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Another free web course to gain machine-learning skills (thanks, Finland), NIST probes 'racist' face-recog – and more

Apollo-Soyuz 1975

Re: "the Epoch Media Group"

It looks to be affiliated with the Falun Gong movement's mass media effort: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Epoch_Times

Houston, we've had a legend: Boffin behind NASA Mission Control signs off for final time

Apollo-Soyuz 1975

Re: And if you watched "Armstrong"

I was under the impression that the side-swinging LM forward hatch essentially required that the mission commander (Armstrong) had to egress first…

When you play the game of Big Spendy Thrones, nobody wins – your crap chair just goes missing

Apollo-Soyuz 1975

I'm Idaho.

Who will kill power companies? TESLA, says Morgan Stanley

Apollo-Soyuz 1975

Re: Net energy gaiin?

Although anecdotes ≠ data, I find that the majority of vehicle-related noise pollution relates to the sound of the tires rolling along the roadway. Only large trucks, muppets with opened-up exhausts, and muppets on modified motorcycles pump out distracting levels of engine noise.

Cold War spy aircraft CRASHED Los Angeles' air traffic control

Apollo-Soyuz 1975

Nope, but it WAS contracted out to the company that fucked up the Mars Climate Orbiter mission!

French drug dealers regretfully announce 'temporary closure'

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Re: Allô ?

> To be fair, a great deal of English (or its

> barbaric derivative from across the pond)


Hey, leave Canada out of this!

Human error blamed for toxic Russian rocket explosion

Apollo-Soyuz 1975

I hope I'm not the only one wondering why there wasn't a range safety system to blow the rocket up _before_ it hit the ground...

Confirmed: Bezos' salvaged Saturn rocket belonged to Apollo 11

Apollo-Soyuz 1975

Re: If the Cosmosphere were on I70....

Interstate highways and US Routes (US-50, etc. as mentioned above) are federally funded/maintained highway routes. The K-roads mentioned are references to Kansas state routes, which are state-funded/maintained. Usually, people will refer to a state highway generically as "State Route xx" ("route" usually pronounced identically to "rout") unless they are Michiganders, in which case they refer to M-xx as state routes, US routes, and Interstate routes aren't forbidden from using identical numbers in Michigan. More confusingly, Hawaii now has a trio of Interstate routes (H-1 through -3) even though Hawaii doesn't border any other states!


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