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Pixel-style display woes on your shiny new X? Perfectly normal, says Apple


Loss of hardware home and navigation buttons

The major cause of 'Burn In' is the loss of the hardware home and navigation buttons. This gives the need to have an 'Always On' nav bar at the bottom of applications. Always the same buttons and same colour, resulting in the burn.

Having owned a Pixel XL for just over a year now, I have complained to Google (yes Google via the provider as their own solution was non existent) about the screen burn in.

Google requested that the provider immediately furnish me with a brand new, boxed handset and send the old one back to them. This has now happened twice, with the exact same outcome.

I understand that 'Screen Burn' is something that they cannot really do anything about due to the design, however id rather have the google handset as Google appear to know a little something about after sales care. (I was told that at any point in my two year contract, i could swap the unit for a new one if i had screen burn as the ombudsman now views the hardware as unfit for purpose)

Additionally in Android Oreo, the nav and home icons change colour depending on the colour of the app screen in the background. This should serve to save the overuse of particular pixel colours and should make the unit last a little longer.

Ah, good ol' Windows update cycles... Wait, before anything else, check your hardware


In my opinion

Sponsored content = intellectual prostitution.

Shame on you El Reg, I expect this sort crap from MSM not you guys.

Unloved Microsoft Edge is much improved – but will anyone use it?


Edge is shite

Just the other day, after my forced Win10 update. I noticed that files recovered from a previous system would no longer display in thumbnail or indeed even open for me. The error message stated that i did not have the correct permissions required to open (my own) files? Funny i thought, i had better do a little research to see what all this is about.

Anyway it turns out that even if you are an administrator on Win10, you are'nt.

You have to fiddle in the settings to make your user account an actual 'true' admin, at which point the Edge browser and a few other things refuse to work as they are tied to the lesser 'user admin' account that you start off with.

Not that it bothered me too much. I am forced to use Edge in work and it is a nightmare, never before have i witnessed such a ropey, unstable bag of excrement. The ads are even cooked into the browser, requiring a reg hack to disable.

Terrible browser from an even worse company, why the hell would they tie the browser access to the user account??

Google rushes to curb Oreo's massive appetite for your 4G mobile data


New Phone

Just after the update to my Pixel XL i got a txt from my provider stating that i have just registered a new phone?. Additionally i had to set up my mobile banking app again (which involves a trip into town to use a cash machine affiliated with my bank as it is the only type that will register the app)

Zero warning form Google that this may happen beforehand, they are too busy toting PIP and various other completely useless things.

As an aside i haven't seen any battery life degradation or additional data charges, however i do live my life moving from one hot spot to another.

The most important thing to think about regarding the new Google devices, is how long the screen will last before it burns in the software navigation and home buttons. (I'm currently on my third Pixel XL in 9 months) Google will replace the unit completely but its simply not good enough for a flagship device.

No doubt i will be on my 5th or 6th or even 10th device by the time i get to the end of my contract, however i have been speaking to the ombudsman who believes I am entitled to a full refund after this many submissions using the argument that the unit is not fit for purpose.

Going back to the update, at least it will be rectified quicky. Google appear to be very good at fixing their software errors swiftly.

Digi minister Matt Hancock: Britain needs go full fibre. And we're not paying for it


What about the BT handout??

Forgive me if i am incorrect but didn't we already pay for BT to give country wide access to fibre?

And then if i remember correctly BT Sport was born and no one has heard about our tax handout since.

This is the second story on El Reg where the government appears to be putting the responsibility onto local councils and other company's to roll out fibre when we have already paid BT for the job to be done.

Looks like the our dear leaders once again have both hands on the rug that we are stood on.

Carolina cop cuffed for 'carjacking'


Marshall Lee......


Burned: British Gas customer info hits Pastebiin


So British Gas gets to wash their hands completely??

Why the hell have they given customers information to someone else? surely they are still responsible for the breach if they did not vet the company that they gave/sold this information to properly.

