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Johnson: ID cards will pay for themselves


Dredging the bottom for an excuse to keep ID cards

"The money all comes back because we charge for ID cards. If we stop now you've wasted all the capital investment and you get no money back because we will charge for the ID card," said Johnson.

So after years of wrongly claiming ID cards will solve everything under the sun this is their final gambit!? Pathetic morons to the last.

IT workers top UK inertia league



Here's a defence for all you coders: my fingers travel 100's if not 1000's of metres per day, my brain consumes calories like nobodies business, fook the rest of my body if it can't keep up ;-)

How the Dunning-Kruger effect will stop techies buying houses



I don't know about all this mumbo jumbo pyscho stuff and it's applicability to the subject at hand, and I don't care what solutions the very same idiots who created the crisis (or at best stood on the sidelines watching) come up with. But, I want everyone of those fookers to pay and to continue to pay until all the debt they have saddled me, you, everyone else, your children and their children with, not to mention the impact on whole countries such as Iceland, is truly and fully paid off... with interest... just like we would have to pay. What I definitely don't want to see happening is them being let off scot-free, allowed to continue business as usual, pick up huge bonuses and then to stand in judgement of the small fella trying to make a living in a much more HONEST way than they are even capable of imagining. <rant mode disengaged>

Police fail to dampen down bonfire night Westminster protest



Let's see if you feel that way after getting stopped for imaginary reasons so they can collect your finger prints & sample your DNA to add to their database of "potential" crim's.

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala


Happy upgrader here.

Upgraded from 9.04 without any problem.

Half a million customer records: Zurich Insurance admits big data loss


We're so sooooorry...

yeah, yeah, yeah. If the gov itself wasn't so slap-happy with peoples data we might then see some huge freakin fines to make sure companies don't do it again... and another huge freakin fine for covering it up for a year (putting victims at further risk). Dreamin', I know, I'm dreamin'

Hmmm, now if it was me "losing" company/gov data then I'm sure I would swiftly be dragged into court and made out to be a "terrorist" of epic proportions. Must be nice to able to hide under the skirt of institutionalised incompetence.

Nationwide Freeview tune-up takes place today



Any of the "small number" (~22000!) of households that find their box dead after retuning should remember that goods must be fit for purpose for up to six years after purchase, therefore you should be entitled to a refund.

Digital... putting "them" in control of you ;-)

UK.gov won't drop 50p high speed broadband tax plans - yet


Baaaa Baaaaa

"Timms... told journalists that a short bill listing popular measures was more likely to be pushed through ahead of UK voters going to the polls.

Yey, coz we sheep are so dumb and with such short memories that if you give us a sweetie today we'll forget that you are promising to f**k us tomorrow. The only thing worse than Nu Labour (aka Fascist F**k-wits) are the idiots that vote for them.

Microsoft hosts Feynman lecture series


@AC 15:46

There is nothing philanthropic about on the one hand offering something that should have been truly free for all to watch *without restrictions* and on the other imposing a marketing driven constraint. I'm now more interested in how much or little the BBC porned away scientific heritage which after all had already been paid for by the licence fee and should have remained publicly accessible (and that doesn't mean via the i-is-a-dummy-Player).

Home Office ditches compulsory ID card trial


The young, the older, the idiot

1. If young people are actually more easily suckered into accepting ID cards then than indicates a massive failure of their parents, teachers and older people in general to educate them on the risks.

2. So, once younger folk get older would they then have the right to send back their ID card, get a refund and be removed from whatever database?

3. "Weird Al" is a good moniker, "Scary Al" would be better but I'm proposing "Jack-Ass Johnson"... c'mon, he has clear already earned the title :-)

No icon, coz I can't find one that says "GO F**K YOURSELF!"

Tory who claimed brother's tech gear on expenses quits



"It's not fraud in the slightest if the expenses are signed off, which they were."

...unless those doing the sign-off are also part of the swindle, which they clearly are.

Virgin Media to add 500k homes to cable network


One word...


UK.gov backs ISPs on charging content providers, throttling P2P


Out of retirement...

...to sign the petition calling for a general election. I consider No 10's petitions a waste of time but here's hoping.

That's Brown rooting through my pockets for the last of my pennies.

iPlayer chief pushes tiered charging for ISPs


Here's an idea...

why don't the BBC concentrate on ordinary TV and make at least a minimum effort to deliver some (any!) value for money paid by licence feeS, get rid of excess staff, stop wasting money on frivolous crap, reduce the licence fee by half and KEEP IT'S F'ING NOSE OUT OF EVERYTHING ELSE!

Fly-tipping yes, dog poo no - Jacqui promises Ripa changes


Public Opinion

"Finally Smith said the use of CCTV has the confidence and support of the British public"

We hear/read these gross generalisations all the time now. Funny, I have never been asked my opinion and neither has the vast majority of the British Public.

