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British Second World War codebreaker Alan Turing receives Royal pardon



It's actually very likely he poisoned himself by accident.


And even though he was a cryptanalytical genius, the only wartime machines he contributed to the design of were the bombe. Colossus was the real masterpiece of Bletchley park, and Turing had absolutely no influence whatsoever on its development.

On the matter of shooting down Amazon delivery drones with shotguns


Re: Guns won't work, so let's look at alternatives...

Weeeeeell, only puny guns. How about Goalkeeper CIWS? Or perhaps Shilka if we're on a budget.

Moto G: Google's KitKat bruiser could knock out, bury Landfill Android


fork or otherwise re-invent Android

Replicant is a FSF-endorsed mobile OS. It's basically Android minus Google. I've been meaning to give it a try, but I haven't got around to it yet...

'Occupy' affiliate claims Intel bakes SECRET 3G radio into vPro CPUs


What I really don't understand is why they'd even want to do this with 3G when there's most of the time perfectly good networking capabilities to hand...

Declassified documents show NSA staff abused tapping, misled courts


Re: Color me surprised...

Don't insult the KGB by comparing them to the NSA! ;)

Turnbull floats e-vote, compulsory ID


Surely the cost and inconvenience of paper voting

Is completely outweighed by the potential for fraud in an electronic version? It's easy enough in traditional voting as it is...

Germany warns: You just CAN'T TRUST some Windows 8 PCs


"Trusted".... Microsoft clearly doesn't get the irony...

Ubuntu devs to get 15-min code review, full SDK love – Canonical


I've never used the software centre before, only used terminal and apt-get... for packages that all exist in debian. I'm not sure why I'm still using Ubuntu to be quite honest...

Texas school strikes devil's bargain, drops RFID student tracking


I also wonder if

This had anything to do with students deliberately trying to sabotage it by leaving via the window?


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