Is it me or does this look like yet another corporate side step? all we need now is a raft of "we don't know" quotes.......go give em a hand Talk Talk.

Cops use terror powers to lift BBC man's laptop after ISIS interview


Missing the point

I think you may be missing the point pal, this isn't to do with how the press view themselves or what they do to obtain or secrete information. It is more to do with the extremely far reach and misuse of the RIPA act which was not intended for this purpose, or to be more accurate the vast majority of underhand undertakings it has been cited for since its introduction.

I'm not going to vote you down, It appears that you may be spoiling for an argument and you appear to be angry enough already Kiddo.

Have a pleasant day and remember............... Reading is fundamental to understanding :)

BT boss: If Ofcom backs us, we promise to speed up UK broadband



First it was this:

“Our £1.7bn superfast broadband programme is on track to reach at least 95 per cent of the UK by 2017, and it is great to see homes and businesses making the most of everything that superfast speeds have to offer.”

Now it is this:

"Patterson said that BT, left in its current incarnation, would deploy "ultrafast" broadband services of 300 to 500Mbps to 10 million homes and SMBs by the end of 2020"

Gee thanks BT, what happened to the £1.7bn of our money that the government handed to you? Oh yeah you bought most of the football rights with it and created BT Sport in a further effort to remove cash from our pockets.................SCUM.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows: The spirit of Clippy lives on


Excel Co Authoring or not?

"Another new feature is real-time co-authoring in Word, PowerPoint and OneNote (although not Excel)"

Followed by:

"Excel is the highlight of the suite: the new chart types and forecasting features look handy, and users will like the data analysis improvements. Real-time co-authoring is an impressive feat of engineering, despite some lag, though it is not as smooth as doing this in the browser, whether with Office 365 web apps or Google Docs"

I'm confiused, possibly not as confused as the article author though.

UK cops: Give us ONE journo's phone records. Vodafone: Take the WHOLE damn database!


Which one was it then Voda??

Corrupted Dataset or Human error?

Make up your mind Voda, it can't be both surely..........oh wait.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Spawn of Galaxy Alpha and a Note 3 unveiled


Air Gestures

"so the Note 4 doesn't have the air gestures"

Erm.....sat here with my new note 4 and it does indeed have air gestures. the option to turn it on has moved to accessibility - dexterity in the settings is all.

A proper review/er seems to be in order.

Super Cali signs a kill-switch, campaigners say it's atrocious



How would this work in a PAYG handset scenario?

I can walk into any supermarket and simply purchase a handset without having to record any of my personal details, at this point I cannot be identified and therefore cannot be bricked by any governing entity unless it is done en masse.

Throw into the mix accounts that have omitted or incorrect personal details and voila! The new darkphone..........well almost.

EE accused of silencing customer gripes on social media pages


Do not pay to communicate with them!

I was on a complaint call with EE yesterday regarding the fact that I have upgraded my handset but was being charged for my old phone still.

I have explained to them that I want my money back, which they have agreed to (we'll see how long that takes after 3 months of continual complaints to get this far) however I also stated that I shouldn't have to be charged for trying to bring to their attention a problem of their making, at which point the rep said 'no problem, I'll zero out the call for you sir'

It appears that this non payment option is easily available but is not mentioned. So there it is, a little tip for the future disgruntled masses.......................Give em hell!

Microsoft refuses to nip 'Windows 9' unzip lip slip


Re: Apple's Yawn and Windows Apology


Sorry but Apple is not a football team.

Apple 5S still best-selling smartphone 8 months after launch


Counterpoint’s channel research

What exactly is Counterpoint’s channel research??

Upon investigation it appears that it is based on their own portfolio items, namely its "Monthly Marketing Pulse". Does it state within the Pulse where this information is sourced from? No.

However it does state that the Marketing Pulse this info was taken from was from the May edition. So either this is very old news or another page clicker based on opinion from yet another *stats based entity.

