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Oz retro computer collection in dire straits, bulldozers on horizon



I can store about 5 square meters, is there a telephone number I can call?

Swiss see Telly Tax as a Big Plus, vote against scrapping it


Re: Flags??

I agree,


User stepped on mouse, complained pedal wasn’t making PC go faster


Re: Reminds me of a story

"The first thing I would do is get them into Solitaire for a a game or two. I used to think of Solitaire as the mouse use trainer.

This was always time well spent. I have never found a more effective method of teaching the basics of mouse use."

I could not agree more, any person not used to computers will rapidly learn the basic movements, not forgetting Drag and Drop, when playing Solitaire. Bill Gates hit the nail on the head with that app.

Don't shame idiots about their idiotically weak passwords


Re: Oh, I think I know the place!

I worked for a company that had somewhat similar terrible rules. A user eventually figured how to make it easy.

Month 1 password = AAAAAAAA

Month 2 password = BBBBBBBB

Month 3 password = CCCCCCC

and so on, worked a treat, even I could remember my password!

After 12 months back to AAAAAAAA

This was for the JDE accounting software on IBM.

A certain millennial turned 30 recently: Welcome to middle age, Microsoft Excel v2


Re: Filemaker

Before that I have a memory of Borland's Quattro.

Remember CompuServe forums? They're still around! Also they're about to die


CIS software

Does anybody remember a dial in software for CIS called Orzak or similar. It would save on the CIS hourly charge by dialing in, picking up ones forum messeges then hangup so one could look at the content at leisure. Then dial back to post comments etc. Worked a treat and saved lots of hourly charges.

Commonwealth Bank: Buggy software made us miss money laundering


Re: because they kept doing $9000 deposits....

Yes, ACL knows all about that.

IBM botched geo-block designed to save Australia's census


I have little sympathy with the ABS and IBM over this debacle, when I note that the Melbourne Cup betting via the TAB is probably many times the volume of the census night transactions.

And no systems went down.

Can you imagine the howls of outrage if ordinary punters could not put on a bet? Governments could fall! Stock market losses etc.

French, German ministers demand new encryption backdoor law


Re: Easy Solution....

You must have been reading 1984!

Geek's Guide to Britain – now a book. Permission to geek out granted


Re: Geeks Guide for Kindle?

I have found on Amazon UK the Kindle version of a 'Geek's Guide to Britain 2013' for GBP2.39 by a Joe Fay. Is this the real thing or just a copy?

Unhelpfully the notation is 'Only sold to the UK'.


Geeks Guide for Kindle?

Is the Geeks guide available for Kindle?

Don't Panic: Even if asteroid showers cause mass extinctions ...


Re: "...they've accurately dated 37 impact craters..."

How about the Moon?

BBC shuts off iPlayer to UK VPNs, cutting access to overseas fans


BBC iPlayer Flash

My access to the iPlayer is fine through my VPN, however I note that iPlayer demands the use of Flash which is of course banned from all ithings and my two PCs.

I do access iPlayer by using Chrome.

Please BBC start using HTML5

Love-rat fanboi left bobbing for Apples in tiny Japanese bath



Wee bit off topic, a neighbour me asked to solve a printing issue, it seems her son had installed XP with SP3 on her Apple computer! It actually ran quite well.

Still left me baffled.

Google+ GOING, GOING ... ? Newbie Gmailers no longer forced into mandatory ID slurp


Yet again

Spanners stated:-

"In the same way, you still have Drive space, Calendar, a YouTube account and do on. An enormous number of people over the age of 35 will have no use for anything except email. They will have no interest in YouTube and telling them about Drive is pointless."

I am way, way older than 35 and use Drive all the time as well as YouTube and Calendar features heavily on my smartphone. Ageist remarks like the above are not appropriate in this forum.

Trying to sell your house? It'd better have KILLER mobile coverage


I agree and would also ask my real estate agent and seller if there was fibre or good Adsl2 to the premises.

If nothing then a deal breaker!

Tell us about your first time ... on the internet


Before Internet

I remember owning a Tulpi dialup modem, 1200/75 baud standard. Made in Frenchs Forest, Sydney. With a unique range of commands, not Hayes. CompuServe was my ISP with it's walled garden. Actually it had a lot of content, just the cost was prohibitive.

I used to use software named Ozark which enabled automated logon, grab messages and any interesting Forum content, logoff and review at leisure. It was cheaper to make multiple phone calls than spend too much time on CompuServe.

Beijing to Washington: Ratted-out routers not welcome here


Re: And that's why an open market requires an open society

>France's yoghurt industry has continued to thrive

That's not national interest, it's their culture...<

That's very good....

Reading this headline? You and 9.47 million others


Real Location

My profile states that I am in Australia, however my VPN puts me in London. For the purpose of the stats where does the Reg list me?

The FLOATING mobile phone shop on the edge of the Internet


I do believe that there is no mobile reception in Antarctica.


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