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The best and worst of GitHub: Repos wiped without notice, quickly restored – but why?


Re: Musing

Git != Github

Surprising absolutely no one at all, Samsung's folding-screen phones knackered within days


Re: Well this

If it lasts less tan 6 months then they have to prove it's your fault.

One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once

Black Helicopters

Re: "(2)In this section “record” includes a photographic or electronic record."

Back around 1012 in GCSE Chemistry we were making different types of thermite and doing comparisons between different recipes.

Put your private parts on display if you want to keep earning a living


Re: maybe? we could call it a "union" . . . or something.

At which point it is time for the next wonderful invention: "Crowbar Thursday".

You've heard of Rollercoaster Tycoon – but we can't wait for Server Tycoon


"In-game Ads Messaged"

It looked interesting until I scrolled down and saw this:

"The base game is freemium for iOS and Android tablets with few in-game Ads messages"

All interest was instantly lost.

The Police Chief's photo library mixed business, pleasure and flesh


Re: My favorite floppy story...

Thermal insulation to protect the table underneath from the heat.

Judge adds new army to Uber driver suit


Subtitle error

"Ppens door for more plaintiffs in class-action case"

Aircraft laser strikes hit new record with 20 incidents in one night


Re: Has anyone ever died from this?

No. They are all terrified of it but no actual injuries or deaths. the worst that has happened is flash blindness like if you accidentally shine a torch at yourself in the dark.

Old tech, new battles: Inside F-Secure’s formidable Faraday cage


Re: Didn't understand

>"Btw why are Bluetooth viruses no longer an issue?"

Because modern phones won't run arbitrary code sent over Bluetooth.

Microsoft sets end date on Windows 10 support. Hey, wait, WHAT?


Re: 2025, eh ?

"By that time I sincerely hope Steam OS will be all I need.

If not, some flavor of Linux should suffice."

SteamOS Is a form of Debian linux.

Phabba-dabba-do: Samsung hypes up Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


Re: Built in battery, no SD slot, no waterproofing?

well, the standard one sitting on my colleges desk in front of me is rated IP67.

Have YOU got Equation NSAware in your drives? Meh, not really our concern, says EU


Re: add 1000% TAX on all hardware and software from US (and UK) companies

While I think that your presentation was a bit offensive and standoffish at the same time I agree and commend you for saying it.

STAY AWAY: Popular Tor exit relays look raided

Black Helicopters

Re: "I haven't even mentioned a specific agency and the theories are already flowing"

His twitter suggests that he is in the UK so I suspect MI5.

Space Commanders rebel as Elite:Dangerous kills offline mode


Re: 5,000+ people show themselves to be slightly illiterate...

8 universes and all in 16kB of ram.

Yes, Samaritans, the law does apply to you. Even if you mean well


Re: On a personal note.

It tells everyone else who follows you, not you.

Facebook lifts Tor ban, touts encrypted onion access point


Re: custom .onion address?

It is possible to brute force the first characters, the amount of processing time needed goes up exponentially with each character. Remember that they have truly massive amounts of CPU power.

Re-light my diode: Trio of boffins scoop physics Nobel for BLUE LEDs


Re: Curious

Actually they arrived last year or the year before.


Listen: WORST EVER customer service call – Comcast is 'very embarrassed'


Re: Adobe Flash?

Here is a link to it on dropbox: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25780786/Comcastic%20service%20disconnection%20(levelated).wav

New leaked 'Windows 8 screenshot': The Start Menu strikes back


Re: Every other edition...

The trick is to just ignore the mouse. I can hit the start button, type word and hit enter faster than I could move my mouse over the screen to click it.

Ex-despot Noriega sues: How dare Call of Duty make me look like, like...


Re: I thought this bullshit was covered

To quote the article:

"Call of Duty: Black Ops II and its fictional storylines are aimed at providing fun and enjoyment. It is clear to game players that his [Noriega's] character and others that are based on real-life figures are fantasy.

"Including Gen. Petraeus and other real-life figures was strictly a creative decision made many months ago when the storyline was drafted."

I read this to mean that the character was deliberately based on him and so that would be a fraudulent claim.

Wannabe Startup CEOs Hate This Guy: Potato Salad man and the $60k


Spam filters

The title of this article tripped my spam filter. It looks like one of the scam adverts you see in less diserning parts of the net.

You 'posted' a 'letter' with Outlook... No, NO, that's the MONITOR


Re: No Connection means 'No Connection'

Some monitors do, including the LG monitor I use.

Valve says no Steam Machines until 2015, fingers crossed


That is right, they scrapped the screen.

TrueCrypt considered HARMFUL – downloads, website meddled to warn: 'It's not secure'


Re: With regard to platform-provided security...

It is ecryptfs which is audited here: https://defuse.ca/audits/ecryptfs.htm

There are several vulnerabilitis but still better than nothing.

eBay slammed for daft post-hack password swap advice


Re: About http://xkcd.com/936

The XKCD method is just diceware. The number of words used is a bit low but the theory is sound. The current recommendation is at least 6 words.

(see http://world.std.com/~reinhold/dicewarefaq.html#howlong )

Microsoft throws Kinect under a bus, slashes Xbox One to $399


Re: Dictators always fail in the end

"Most people have their console connected all the time and when they do disconnect it, it's to take it to a friends who also has Internet. But suddenly everyone on the Internet was spending weeks at their uncle's cabin in the mountains where you couldn't even get mobile signal. I don't believe it."