* 72% of all stat based companies talk shite for cash ;)

Microsoft takes on Chromebook with low-cost Windows laptops


Re: Plenty about

Zoostorm = CMS = VIP Computers = Warrington


New MH370 search zone picked using just seven satellite 'handshakes'


Re: Ughh... bad news

These EPIRB's already exist and are in use on the crab boats in the Bering Sea, triggered when a boat goes down and stays on the surface in much the same manner as you have described.

Same old story, they exist but are not being used..........................global tech fail.

Ofcom to BT Openreach: From now on, you'd better kill 70% of gremlins within 2 days


Re: Toothless watch dog passes demands to massive telco........

Citation please.................................or it didn't happen.


Toothless watch dog passes demands to massive telco........

And when BT drag their feet or just do nothing, what will Ofcom do?

Gum them into submission of course ;)

Google's Oculus-defying VR headset is made of CARDBOARD – no joke


All very interesting and a good idea but............

Have you seen the shite that passes for games on mobile platforms these days?

Black hole three-way: Supermassive trio are 'rippling' space


Red Dwarf Moment

RIMMER: But a Black Hole's a huge, compacted star! It's millions of

miles wide! Why didn't you see it on the radar screen?

HOLLY: Well, the thing about a Black Hole - it's main distinguishing

feature - is it's black. And the thing about space, your basic space

colour is it's black. So how are you s'posed to see them?

RIMMER: But five of them! How can you be ambushed by five Black Holes?

HOLLY: Always the way, isn't it? You hang around in Deep Space for three

million years and you don't see one. Then, all of a sudden, five all

turn up at once.

Snowden defends mega spy blab: 'Public affairs have to be known by the public'


AC pattern forming

Guys if you are indeed in favour of intelligence gathering en masse and think that Snowden is a traitor, then why is every negative post in this thread AC? and every Pro Snowden comment from someone who isn't scared of using their name?

Snowden's Big Brother isn't as Orwellian as you'd think


Sheeple, baaaah-lieve

Sheeple, baaaah-lieve, Sheeple, baaaah-lieve, Sheeple, baaaah-lieve, Sheeple, baaaah-lieve, Sheeple, baaaah-lieve, Sheeple, baaaah-lieve, Sheeple, baaaah-lieve, Sheeple, baaaah-lieve.

Whatever fire you were trying to ignite when you first started with this crap, you must surely know by now that your efforts have been wasted. You post nothing but opinionated, hatred filled dross simply looking for someone to disagree with you so you can kick into personal attack mode.

Troll on keyflinger you are taxing only on the eyes.

New software nasty encrypts Android PHONE files and demands a ransom


Re: Hmm, coicidence?

>> newer versions of Android don't allow access to files, even on the SD Card to other applications.<<

"Sweet! So why would I want files that nothing can read?"

He did say even in your quote that it restricts file access to other applications, I think you sir may have the reading problem.

"Sweet! Why did I quote something i did not read?"

There FIFY ;)

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base



I assume by your fervor that you will now be leaving the Reg membership?............shame

Hang on, did someone mention Snowden?

Just waiting for Matt Bryant to turn up in his helicopter made entirely of opinion.

Got Windows 8.1 Update yet? Get ready for YET ANOTHER ONE – rumor


Re: I call excrement!

"after it was discovered that the update created an encryption mismatch that would prevent updated machines from receiving future software fixes"

"Microsoft issued a new version of the update on Wednesday that addresses this bug,"

"For computers and servers that have already installed these updates, note that Windows Update will re-offer them but it will only install the portion of the update that addresses the fix," Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc wrote

The MS 'Bullying' that was referred to in the article was rubbish and a purposefully negative statement for the reader.


I call excrement!

"So far, Redmond has tried to bully customers into applying the Windows 8.1 Update by threatening to cut them off from future security updates if they don't."

No They didn't Neil, this statement conflicts directly with The Register's report at the time.

The issue was that an earlier version of update 8.1 borked the update process and that an additional update had to be applied to ensure that these users could received future updates.

The new version of the 8.1 update has been fixed and is still a choice for the user to download or not, this will not affect future update availability.

