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Truth, Justice, and the American Huawei: Chinese tech giant tries to convince US court ban is unconstitutional


China the bully...

America opened our markets to China and invested billions and billions of dollars helping them expand their manufacturing base as a gesture of goodwill and friendship. In return China has betrayed that friendship by stealing our technology and breaking trade rules they agreed to when they joined the WTO. They are intimidating militarily their regional neighbors and is actively seeking to restrict movement in international waters. China has mistaken America's kindness and generosity as weakness.

Unless they clean up their act fast China will learn what it means when it is said that America is either a best friend or a worse enemy...

Intel CEO Krzanich quits Trump's Manufacturing Council over response to Charlottesville rallies


I'm a bit overwhelmed by the hypocrisy of the press coverage. While neo-nazi's and the KKK are truly despicable douche-bags it is also true that the Antifa and BLM as "just as bad". Violent suppression of free speech (Antifa) and burning cities and assassinating police officers (BLM) deserve the same condemnation as nazi's and klansmen.

It has not been lost on a significant percentage of the American voting public that liberals are more interested in using this event to attack Trump than on the event itself and the entire cast of losers who participated on both sides of the political spectrum.

Can you ethically suggest a woman pursue a career in tech?


So... How it is not sexist to suggest that a business with a male-oriented culture is sexist but a business with a female-oriented culture is not?

This is just more "men are always wrong and women are always right" feminist sexism...

Has President Trump’s executive order on 'Public Safety' killed off Privacy Shield?


Sorry but America has witnessed the chaos in Europe with respect to uncontrolled immigration of Muslim immigrants and does not wish to "enjoy" your experiences...

Did you know? The FBI investigated Gamergate. Now you can read the agents' thrilling dossier


How ironic: misandrist feminists counter-attacked by misogynist gamers. Birds of a feather flock together...

'Fascist' seizes supremo search slot on Trump triumph


Actually those qualities associated with Fascism more closely represents liberal democrats in the USA.

A large, powerful, central government (as opposed to the republican preference for a smaller central government, decentralizing many aspects to allow for more powerful State and local governments).

Toleration of private ownership of the means of production albeit with heavy regulation to ensure government control of the economy (as opposed to the republican preference for less regulations).

Suppression of free speech in the form of State sponsored "Political Correctness".

As per WikiLeaks: Liberal democrats use of thugs physically intimidating their opposition.

Me thinks the left's accusation of fascism represents a classic case of Freudian projection...

Drubbed Grubhub bub scrubs anti-Donald-dubbed snub sub-hubbub


Re: The Right to Vote

A slippery slope you are advocating... So the next time your side wins and my side loses it is ok for my side to violently oppose your lawful election win?

Zuckerberg says just one per cent of news on Facebook is fake


It looks like the New York Times and the Washington Post are guilty of fake news considering how very wrong they were...

Microsoft tries, fails to crush 'gender bias' lawsuit brought by its own women engineers


Microsoft brought this upon themselves. Feminists are like cockroaches. Once they get a foothold it is nearly impossible to get rid of them. Microsoft tried to play nice and be tolerant (as though feminists would respect that...) but give a feminist an inch and they will take a mile...

Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?


Sorry but it is sexist to automatically label men as sexist because women make choices that prevent them from being as successful in "tech" as men.

People are getting fed-up with this sexist feminist nonsense. Watch as Trump steamrolls Clinton in America this fall by and large because of a populist backlash to the the liberal/feminist agenda...

My plan to heal this BROKEN, BREXITED BRITAIN


I guess there are some in the UK who would prefer relinquishing control of governance to faceless, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Self governance is over-rated, right? Who really needs control over one's self destiny? The majority of Englishmen and Englishwomen are basically peasants who "need" elites to control their lives.

Hillary Clinton: My promises to America's tech industry



No... It was not congress that withheld the money. The executive branch has enough money for many, many lavish vacations but refused to provide security to the Ambassador. Had the commander in chief not skipped so many intelligence briefings he would have been aware of the security issues threatening the embassy and authorized a contingency plan to protect the embassy staff.

Benghazi was a failure due to incompetence by the President and the Secretary of State plain and simple.

Queensland creep cops charged with snooping through police records


This article is useless without pictures...

Arrests for 'offensive' Twitter and Facebook messages up by a third


Why do Europeans put up with fascist liberal politicians?

Girls outpace boys in US IT and engineering test


Re: Ahh

The problem with feminism is that it is not about equality at all but about disparaging men. If men do better at IT or engineering it "must" be about men who hate women (not). Of course most men are going to hate "women who hate men" so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Perhaps misandristic feminists should try and work on their social skills and be less totally repellent if they want to gain acceptance...

Ding-dong, reality calling: iPhone slump is not Apple's doom


Re: Revenues

Irrational? Considering Apple's history I suggest it is irrational not to be "very" concerned. After the brilliant first Mac Apple failed to maintain innovation to it's PC platform and floundered. After the brilliant iPhone Apple has failed to maintain innovation to it's smartphone platform and is beginning to flounder.

Apple's success has rested on developing a revolutionary interface and introducing a device that uses that interface. Apple has never been able to figure out what to do next. Apple needs a miracle or it's tail-spinning into a death dive. Steve Jobs is no longer around to rescue Apple...

Apple engineers rebel, refuse to work on iOS amid FBI iPhone battle


So... We have a bunch of socialists who want the government to control the economy, dictate politically correct behavior, legislate morality but they don't trust the government/FBI?

Apple supremo Tim Cook rules out OS X fondleslab, iOS merger


Re: OSX is just too far behind Windows

You are exactly right. History is repeating itself...

Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop


History is repeating itself. Apple invented a great interface with the first Mac and then nothing... Microsoft picks the ball up and runs and dominates.

Apple invents a great interface with the iPad and then nothing. Microsoft picks up the ball and runs and dominates...

Ich nicht bin Charlie: Facebook must crack down on racists, says Germany's Merkel


The problem is misdiagnosing the problem. Many of us here are techs. Changing a hard drive will not correct a problem if the real issue is a bad stick of memory.

The problem for Germany is not racism but rather allowing the immigration of a large population of young, military aged males with radical Islamist tendencies who are going to resist assimilating. Funny how the Saudi's don't want them. The Chinese don't want them. Who wants an ugly violent time bomb ticking away in their country?

Time to move away from Windows 7 ... whoa, whoa, who said anything about Windows 8?


Re: Gartner is, as usual, smoking crack.

If it is taking your IT department 5 years to migrate to a new OS than you need a new IT department. If you have been using XP for the last ten years than I question your competency.

White? Male? You work in tech? Let us guess ... Twitter? We KNEW it!


Race and sex should "never" enter into the decision to hire somebody. It should "always" be based upon merit. Forcing quotas is discriminatory.

Apple SOLDERS memory into new 'budget' iMac


Re: Unacceptable

Is English your second language? Predatory has a meaning and Pricing has a meaning. What Apple is doing with their pricing "is" predatorial. Where you are mistaken is in assuming that there is only one kind of predatory pricing albeit the most common form.

Microsoft admits it's '18 months behind' with Windows 8 slabs


Microsoft has had to wait on Intel in order to build a tablet that represents the Microsoft vision. An iPad is like a moped while a proper Windows 8 tablet can be like a high-performance Sport Bike. In 18 months Windows 8 tablets will be cheap, with good battery life and can run Windows programs and Xbox games. Who will want an iPad when that comes to pass?


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