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Audi TT: It's NOT a hairdresser-mobile, the dash is too flash


All cars are digital anyway. They just give you analogue looking dials for styling.

Hiss-hiss! GIGANTIC SOLAR FILAMENT snakes around Sun


Re: Ok

"Dooomed... Dooomed I tell ya!!!"

Sounds like it.. Unless you are another bit of heat, then you will be fine.

Sun of a beach! Java biz founder loses battle to keep his shore private


Tsk tsk

Silly, everyone knows once you become a billionaire you buy your own island. Do what you want then!

Apple's ONE LESS THING: the iPod Classic disappears


Re: Other options

The Sony ones dont have an iphone dock connection so it depends if your speakers have an Aux in...

Why Apple had to craft a pocket-busting 5.5in Plus-sized iPhone 6 (thank LG, Samsung etc)


Re: It's all about the screen size

"since it's easier to pull out my pocket then getting my wallet"

Take phone out of pocket and touch on reader.

Take wallet out of pocket and touch it on reader.

I don't see any difference!

The only difference is it means Apple know exactly what you have been buying whereas before only your bank knew. (Plus all the people that hack Apple accounts will know exactly what you have buying!)

Russia-based hackers prime suspects in JPMorgan mega-breach


They banned Huwai and still end up hacked to pieces! :)

SPACE: The FINAL FRONTIER. These are the TEN-YEAR images of star probe Cassini


Well done Nasa!

FYI if any Nasa people are reading this I'm available for a one way trip to Mars if you need volunteers.

Foxconn to take on 100 THOUSAND workers prior to iPhone 6 launch


Wallet busting but not groundbreaking.

Sony Xperia Z2: What we REALLY thought of this Android fondleslab


Re: It's not that quick...

When they released it the standard launcher was laggy but it has been updated now and there is no lag. also if you install a third party launcher there is no lag. the one on display must be on old software.

That's something Sony should look into, its not much good if the demo device is slow! I nearly didn't buy one because of that. But the device is very very fast so dont let the demo unit put you off..

The old software also had problems with touch response but that's also fixed. I get the feeling Sony rushed it out to hit a deadline because there has been 3 or 4 software updates since I had mine and each time it gets better. No complaints with anything now.


Re: Sound quality?

through the headphones its good quality but low volume. So nothing to get excited about.

The speakers are also low volume. I think that's due to the tablet being water proof. So basically the sound performance wont blow you away.


Re: design flaw?

The wow factor is more when you hold it. It is amazingly light and thin. Even the ipad feels bulky compared to this.


Re: The 4G version in particular

Yes it does support phone calls natively.


I have one

the battery life is excellent and the 3Gb Ram gives it a nice boost. You can throw anything at it and it wont slow down. The modifications Sony has made to Android are pretty good too. The first time I have ever felt happy to leave an Android device on the stock rom, not rooted..

ARM tests: Intel flops on Android compatibility, Windows power


This just seems like an advert to me. Without The Reg doing a little work to see for themselves they are just taking this whole thing at face value. Im sure there's truth in it but how much has Watt bent the truth to make a point? This whole article is full of doubt!

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 updates also tweak Windows Server 2012


Funny except its not actually that bad Yugguy.

Have you actually tried the 8.1 update or you just like to complain?

Big Yellow loses its head... again: Symantec, we need to talk



You must be out of your mind if you use Symantec.

Its the EA Games of AV!!

Huawei: We'll sell a dual-boot Android, Windows 8 smartphone because, well, isn't it obvious?


Re: Good idea

"It is alleged that a Windows Phone license will cost $20 - $30."

Microsoft have been toying with the idea of giving WP 8 away for free. Im sure Huwai will get a good deal.

Satisfy my scroll: El Reg gets claws on Windows 8.1 spring update



This article is bang on.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 spewed online a MONTH early – by Microsoft


Re: Brilliant

Stop talking drivel

Steve Jobs statue: Ones and ohs and OH NOES – it's POINTING at us


Re: Apple.....

Thats a good one.

Also the Turing statue in Whitworth Gardens is simple but good. Similar to the Roosevelt and Churchill statue on Bond St. Gets people interested and interacting.


Re: Inspired by the classics

I never seen a Herma before, those cheeky Greeks! I want one.

Thanks for the link

Official: British music punter still loves plastic


Back to CD

I used to buy loads of digital dowloads but then I bought some decent speakers and headphones so I have started to buy CDs again for the higher quality. I can now actually hear the difference (Not always but on a lot of tracks).

Its about time the main sellers started offering lossless formats, that would bring me back to digital. Charging people for a second rate MP3 when there is Flac and Alac is a real shame.

There are some places like HDtracks but they have a very limited library and are very expensive. I use Beatport for some music as they offer Wav and Aiff but again their library is limited (unless you want House then they have everything!).

Snowden journo boyf grill under anti-terror law was legal, says UK court


Considering the files were well encrypted there is be better ways to send the files then on a plane with your boyfriend. He might as well walk though customs with a target on his head.