.............one more time I present you the word update.

Nice effort at negative spin, next time you may receive the cigar.

Patch iOS, OS X now: PDFs, JPEGs, URLs, web pages can pwn your kit


Re: Did they fix the bug where you can't use a Swype keyboard?

Whoa there keyslinger!! Not once did he mention that he used or preferred an Android device to an Apple one. For all you know he may have an iPhone and just wants to use a swipey keyboard.

So quick to try to fight, let the guy state his opinion without jumping on him straight away. I swear you were just waiting to play holy hell with the first person who posted.

Silly iTroll

Did a date calculation bug just cost hard-up Co-op Bank £110m?



Didn't I read somewhere (possibly El Reg) that the Co Op Bank had been bought by an American hedge fund group?

Buyers remorse anyone.

Report: Apple seeking to raise iPhone 6 price by a HUNDRED BUCKS


Re: I guess Apple needs to

So you are are more highly educated than others are are you??

Spy-happy Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox board as privacy adviser


Double D

Two D's in Vedder.

Loving the quote about the Jew outreach program, much laughter!

Broadband Secretary of SHEEP sensationally quits Cabinet


The needle returns to the start of the song...........

Just another example of the ability of this bent government to cover its own blatantly obvious shortcomings. You should really have known better you greedy bitch, was the pay rise we all disagreed with but you took anyways not enough?......................NEXT THIEF PLEASE!!

Not a fan of UKIP at all, but if it breaks this cycle of toff's who think it is fine to ruin the country and steal from its people without accountability..............then Hobson's choice it is.

As new generations come to voting age, who do this government think they are going to vote for? Could it be a public school boy with a disjointed view on the country, only out to line his own already full pockets? or possibly the common man who drinks pints and sounds like they do?

It is entirely possible that the UK will become a very different place moving forwards.

Its coming Tories/Labour/Lib Dems....................enjoy ripping us off while you can.

Big Content goes after Kim Dotcom


Re: I find it amusing

Think you maybe a no.1 pal


Shame there isn't a no.19...........The Offensive Nob

Win XP holdouts storm eBay and licence brokers, hiss: Give us all your Windows 7


Re: El Reg, Tech site?

Two very well thought through and put together points, have an upvote ;)


El Reg, Tech site?

I always considered the Register to be a site where the technically capable or 'people in the field' gathered to read tech news and discuss technical entities or whatever is the soup of the day.

As such I derive great entertainment from the commentards above who are still (after soooo much time) having a nightmare with what is essentially a shell over a normal desktop O/S.

I could understand the whining and moaning from users who TBH are expected to have issues using a new ecosystem, not the SYSADMINS and SUPPORT TECHS who appear to have been doing all of the bitching since I started to read here. Come on guys, surely you can navigate anything after some time in the job??

As it stands, everyone has had the opportunity to gain experience and make this O/S useable. When I first entered the IT sector, learning to use and navigate a new O/S was fun and a challenge.

I did mine (win8) and others (with the help of freeware) within minutes, once you start to use it as an actual desktop it is fine, even faster and more reliable than 7 in instances.

If you don't like it well then fair enough, don't use it. The more technically adept will give it a go, learn how to support it and then leave it alone.......without all the bitching.

That Bandwagon is looking a little full methinks, allow me to carry some down votes for you all. You may be able to fit another person on there ;)

Morrisons supermarket hit by MASSIVE staff payroll data robbery


Data Security??

Anyone have any idea if the employee information was obfuscated in any way or if the hackers found it available in plain text?

Morrisons could be open to legal action from every employee who had his/her info stolen if no security measures had been taken with the data. 100,000 is rather a large number after all.

Bill Gates-backed SOLAR POO RAYGUN COMMODE unveiled


No they didnt


Africa isn't mentioned once, the original paper stated use within the American desert though.

Brawling neighbours challenge 'quiet' cul-de-sac myth


Re: Really?

Agreed, 5 lines of text explaining that some neighbours had an argument about cat poo and then a chunk of what can only be described as rambling dross about how a hack cannot use cul-de-sac without putting the word quiet in front of it.