Some people live in areas where internet connectivity is less accessible and don't want to have to go to great extents to connect to a slow connection that then may take a while to authenticate. EVERY DAY!

"Reselling was the best thing of all under the original model. Instead of going via Gamestop, who pay you a pittance for it and sell it for barely less than new, you could have resold via the game's developers. That keeps money in a closed loop between customer and developer and thus makes the entire cycle more profitable meaning either more investment in games or greater ability to compete on price, or more likely both. As opposed to Gamestop which is a giant machine grafted onto the side of the customer-developer symbiosis which just extracts money to pay for useless things like store space, staffing costs, etc. (Useless from the point of view of customers and developers)."

1 word: Ebay.

Web cesspit 4chan touts '$20 bug bounty' after hackers ruin Moot's day


Not even $20

Actually $20 of credit for their ad platform.

"This topic is closed to new comments"


Raspberry Pi to serve up bite-sized modules for bulk-buying biz bods

The comments are closed on this article despite it only having been released yesterday. Why is this?


Torvalds rails at Linux developer: 'I'm f*cking tired of your code'


Re: Who cares

All android devices are Linux systems. That is 79% of smartphones (http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/29/android-79-ios-16-wp-4/). Servers I would estimate around 30-50% but I am not sure those figures are available.

Ubuntu N-ONE: 'Storage war' with Dropbox et al annihilates cloud service


Re: 25 and 50GB free - erm, who?

Box.com would give you 50GB if you were referred, not sure if they still do.

OkCupid falls out of love with 'anti-gay' Firefox, tells people to see other browsers


Product != CEO

Eich -->

Am I the only one who distinguishes the product from the CEO. While I disagree with Eich's personal views that doesn't change the fact that Firefox is a good browser and so I will keep using it.

MH370 airliner MYSTERY: The El Reg Pub/Dinner-party Guide


Re: Wake up and smell the coffee

Not if you are headhunting them for information about a government they work for that is not on the best of terms with yours.

'I had a rare Twitter handle... I was extorted into giving it up'


Re: Why can people no longer call companies?

In some cases they are complaining after phoning as shown here:

So embarrassing having your card declined, and then takes 18 minutes on hold to find out that lloyds tsb systems are down!

— Jade Hampton (@lissajadeh) January 26, 2014

(emphesis added)

Oldest gear that's still in use?


Still occasionally use an old BBC model B.

You THINK you're watching your LG smart TV - but IT's WATCHING YOU, baby


Re: Clenches jaw, takes deep breath . . .

Actually on steam you only need connectivity once to download the game and link it to your computer, after that you can run it entirely offline.

WHO ate all the PIs? Sales of Brit mini-puter pass 2 MEELLION


When I left secondary school in July they had just got half a dozen, my college has around a dozen in use by the IT and electronics departments.

Give young infosec boffins more cash or BAD THINGS will happen – RSA boff


Maths error

"in 1976. RSA Security was formed six years later in 1984." That's 8 years.

BOFH: Welcome to Helldesk, ma'am, may I take your bags?


Re: Paper CVs??

yes but in that case they would all be on white paper so it seems that in this case at least some of them were actually sent via snail mail.

New Layout of Data Centre/BOFH


New Layout of Data Centre/BOFH

Why have they Changed the layout of Data Centre/ BOFH from the previous grid layout that allowed a full screen full of them to this new layout where it shows them in a one wide list with an icon next to them? It is even more stupid when you realise that most of them in fact have no icon associated with them and so they just show the no-icon icon.

Flying in the US? Remember to leave your hand grenades at home


On the Australian program "Nothing to Declare" a while back it was shown how a belt buckle shaped like a grenade looks like one on the x-ray. It took over an hour for them to properly evacuate the airport and get bomb disposal to find out if was just a belt buckle.

Reports: NSA has compromised most internet encryption


Re: @AC

The old problem between COMSEC and SIGINT.

If you can read it then so can they but if they cannot read it then neither can you.

Bradley Manning* sentenced to 35 years in prison


Re: AC aware of world beyond their borders

If you want the proper culture you go to some part of the country away from the big cities such as Sorrento in italy.

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters


Re: I like how they state .....

They had probably consumed dihydrogen monoxide recently too. we should block that just in case.

Internet overlords deny Google's 'dotless' domains dream


Re: Expectations

"Seems to be a Chrome thing, I've never had this problem with Firefox."

Chrome or internet explorer (not sire about newer ones but certainly ie6)

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 2013: All’s well that Haswell


Low resolution

Why is it that you feel 1400x900 is a bit low for 13"?

My 15.6" laptop is only 1366x768.

Google study finds users ignore Chrome security warnings


Re: How did Google get this data ?

There is an option t report back at install time. It is not hidden and is right below the set as default option.

Thumb Up

If you are using ESXi with the default settings then you would need to do this each time you visited the page since that has an untrusted SSL cert.

The Yawhg vs XCOM: Enemy Unknown. How small devs can win against the big boys


Indie vs big name

It seems to me that indie devs are making games that they would want to play whereas big names are making the games guaranteed to make megabucks.


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