Brits decline to 'think outside the box'


The Solution

Thinking outside of the box, and just to touch base with you all, at the end of the day we all have to keep going forward. All of it is really blue sky thinking and blue sky is what you may see if you fall out of the box as the credit crunch hits home. So "Heads up!" let us all get singing from the same hymn sheet, be pro-active, forget downsizing, line all your ducks in a row for some serious brainstorming (quack, quack). After this I thought "shower" and then, as I was turning 360° thinking "get all those suds off", I realised the solution to the credit crunch and should flag it up. But as I was pushing the envelope in the post box I thought "at this moment in time, I am definitely *not* in the loop", so why bother.

(sigh, I really should get a job, and soon)

No cheap Blu-ray players for Blighty this Xmas



...not :-)

Police drop BT-Phorm probe



...it comes down to one group of people, that being BT customers, and if they can't be bothered at least moving to another ISP then why should the police be bothered. Still, I'm happy to have a convenient defence if any little "mishaps" occur in future!

Netbooks and Mini-Laptops


MSI/ Advent/ Akoya

I was planning on getting the Acer and was waiting in hope for the Dell. After the disappointing Dell I jumped the gun this weekend and got the Akoya from Aldi... and I am *so* glad I did! I really did not want the glossy screen of the Acer but I did want more storage than the Dell offered. Another crucial element, for me at least (and I suspect others after the novelty wears off), was support for a second screen. Going on the scant info I could find, none of the SCC's seem to support extended desktops, only mirroring of the primary display. What I really hoped for is much higher rez for the external monitor. The Akoya delivers and in addition I have it dual booting XP with Ubuntu (including compwiz-fusion, I'm not usually one for eye candy but it's too gorgeous too be ignored). Since it is a (cheaper) Wind clone I know it will triple boot (OSX), can *easily* be upgraded with the removal of just 7 screws (without voiding the warranty despite claims otherwise) and can be overclocked if extra performance needed. So IMHO the MSI/ Advent/ Akoya deserve a much closer look than just the published spec's.

Freelancers might be taxed as employees after High Court ruling


IR35 is...

...purely to help fat well-connected shite companies from having to compete with the cheaper, more flexible, more knowledgeable contractor. Still, I blame the latter for being spineless when IR35 was first proposed and then subsequently introduced. And as for the distinction between "freelancers" and "contractors", ie, number of clients/ length of contract, etc, etc, I have to conclude that the former do pissy little jobs and are shy of any projects with meat on them. "Knowledge Economy" LMFAO... more like an army of half-wit MS "professionals".

No snapping: Photographers get collars felt


@Ruairi Newman

What exactly are you saying? That it is understandable that politicians introduce such laws because the poor darlings have been hounded by the press? Assuming you are not trolling and actually believe what you wrote, you need to apply some critical reasoning before making such crass comments.

Asus' own Eee-beater spied on web



ha ha, ho ho, he he, after the madness of almost competing models within the same range we now have competing ranges... all from the same company. Mad! Maybe marketing hope that when deciding you will mentally climb the price ladder in small increments until you have convinced yourself than you need the highest priced machine... but then it's such a small step to the biggie notebooks... hmmm.

On another point: I was dismayed to discover only recently that the Acer Aspire One, that I aspired to owning one day soon, only supports cloned display from the vga port. If I'm reading that right then you only get the same rez on an external monitor? Not only do I think that the gfx chips in the One and other SCC's support higher rez's but should also support proper dual monitor configs. Anyone know for sure?

Govt persuades two people to share worst job in IT


I'm with Greg...

...on the subject of contractors and specifically individuals as opposed to "consulting" firms. The former relies his/her personal reputation and typically aims to provide value for money whereas the latter typically relies on contacts and sweeteners and takes an all too predictable approach once a contract is signed. Having seen things from all three sides, including permie's, contractors are best value for money. If that fact is ever in doubt then it is most likely that the contractor was hired for other reasons such as jobs-for-friends/ bums-on-seats/ ensuring budgets are fully spent by year end. Wouldn't want to generalise too much as there are always gems in the rough as well as bad apples, but equally wrong are blanket statements that only permie's can be trusted to deliver cost effective workable solutions... that would be false more often than not.

UK data watchdog gives Google spycar fleet the greenlight


Burglars Delight!

I won't outline the obvious here but with 2secs thought the data watchdog (or should that be "corporation puppy"?) should have been able see the dangers especially in your typical residential street/road. Of course I wouldn't be surprised if he and his political masters don't live in a typical residence. Detached from reality? More like cruising another universe entirely. Me sincerely hopes what is likely to happen to many ordinary folk happens to this bunch of witless shites.