Really El Reg, really? at what point did any of this qualify as an interesting read...................yawnarama.

French youth faces court for illegal drone flight


Re: Congratulations, offence unfounded

Nancy Boy. an effeminate man; what gay men were called back in the days when gay meant happy.

Maybe AC can find something offensive with the definition of the phrase at the time. No sexual connotation at all ;)

I mean if George Orwell can use it, so can the OP

Virgin Media sales flat: Firm bags fewer winter sign-ups than last year


Re: re: folk on ADSL broadband can get cheaper services, uncapped

Erm.......that's not about £35 buddy its £40

Prince sues 22 music file-sharers for ONE MEEELLION dollars each

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Staffs Police face data protection probe over 'drink drivers named' Twitter campaign


Guilty or Not. What is the point??

Ok so if guilty or not, what exactly is the point of this exercise? Does it shame the accused into not doing it again? I would have thought that being caught already would have done that sufficiently enough (unless the accused is hardened scum of course)

Then maybe it is to discourage others from doing it themselves?

Why would looking at peoples names on twitter who had been caught be any sort of deterrent? not exactly akin to the blood and gore fest advertisements that get shown on the TV each festive season, that sort of thing does hit home.

Lastly who the hell follows the police on twitter? (I do not have Twitter so please excuse if it is some sort of default localized feed or something)

Hackers slurp credit card details from US luxury retailer Neiman Marcus



"The security of our customers’ information is always a priority and we sincerely regret any inconvenience. We are taking steps, where possible, to notify customers whose cards we know were used fraudulently after making a purchase at our store."

So the lifted detail was not encrypted in any way? Anyone? El Reg?, a little detail that is so important to this story and its possible repercussions.

World+dog: Network level filters block LEGIT sex ed sites. Ofcom: Meh


Can anybody hear that??

Ahhh yes the sound of a million or so IT bod's screaming "WE TOLD YOU SO CAMERON, YOU UTTER NOB END!!"

2 more years of this Gummint, wonder how many more things they can mess up by then. In fact I'm sure that the lib dems got a share in power too?? anyone heard anything from Nick Clegg recently?

Nope, its too hard for him to speak with Cameron's meat wand jammed down his throat.

Boffins boggled by ORB-shaped electrons


Re: Why always so wrong

Arthur Stanley Eddington is also quoted as saying this along with Feynman, however Faynman appears a lot more frequently when searching.........................right or wrong i'm still chuckling at the fact that you pulled someone up and then pointed to a Wiki page as proof.


hehe, nevermind eh

Anyway, may favourite is as follows:

“In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.” Terry Pratchet

Closely followed by:

“Nothing happens until something moves.” Albert Einstein

BIG, CURVY Apple models: Just right for SLAP AND TICKLE


Am i correct in thinking the Nokia Lumia series all have glass that curves *down* at the edges? Not that it would matter seeing as apple have now invented it.

Apple: SCREW YOU, BRITS ... no unlocked iPhones for you


You said it

@AtOmicAndy - It appears that you embody the view of all people that i know who own an iphone, this is exactly where apple are aiming too. I am not trying to be offensive as i understand the why, however it remains that the iPhone and IOS represent purely simple tech for non tech people. Whether this is due to laziness or stupidity is the box that you can tick yourself (if IOS hasn't already done that for you)

I do now own an android but have tried all offerings (even Winphone which isnt that bad at all, maybe even better in an O/S usablility and stability sense that IOS) My iPhone was just too basic and closed for me to enjoy. Anyone ever own a Speak and Spell when they were younger? the similarities are surprising.

Pimp my office: 10 cubicle comforts


Desperate for content?

Where exactly are these proposed office cubicles??

I dont know anyone who works in a cubicle type environment who could even afford the £50 options mentioned on the list. The article should have been entitled, "Shit to buy if you have far too much money but sit in a cubicle for fun"

Come on El Reg, hows about something we can all afford?



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