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The next big thing in medical science: POO TRANSPLANTS


Re: Coprophagia

and maybe those two girls with that one cup, were actually medical students engaged in vital research ?

Your hard drives were riddled with NSA spyware for years


reading how they 'cracked' the hash of one to be 'unassigned' and failed to break others, new team took a punt Alan Turing style on it being 'unassigned' in Arabic - and got it

so, if we take the code to be the work of a brilliant mind, and the unassigned being set so any unregistered users logged in they would NOT be targeted, so what else would you deduce about said coders ?


and what do geeks speak - Elvish / Klingon ?

any bets on finding 'unassigned' in these tongues as an MD5 hash :o)

Bible THUMP: Good Book beats Darwin to most influential tome title


You might as well say all IT folk are arrogant borderline autism sufferers based on stereotypes and vocal minorities on internet forums

you had me until - in reality .............


I would prefer to see Viz in there, at least it is honest in its intentions

Time travellers outsmart the NSA


they ARE here

and I replied to the # tomorrow, it should be there yesterday :o)

as for time travellers, you really need to go into historical incidents, and I nominate the man on the grassy knoll as time traveller #1

or if it WAS the future, and you wanted to go back to a specific place, you would need to have a geographical location down tight, OR a major man made feature that has stood already for 000's of years

so off to Egypt then

who will fund me ;o)

Snapchat: In 'theory' you could hack... Oh CRAP is that 4.6 MILLION users' details?


4.6 M actual out of 30 M claimed

on the plus side it IS snapchat, so all the details will disappear in a few minutes anyway :oP

Warp-Speed Planets?


would certainly spice up the Sky At Night :o)

and trying to get a snapshot of THAT wee beastie as it blasted past

one last, if you COULD see it, and it was BLUE, would it be too late to build THE rocket to take us to a safe place :o)

Curriculum Vitae - must rage


always good to find CV hints and tips from the other side as it were

My CV is 2 sides A4 for the short version, 4 sides for agencies to cover the fact I was an electrician for 30 years prior to IT

and I try to add a cover note too


most job applications go to an agency first, not to the client, and some agencies are really NOT up to muster on IT tech, and its variuos nuances, but so far, my CV as it stands seems to be liked enough to get me to interiews, which is the point of it all, after that it's just me that fecks it up :o)

but will go through my CV again soon, and check it against the advice here - cheers

Saucy Snapchat addicts EXPOSED: Exploit code to poke holes goes wild


I DO like the 'reply' from makers men

Over the past year we’ve implemented various safeguards to make it more difficult to do

so they are effectively saying the vuln IS real, and it works, they are working to make it more difficult NOT to stop it

and the reality of someone actually falling for the BS of a 10 second picture ...................

seems like the old adage of ONE born every minute will need to be revised to a significantly larger figure :o(

Man sues Apple for allowing him to become addicted to porn


sadly, too old to remember who it was that corrupted me - but it was definately a she, not a what or a thing, I think ................. so will be unable to sue anyone :o(

maybe THAT is something to sue for .......... if I could just remember what :o)

mutters to self in corner


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