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Beer and Wine

Anyone ever tried Irish Craft beers ? Why does nt a pint of guinness taste the same anywhere here but Eire , is it because of the lack of flow ? Why is it so difficult to find good European wines in Ireland and why in God's name are they so bloody expensive in a European Union founded on the free movement of goods , capital and labour etc . Philosophically speaking why are we being continually screwed and here in Ireland we've been shafted for thousands of years and still no sign of an orgasm ( on our part anyway ) . Maybe this stuff is too heavy like the deep chocolate gateaux I made earlier nice but got to get back on an enviromental treadmill , real running that is . Great lager weather here at the moment looking forward to being on the beach in Ballybunnion tomorrow . Just rounding off the night / morning with a nice pinotage .

Have a nice day y'all .

Slainte mo chairde go mbeirimid im beo seo in aimsair aris .

Slan go foil.


BTW Anyone read 'The Shack' any comments ?

Disney Now Owns a Death Star

Shane Phillip Maher Irish Poet And Bard

Re: Disney Now Owns a Death Star

I might be slow on the uptake but as Eric Cross wrote in 'The Tailor and Ansty ' , " Tis only but a fool that can get up out of bed in the morning and go to bed a wiser man at night " ; You always get the best books on the banned lists . Best to raise your hand for a second and seem a fool by asking a question than remaining in the dark the rest of your life . Have Disney bought the rights to Starwars ?

Mise le Meas ,



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