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Screwed SAP salesman scores $660,000 jury award


Anyone currently working, or considering working for SAP should now re-evaluating their choice.

Is it worth the potential frustration,...?

In my opinion, having been crapped on from a great height by another well known Printer Manufacturer...

It's not worth it.... the stress, frustration, lies and manipulation from bad management aren't worth it.

Move on..

Fukushima reactors lend exotic nuclear finish to California's wines


So,... a report generated by a French organisation, the largest winemakers in the world, is trumpeting an increase in Cs137 which "theoretically, may "potentially" make Californian wine dangerous to drink.

I can't see any potential for self interest here,... none at all,... not even slightly.

Trump accuses Facebook of bias, collusion with his least favourite newspapers


Nothing which comes out of the tRUMP camp is anything other than deflection.

He's a paranoid micro-manager,...

There's substantiated reports of his listening into staff calls from the 90's.

His whole "My communications are being tapped" tantrum was based on what he would do.... and most likely has done. Most of the negative behaviours he accuses his opponents of doing,... he's already done, and probably continues to do.

The "Russia thing" is what tRUMP fears .... that's why Mueller should continue to "follow the money".

Cuffed: Govt contractor 'used work PC to leak' evidence of Russia's US election hacking



So, just to make sure I get this,..

The Justice Dept. have cuffed this girl for disseminating a National Security document which definitively proves that "Hacking" and State Sponsored activity took place to subvert America's Democratic Process....!

But, according to the President of the U.S., and Valdimir Putin, the Kremlin Demagogue, this hacking or subversion never took place...?

So she's being locked up for something which never took place,....

Or she's being locked up for "saying" something took place, which didn't happen,

and according to "The Mango Mussolini", wasn't possible.... or Not.??

Irritable Cisco kicks Nutanix out of partner program


Re: A Question...

Hah! ... They wish,...

Mud sticks: Microsoft, Windows 10 and reputational damage


It's about time Microsoft reviewed what it's CORE values are.

Ok.... Here's the same computing life story which many of you will remember..

I'm an ancient user, started selling Olivetti / Olympia WP's and PC-DOS Via AMSTRAD, MS-DOS 2 and Windows with no number,.. and OS/2 as a mildly amusing diversion.

Core value 1).. Windows is an OPERATING SYSTEM - it's a holdall for the users key applications.

Core value 2).. It must be RELIABLE, It must be SECURE, It must WORK consistently.

Core value 3).. Forcing customers to make sizeable investment in retraining costs, just to return their users to previous productivity values is a BAD idea. Once your customers have fully adopted the primary user interface functions, there's no additional value in changing it...?

Core value 4).. If you want Recurring Revenue,.. Design and Build good products, which customers actually "want" to buy.

When you teach someone to drive a car,... Ultimately, they just want to get in, start the engine and drive to their chosen destination.

Excluding the basic safety checks, the multiple thousands of other car related activities are irrelevant.


Why Teflon Ballmer had to go: He couldn't shift crud from Windows 8, Surface


What's the point of creating a revolution, when evolution works?

I'm sat here at my Windows XP workhorse (My other PC's on Win 7).. , reading the comments on why Windows 8 is a failure and how Ballmer has committed career suicide, and I'm betting that a "beeeellion" PC users are sat in exactly the same way as I am,... Arms on the desk, forearms comfortably supported and the only thing I need to move to scroll down the page is my index finger,... minimum of effort.

I'm NOT lazy,... but this feels natural.

If I was reading this on my tablet or had a touch screen, there would be a whole lot more energy expended,... just to read a page of amusing text.,... ?

If someone wants to invent "direct screen control from retina detection" or a "mind controller for the cursor", that would be great, but so far, my mouse is still the best option. And maybe that's where MSFT have missed the point,...

You can get away with introducing "disruptive technologies" when there are clear advantages, efficiency gains or financial benefits, but if all you're giving back is an increased workload and substantial re-training costs, maybe it's best to think twice.



Re: That old not-really Petronius quote comes to mind

I don't "hate" Microsoft,... I use a host of legitimately purchased MS products, which all do an acceptable job of meeting their original design criteria.

My one year old i5 processor based Music Workstation uses Win 7 and it's not bad at all.

We have a Laptop with Vista which is bearable.

and my Windows XP e-mail and office desktop is passable,...

And there's the rub,... I don't NEED to upgrade,...

I've upgraded the OS on many customer and personal systems and the time it takes along with the pre-planning and backup of critical data leaves me "happy" to continue with the limitations of the current configurations.

With such a high percentage of the global computer population as an installed base, is it too much to ask that they focus on making upgrades intelligent and simple to deploy... ?

In response to all those quoting Suetonius, Petronius etc. my old Marketing Director used to observe that, "the one thing we learn from History is, that we don't learn from History".


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