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Cambridge hospital cleans up after mystery malware infection

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patients not affected?

But the article says "ambulances were redirected" so having your ambulance take you 15 miles up the A14 to Huntingdon's A&E hospital doesn't count as affected??

Microsoft's Azure cloud suffers first crash

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Windows Update

Well they have published the reasons and how it's not going to happen again.


They blame a "routine os upgrade" - yes that same trick that cause the Yankee Group to declare Windows Server the most unreliable in the industry for 2008.

Polish Spitfire shoots down BNP



Do you have to fail a special test to get into the BNP or do they just "let anyone in" ??

Dogs and arson feature in top 10 data recovery disasters


Curious lack of detail

Despite what you might hear to the contrary, a bottle of wine is very very unlikely to cause damage to your data when poured over the keyboard - or anywhere else for that matter.

Funny how the last 3 items lacked the detail of the first seven; perchance someone made them up to an even 10?

Palin webmail 'hack' trial delayed

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It's a sad comment on our insatiable need for celebrity trivia that Palin's secret question could be googled.

Paris, because I couldn't care less what her first pet's name was.

British youths think Churchill went to moon


Those that can Do...

and sadly it's truer today than ever... "those that can't Teach"

Yesterday my 6-year-old son built an AM radio with his electronics set (poor kid - his Dad's a geek you know) and showed it to a visiting family friend "who is training to be a Design and Technology Teacher". Complete dis-interest: didn't understand how a radio works and Dad was left to find the wobbly connection.

Brown: Jack Bauer spook horde to tackle terrorism

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It's the Economy, Stupid!

Gordon seems to have forgotten Economic warfare - which, lets face it, is exactly what we're on the receiving end of right now (memo to self: must fill-up with petrol on the way home)

When these spooks chance across a conversation that isn't about how many propane canisters you can fit in a mini but instead, say, how to design a better microprocessor do they just fast forward or do they "share intelligence" with someone?

SO where in the plan does it say that Gordo is going to help protect the UK's intellectual property from prying eyes?

MySpace wins UK domain name that pre-dated its service

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Take a dump or get off the can

They were squatters and they got what they deserved: They were just holding out for myspace.com to pay out.

If they wanted to make a commercial service (this is .CO.uk) then they had 10 years to achieve it - and only 18 customers in the end. That's a commercial failure

Hopefully this will force a few more "web service" companies go belly-up as a result of this deflation of their market. gmail.co.uk springs to mind...

I think domain registrations should be less like Copyright and more like Patents - with a sliding payment scale according to how long you've held them.

Clarkson's 'steal my ID' stunt backfires

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Not All Accounts Are Created Equal

Businesses can publish this information because they pay for their accounts and so get a more rigorous service from the bank.

You'd think that with all that money and flash car Clarkson would have upgraded from a basic "Hoy Poloy" current account??

Windows Vista unreadiness revealed


Ever tried running a checked build?

I accidentally installed a checked (==self-sanity checking) build of Windows the other day; I couldn't even get to Internet Exploder without a blue screen. Microsoft's release strategy is simple: the developers just remove the sanity-checking code before they ship insane software.

UK going to hell on hardware, eco group warns


Waste of energy

Don't bother reading it - all whinge, pseudoscience and hot air.

Perhaps they should direct their concern to the millions of homes in this country that are heated by electricity (a shocking use of 'high grade' energy) rather than a few watts here & there consumed by unloaded power supplies.