Plods say it's OK for them give out your DNA


@Graham Marsden

Or maybe AC has come to the conclusion (like many I guess) that there is no point complaining to the perpetrators (the gov) or would-be perpetrators (the shadow gov)? What with democracy being an illusion and representational government anything but.

On a more general point, if it's ok for *them* to sell/release/lose *our* data (dna, whatever) then surely it's ok for us to do the same with any/all of their personal data? Also maybe a network of watchers could be established and real-time data fed into a maps mash-up so when/if Joe Public get the itch to complain they can at least do it f2f.

More dodgy phone-ins cost BBC £400,000


Better yet...

...get rid of the outdated, condescending, self serving, smug bastard of a dinosaur! Then we could all afford satellite/cable just like the top knobs in the BBC.

Barclays and HBOS slash contractor rates



What amuses me is that anyone considers their job "permanent". Those that do are usually the most shocked when made redundant. Truth is most contractors have accepted uncertainty and live with it.

Intel Classmate PC lands in UK for £239


mark houghton beat me to it, but...

it's worth repeating: FUGLY. I wouldn't inflict it on your kids let alone mine. Oh er, I don't have any :-)

Jacqui Smith kick-starts yoof ID debate site, site kick stops

Paris Hilton


When I saw this on the news today I was dismayed to see mainly (only?) positive views from the young people that the Blair-now-Brown Broadcasting Corporation had bothered to interview (or should that be "bothered to broadcast"?). My first thought was "now there's a good reason for increasing the voting age!". Hopefully this whole cringe worthy exercise will back-fire big time, especially when the victims, after a few seconds reflection (ok, maybe longer) realise this is the same bunch trying to keep them in school (aka out of the jobless figures) to 21 or older and saddling them with a life time of debt for the pleasure.

Oh, and while I am firing on all 0.5 cylinders: Brown said recently re growing economic crisis that a "global problem needs a global solution", ugh, helloooo, isn't the *real* problem already spelt out twice in that sentence? Are there any journo's with a backbone and a voice left today or have they all been retired or shunted off to game shows, leaving us with retards like Andrew "Yes Prime Minister" Marr. Grrrrr.

Paris, just because, ok

Acer punts £199... er... £220... er... Linux laptop

Thumb Down

Marketing shooting themselves in the foot

Seems a common marketing tactic to tease everyone with a mouthwatering price only to raise it once whatever becomes available. Me with others: <£200=sold, >£200=bye bye!

IT depts under threat as City braces for 20,000 job cuts


It's a crazy crazy world

Imagine an aircraft purposely built so that everything was interconnected... turn the headset volume up/down and the plane rises/fall... the pilot panics to offset the effect of several hundred passengers doing this... but his only control is the dimmer switch for the cabin lights... imagine the panic as he discovers even this meagre degree of control has gone.

Crazy? This is "globalisation" and the fallacy that "interest rates" can now control events... put your heads between your legs and kiss your...

BT: 'We did not let anyone down over Phorm... it was not illegal'


@T.J re petition

Maybe because most of us have realised that it is a complete waste of time? Last one I signed was to get rid of the e-petition site and save the tax payer some money.

A third of online shops undermine consumer rights


Funny ha ha

When I complained to them about a certain company and their not-so-transparent pricing they didn't want to know. Can't help thinking this is their annual "let's justify our existence" exercise... paper exercise that is.

MySpace wins UK domain name that pre-dated its service


"profiting unfairly"

huh? I'd like them to apply that one across the board.

Spirit discovers life on Mars


And another!

Isn't that a peeping tom type figure in the upper left?

Parliament ponders the weight of e-petitions


Read Responses

To determine "weight" use the hot air masked as "responses" to these e-petitions. Good idea in principle for public to have their say but a complete waste of time in the end. This morning I finally opted out of getting any more responses to the many e-petitions that I signed and I have not signed a single one since the response to the road charging petition. Complete waste of public money.

Is it or isn't it? Brown keeps bottling the ID card question


@John Lettice

The technology overlap allows the gov to claim all the costs are to do with passports but the truth (as far as I care) is that none of the cost is explicitly shared with the ID card scheme. In any other walk of life an organisation would be claiming saving by spreading costs across projects with similar aims. It is no coincidence that the two progress concurrently but independently cost-wise. A clear tactic to hide the true cost of ID cards (and god knows how much they have spent/committed to date!).

BTW: Nothing against foreigners, PO'ed at dummy MP's wasting money!


"foreign nationals" only eh?

Then why the fuck don't you drop the passport back to £10? Everyone knows the obscene rises over the last few years are simply so they can fudge the real cost of ID cards. This being the case why are the British public having to cover the cost for foreigners!?

