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Tiscali shares suspended on titsup fears



Well the good news is existing Tiscali users aren't going to end up with a worse provider in the shape of Sky.

The bad news is I was just in the middle of migrating to Tiscali.

Do the boys at Google fancy being an ISP

Google's email service goes down



Google's mail outage, also is effecting sky's emails, which are handled by gmai l!!!

Cotton Traders mauled by hackers

Dead Vulture

Cover UP

I too am an unfortunate user of Cotton Traders Website who has had his credit card details stolen, I assume as a result of this attack. Lucky for me my credit card provider managed to spot its fraudulent use instantly, telephoning me to inform me, and canceling the card immediately. Interestingly though, I haven't informed by Cotton Traders of any possible security breach, so do they know exactly who's details are affected?

Tiscali crosses Carphone Warehouse from bidders list


Don't Wish For Worse

Having already jumped ship from Tiscali earlier this year to Sky Broadband, all I can say to anyone hoping for a sky takeover is don't!

Sky is dire.

It is undoubtedly the worst mistake I have ever made in connection with internet suppliers and will be looking to migrate away again as soon as I possibly can.

I have a great long list of complaints against sky but the major one for me is the fact you can only connect to sky broadband with a sky router, that they preset with all your required settings before sending it out to you. They won't tell you what these settings are so you can't use your own existing router whilst waiting for the dolts to actually send you a router, which in my case took three weeks after being connected because they hadn't got any in stock.

Also all of Sky's email is handled through googlemail too, so be warned if you don't want to be part of the google world domination machine.

eBay chokes on iPhones


Whats all the fuss

Is it just me, or are people going crazy over something they already own? My lowly old phone plays music and videos, takes pictures, connects to the internet........ oh yeah, and makes telephone calls and can send texts.

I am truly a gadget person, who likes to be the first to get new toys whilst they are still novel, but that's the point, this is not new, it's the same as we already have, with a different brand name on it.