Apple Mac Pro: It's a death star, not a nappy bin, OK?


It doesnt add up to me

Ok its a fine machine but what is the point of this new design that forces the use of Thunderbolt? The main advantage I see is space saving but does a pro really care about the size difference? A tower isn't THAT big anyway, just put it under your desk. Looking at the disadvantages of Thunderbolt (high cost and less device choice) I would go for slightly larger size any day. Plus stringing all of those Thunderbolt devices together you end up with a machine that looks like a Tumbleweed!

The only other advantage of this new design is the thermals. But its actually Intel that deserves a pat on the back for that not Apple. They are the ones responsible for making a chip with such low TDP that it doesn't needs massive cooling. Apple have just put it in a shiny box. You could have a full size tower with the massive choice of device support that it brings and still have the low thermals of the latest chips.

So Apple what is the point of this new design?


Re: |'m not quite sure I get it

"I worked pretty effing hard to get my last PC to be quiet"

You are missing out water cooling. Its the best option for silence but the costs rise significantly. Its worth it though cos you end up with something that looks way cooler than the Mac Pro dustbin and with overclocking, insanely fast.

Gameover ZeuS adds nasty trick


If you are silly enough to open a zip attachment from a random mail then your doomed from the start.

Ex-NSA guru builds $4m encrypted email biz - but its nemesis right now is control-C, control-V


Any thoughts on basing yourself outside of the US? Somewhere with better privacy laws? Then you wouldn't need to worry so much about fighting the government, a battle you will certainly loose.

After everything we now know why would you start up from fresh in the US!


"We won’t provide your keys to anyone – unless we are ordered to divulge them by a judge with jurisdiction over us."

No need to read anymore, already its insecure. The fact it will be an ex-nsa guy holding your keys is hilarious.

I have read of other secure webmail services in development based around only the owner holding keys. Lets see how they pan out. If someone else has your keys its pointless!

'Netflix bitch': CEO of vid-streaming site taunts HBO chief over results


They are doing good so far

HBO should embrace Netflix. They should team up, add their content to Netflix but charge it as an extra subscription, an HBO package. Worldwide release, decent price. That would stop most of the Game of Thrones etc piracy.

Hopefully Netflix will one day buy the premiership rights, how great would that be, no more Sky!

LogMeIn: We're stopping our free offering from now


Whatever you do dont use Chrome Remote Desktop.


Simple, switch to Teamviewer. Its more secure too.

Bottom falls out of Nokia's network rump



Nokia used to make bog roll before phones. Im sure they will be fine.

HP sticks thumb in Microsoft's eye, extends Windows 7 option for new machines


Typical Microsoft

Im running 8.1 and its actually a good improvement over 8. But typical Microsoft as usual mess it up by making it not very obvious how to actually get the upgrade. I know plenty of people struggling along with 8.0 totally unaware how to get 8.1.

Even when I knew the update was in the store it was still a hassle to find it. Considering MS are desperate to make Win 8 work you would think there would be an excited notification - "Windows 8.1 is here, download now FREE!"

Instead they seep it out and only techno heads like us know about it. MS really need to work on their usability, its becoming a joke now. The days are going where people will stump up thousands to go on a course to learn a single application. What with phones and tablets people expect things to be easier, more obvious, its not 1990 anymore.

For me the biggest disappointment with Win 8 isn't Metro but actually the boring desktop. The Taskbar has barely changed. With desktops getting ever more powerful (and screens bigger and better) why has nothing changed? I understand they were making Win8 slim to run on small hardware but there's no reason why if a good machine is detected then it should ramp up the experience and features. I mean isn't that the whole point of the Windows experience index?

Smog-hit Beijing shows sunsets on a giant TV to remind people what the sun looks like


My friend came back from Beijing for a short holiday and came back in a terrible state. Had to take time off work to recover from the pollution, red swollen eyes, trouble breathing. He tells me it really bad out there.

Clink! Terrorist jailed for refusing to tell police his encryption password


Re: Not "complying" is the crime, not the results of complying.

You are going straight to jail then pal, sorry.


Re: Not "complying" is the crime, not the results of complying.

Taking what you said into account what if you said you forgot the key? Then it cant count as you stopping the gathering of evidence? If you dont know it you dont know it. Same as if you don't remember what someone looked like at the scene of a crime. Its impossible to prove you don't know the key.

Google stabs Wikipedia in the front


Is it?

I dont know, I stopped using Google ages ago.

Virgin Galactic's supersonic space ship in 71,000-ft record smash


Re: What is the long term goal?

Imagine telling Branson he has no long term goals lol

Blasphemy! Finns trample over Windows Phone home screen


Already done

This isn't such big news. Samsung made an exact same app for their Win Phone Ativ devices. I had it on my Ativ S ages ago. I have a Nokia now and the new App is great but the Samsung app runs faster.

Time travellers outsmart the NSA


If I was a time traveler I would be going to times way before the internet. If I did pass through 2010 for a jolly then how would my future phone even work to allow me to tweet? My network contract wouldn't even exist yet!