Plunging player prices to reveal Blu-ray vs HD DVD winner?



me thinks the technology is archaic before it even reaches the masses. Anyone capable of a cost comparison for putting HD on flash mem? At volume factoring in players with no moving parts I'd bet flash mem players would be cheaper. So personally I don't ever expect to buy either.

BBC boosts staff morale with jelly



Nothing surprises me about the lunatic asylum known as the BBC... except that it is allowed to persist. To Brown and his cronies: give us CHOICE, give us TV without the outdated, incestuous, money wasting and downright embarrassing BBC and the extortion racket known as the "licence fee"!!!

Asus Eee PC as 'hard to get your hands on as a Wii'


Nah, don't think so.

All the original hype surrounding this machine was based on it being £100, or $100, whatever. Even if it was sold at £150 I would still struggle to justify one.

PS: I see a new trend: "will it run vista?"

EU mandates electronic IDs for sheep and goats


They don't fool me!

sheep and goats today, people tomorrow

UK driver details lost somewhere in America


Grrrr, they make me SO angry :-)

"Kelly insisted that the data was configured specfically for Pearson, and not readily accessible to third parties."

Please, just for the fun of it, can someone get the gormless git to explain that one. Another example of why politicians of all people should be excluded from any involvement in areas where they don't know their arse from their elbow... hmmm, but then I suppose they wouldn't have anything at all to do.

+10 to previous poster, my thoughts exactly, it's about time their "private" data was leaked world wide.

Darling plays wait and see on HMRC disc loss


Numbskulls one and all

Who's this Poynter and why did it take him three weeks to state the bleedin' obvious? And why, like others have asked, will nothing be apparently done for maybe six months... oh I know why: it is now an established Poo Labour tactic to stall anything and everything for at least six months (indefinitely if they can) because that's well beyond the length of the general public memory. At least that scam has a modicum of sophistication about it unlike Browns tactic of picking a statement for the day and using it to answer any question regardless of it being appropriate or not. Worse yet is he gets away with it!

MIA in Iowa - personal data on 3m UK driving test candidates


Plain Dumb, Blinkered or Conspiracy?

Anyone else wondering why the most basic questions never seem to be asked by either the opposition or the media, like "wtf was the data doing there!?!". Credit to The Register and let's hope someone somewhere can bring it to the attention of the general public.

Brown quizzed on gov IT failures


Slaine said it

Incompetence is not only limited to the government but combined with endemic complacency in the UK as whole it is or will become lethal. Not so long ago "journalists" use to ask a question and then at least make an attempt to tease an actual answer out of politicians (Paxman where are you now?). Andrew Marr was a compete damp squid when he interviewed Brown a few weeks ago. If the BBC are looking for redundancies they need look no further than Marr as he has clearly proved himself redundant and in that particular case could be replaced with an auto-prompt.

I have been waiting since the start of the "lost data" saga for someone to actual question the statement "it would have been too expensive to exclude certain data". Staggering! What exactly does it cost these days for a line of SQL? And why has no one used the obvious logical argument that the situation was either systemic or the result of one or several individuals to demonstrated that no data is "safe" and equally applies to ID data? Worse, why are politicians that are clearly IT illiterate making such decisions or even asking each other about the ramifications?!? We all know the answer.

Back to complacency and it being endemic. I was mildly worried about things like the number of camera's in the UK a few years back but I'm extremely concerned about what now seems to be one on every corner, especially with the plans to hook up to computer recognition systems for face identification and gesture monitoring. Add in ID databases, draconian laws, restrictions on "crowd gathering", excessive so called "discrimination" and "anti-terror" measures and it all looks like a failing political system embedding itself in preparation for an almost guaranteed civil uprising. I use to blame the government for this trend but the longer it is allowed to continue the more the blames falls squarely on us, the general public... those who vote them in and continue to do so.

Nintendo Wii said to 'attract cockroaches'


Ha Ha

So, in a typical home environment, these roaches trek how far? and past how many devices? and have amazing frequency filtering abilities? Hey maybe, just maybe, they like millions of humans are voting with their feet and are avoiding the bloated regurgitated expensive crap and looking for a modicum of originality and basic game play. Heh? This story is about as believable as Sony claiming to be "consumer friendly".

Robo-troubleshooters back up London fire brigade



sigh, sigh. It all started with that uk tv show with battling "robots" and every since any/all Radio/Remote Controlled device is called a "robot". Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Remembering the Commodore PET 2001


ahhhh yes...

I remember the sore fingers after a few hour use! The second computer I ever used.

PS: Did it run Linux ;-)

Cursing senior plod samples electric justice



I'll take the bait...

"Was illegal and shouldn't have been in the country. If he wasn't here he couldn't have been shot at. Simple."

...and if it had been you or a family member or a friend? Spare me the idiots argument of "what if he really had been a terrorist?". A sickening event in a country and society that gets more despicable with each passing day.