This allows you to fully utilize all the functionalities that your current MS Exchange account has to offer while not being limited to using just Outlook. eM Client supports Microsoft Exchange 2007 and newer."

Maybe worth a try.

Tim Cook signs SAP for iOS – SANA app pact



NAV = 1/10 SAP. But annoying as hell with the RTC GUI.

The 'new' Microsoft? I still wouldn't touch them with a barge pole


Re: What!!!

Dynamics was cutting edge. Now a really big annoyance with the fucked-up GUI. Hard to replace: definitely :(

Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back


Re: get real ... it works great

Well, aside from the constant nagging, I must say that the update works astonishingly well. I have done this with Win7 and 8.1, completely different hardware, same result. Even Classic Shell was kept, so I never got to see tiles. So they *can* do good software. But not when GUI is involved, apparently.

Intel's 6th gen processors rock – but won't revive PC markets


Re: I'd be happy to upgrade

There are workstation laptop options for sale, though. If you get an ultrabook, then yes, you'd better throttle it for the noise of the fan, and you're limited to the two screens. However, one 1TB SSD is not bad and an i7-5600U at 90% clock is noticeably faster and way more silent than my T420s (i7-2640M).

Windows 10 climbs to 3.55 per cent market share, Win 8.1 dips


Re: Darn - they saw me rolling back those laptops to XP last week

But they are *noisy*. I relegated my T420s (i7-2640m) to beta-testing work for this reason, three years of a howling fan (even if the fan is brand new) were enough. Good machines on all other criteria, though. If you can live with a throttled CPU they are fine laptops.

HOLD IT! Last minute gifts for one's nerd minions


Re: Demotivators

If that works, it's a sure way for promotion.

Microsoft's dodgy new Exchange 2010 update breaks Outlook clients


Apparently, yes.

I can remember a comment where just this was implied when the layoff rounds went through the media. A lot of them were from QA and testing.

Microsoft: Yeah, about that 50% post-Christmas customer price hike...


Re: Fuck you, Microsoft

Thanks for saying that. My thoughts were on the same line :) There were times where they at least pretended that you get more value for the higher price. This seems to have fallen by the wayside. Has anybody tips on what (actively developed, non-web client only) package you can get a functional equivalent to dynamics NAV?

Microsoft KILLS Windows 8.1 Update 2 and Patch Tuesday


Re: Microsoft: The comedy gift

More like a cattle prod with a really large battery. Set to nuisance.



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