My twitter account wouldn't even exist (lets say I was travelling from 2100)

And even if I did Tweet imagine how messed up it would be. My latest tweets would be showing as my oldest tweets. It would be all out of sync. No definitely wouldn't bother with any social media if I was surfing time and space. I would be too busy causing mayhem. Committing any and every crime then leaping into the next time zone!

Get lost, fanbois: Nokia pulls HERE Maps from Apple's App Store


Re: OOh lets dangle the maps

"Problem is Windows phones are just crap. "

I have a Nokia 1020 running WP8 and its far better than my Android Nexus. No lag, good battery life and more fluid to use. Here navigation is far better than Apple maps. Its equal to Google Maps I would say. I think the Navigation is better on Here but then on Google Maps you have extra features like streetview so comes down to personal preference.

Anyway I dont know what Win Phones you have tried but they are defiantly not crap.

Virgin Media only puts limited limits on its Unlimited service


Re: What a bunch...

Thanks for the heads up on these guys, never heard of them. Zen actually works out quite a bit more expensive than Virgin but they give static IPs, something you cant have on VM.

I currently have VM 120mbps XXL package. Rarely get over 80mb down and 6mb up. Quite annoying as I like to use remote desktop. A static IP and better upload would do nicely. Will look at these guys come upgrade time.

Wozniak: Please, whatever you do, DON'T buy me an iPad Air


Re: He has a point

"128gb is still a pretty reasonable amount to be able to carry around with you at one time."

Not when they charge over £700 for it!

DARPA slaps $2m on the bar for the ULTIMATE security bug SLAYER


Wow you guys are pessimistic. Have you seen the amazing things DARPA have been coming up with? I remember the know it alls commenting that a car will never be able to drive itself when DARPA kicked off that challenge and now were looking at ALL cars one day driving by themselves.

Its research, they are trying out ideas, moving forward. Its technology get it?

Wait for it, waaiiit for it: We update an Atom tablet to Windows 8.1 Pro


Re: Microsoft Time (sucks)

"What is it with microsoft and estimating the time remaining for something? Can't they ever get it right?"

Oh dear, first world problems.

Windows 8.1: Read this BEFORE updating - especially you, IT admins


Re: So bloody predictable.....

Im with you on this one Hans. I bet most of these moaners don't even have Win 8.1. Just see any opportunity to hate MS and say how great Linux is.

Im different, I give everything a fair chance. I have tried many Linux builds. Bodhi was the best in my opinion. But I still had to jump through the most hoops ever to get things working properly. There is no way anyone can say Linux is easier to use than win or Mac.

And then once its running, its ok as a web browser or email machine but what about the rest?

I like to play around with producing music, I like to play games - Linux has an inferior offering compared to Mac / Win. Ok you can use WINE to run those Windows apps but why mess about getting that to work (half the time doesn't work fully) when you can just install the app in Windows where it will work natively?

Anyway, although Im no big fan of Linux you wont catch me commenting to Linux news saying how bad and useless it is.. In fact Linux is great for some things. Its not just the Linux moaners that are boring, the XP moaners are worse. Im sorry, you cant cling onto that ancient OS FOREVER. Get yourself an SSD and some more Ram and upgrade your OS at least to win 7. PLEASE!


Re: I have an easier solution...

With all respect Linux Mint doesn't compare to Win8, 8.1 or 7.

I gave it a go on my PC, it didnt match the resolution of my monitor (2560x1080) I had to get the command line involved and still its not right. Graphics drivers I had to setup manually messing about with third party drivers (Nvidia Geforce 570). Sound problems with my Asus Xonar STX card (sample rates displayed in Mint not the true sample rates outputted).

So its far from just stick the iso in and off you go.. Actually Windows is the only OS I can just stick in and off I go. It sorted all of the above out first time without question. A bit of waiting around while it sets up but who cares, once it was done I log in and it works.

Win 8.1 boots A LOT quicker than Mint and Ubuntu too.


Its also very fast, snappy. If you are still on XP get out of the dark ages and upgrade.



One thing I noticed is if you previously had a local only profile it forces you to convert to a live account when it upgrades. It tries to transfer everything to the new profile but it makes a poor job of it. It reset all of my My Docs and Pictures folders etc. (I had them in different locations due to having a small SSD but large storage drives).

I dont mind using the live account so much because I have a Win Phone and use Skydrive. but I know some of you out there want to stay local so watch out!

On the plus side I actually Like the small metro changes they made. I removed my Start8 and Decor8 mods, dont feel like I need the original start menu anymore.

Windows Phone 8 INFLATED by Microsoft ... to satisfy lonely phablets



I have WP8. I like everything about it except for the music player. Its terrible! I mean really terrible. Its totally basic and the sync doesn't work. Very disappointed that the sync is so useless. I have a Win8 desktop so you would think that it would sync perfectly well and easily with a Win8 phone wouldn't you? Well it doesn't, my Android tablet works more seamlessly.

I was hoping the update would include a better music player but it looks like it doesn't. Back to Android and PowerAmp for me!