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VMware waves goodbye to Zimbra


Email is still the number 1 collaboration tool

When I started Telligent in 2004 we wanted to build a set of technologies that allowed people to collaborate together independent of the communication technology they wanted to use. Email was always a gap for us because building a scalable email platform is very, very difficult.

We in fact were always pro-email as a collaboration tool even as the social business market (which we are in) evolved to declare email as being 'dead'.

With the acquisition of Zimbra we now how a way to offer a complete end-to-end solution that cover the different ways people want to work. Traditional collaboration with the user experience and benefits of social business integrated together.

It still amazes me that email has seen the least amount of innovation in the past 20 years. We're planning on changing that, all while providing a great cost-effective solution for businesses.