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The return of the diskless PC


IT in circles

We won't need these high powered desktops in many coporate climates.

I predict that in 5 years time we'll mostly have thin client pc's, running web office applications or some form of terminal service to a server that'll have the application on.

Hmmm reminds me of dumb terminals and mainframes.....

In fact I would go as far as to say that as netbooks are cheap, and can support usb keyboards mice and have monitor connectors, we'll be using them instead of desktops. Saves a fortune on proper laptops. All it needs to run is Office and Terminal Services of some


Hell I might get on and order 400 now and some new server hardware.................

YouTube flooded with porn



What I find really funny?

No-one is talking about the songs being removed. Everyone is going "Think of the children".

They went for Hannah Montana and stuff to get that level of exposure. Thing is they chose a target too large in the public conscious at the moment.

No one is remembering the cause of the protest.

At risk of being nailed up and crucified myself, they would have been better off going after other groups, like religions, or disabled people, or something.

I wrote this a while back about kids vs the internet:


Windows 7 to ship October 22


horses for courses

I have tried many linux distros, but I just can't be arsed.

I even tried dual booting for a while.

but I found that I couldn't be bothered to reboot to play games, so I'd just boot into windows anyway.

Deleted the partition in the end.

I like the shiny desktop in Vista and 7. I don't like the desktops on linux, shiny looks better!

I have loads of Ram and Graphics power! Give me shiny! Not this "we dont waste resources" shit. USE my GPU dammit!

I can play *real* games on windows. I can only play crap on linux, even if I can get (3d)drivers.

Open Office/Firefox/etc is on Windows. It's on linux too. I use windows, why reboot?

If I never played a game in my life, never watched a vid, then yes I would use linux, because it's free. But because I do, I'll pay the MS tax. For now.


@Jimbo + Colin

Agreement here on win 7

On a modified AA1 with 1.5gb ram and an HDD as opposed to that shocking SSD they had in there.

My only complaint is that I dont need what feels like 14TB of sodding drivers. I have these things called installers that come with my devices.

Agree with Colin too on linux, in order to get the same functionality it takes literally days to research which of the 3084759845243 apps for one particular function is the best, and works well with the 'flavour of the month' linux.

I will be going to Win7 as soon as its released

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@Tim 09:00

Go for it :)

Just check that vista drivers are available for your hardware. Also be aware that the INTEL chipset installers _do_ know the difference between Vista and 7, so make sure that MS have the drivers, or Intel have Win7 installers for your kit.

Ram wise, 1GB should be fine, if you are going to run it in anger, get 2gb in. I've tweaked my services too to free up some ram. 512mb isnt worth toying with now TBH.

Processor wise, should be fine. I ran Vista (I know!!) on that processor with not too many problems.

Win7 install is about 15gb all in.

Hope that helps

Dell punts germ-free netbook for school kids


@Steve Coffman

"i.e elementary students. They WILL get dropped and abused."

What about the laptops?

Downing Street on Phorm: 'Meh'

Black Helicopters

@AB 23:35

Way to miss the point....

They don't read it from the client side..ie. your browser.

They read the content of the pages *before_you_even_get_them*

Now that is spooky no?

Black helicopters, because they *are* watching me....

Watchdog bans Natasha Richardson ski helmet ad



"keep the tree branches from messing up my hair"

Who's riding your bike? Fucking E.T or something? What kind of speed are you going?

Ubuntu fluffs web file-synchronization service


Netbooks - o'rly?

"Services are seen as the ideal complement to this class of devices [netbooks] that are lacking in storage and processing power."

Currently running Windows7 on mine, using OO 3.0, Firefox, and even playing Quake 3 arena. Portal is a little slow and Quake 4 is unplayable (frame rate about 5fps), plays Unreal tournament (the first one) at 120 fps. It can also play FarCry on medium settings.

Also have a nice big spinning disk in mine too, so I'm not exactly lacking in space. In fact my little netbook is more powerful than my cheap laptop I bought last year.

So whats this about lacking in storage and processing power then? God knows what you would call my laptop....

Microsoft to spin out more non-update Windows 7 updates



"It is possible to be simultaneously smug and insecure. Look around you."

Shit! who put that mirror there? oh, I did, and I did a better job putting it up than you did yours....damn I'm fugly...who'd want an ugly guy who's only skill is to perfectly hang mirrors (better than you) in offices....



electric shock from his keyboard?

hmmm PoIP to a tazer circuit embedded in the keyboard itself? Graphite lettering maybe?

How many volts/amps can you get through cat5, and still maintain adequate bandwidth to send the original post?

@Robert, I think you have it, although soaklord is there too. You can have a cattle prod battle to decide who's first.

I'm off to install U8un+u on my p3n+1um du0 c0r3 pr0c3550r, c0z 1m l33t 0r z0m3+h1ng...


Re: or

Sarah, could we have a compo to see how many letters of the word "microsoft" you can replace with numbers/symbols and still be readable? That can become the standard for these infantile little worms.


Microsoft teams up with US gov on double 'ard XP


@Geoff Mackenzie

errrm, can I just replace or format the Hard drive?

Windows is the best anyway:


Sacha Baron Cohen scars Paula Abdul for life


@Dave M 17:56

Yes. Obviously. Don't you watch Televis...oh

Home Office to keep innocent DNA samples



Innocent until proven guilty....I like that a lot.

It is actually "Innocent unless proven guilty".

The top one is for BOFH's and Wacki Jacqui only.

Intel playing virtual silly buggers


@Richard and Thomas

Well I did say "the only way this is news is if a processor previous to the Q8200 has VT support,"

It's not a case of getting my facts straight, I also said I couldn't be arsed to look it up, and the author of the article didn't mention that previous chips in the series had it, and only provided later chip models.

Now someone has told me I am better off for it, so my next question is....Why are microsoft, after (probably) researching the above, not releasing the VM so that it supports chips without VT?

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"The Core 2 Quad Q8200 does not support Intel VT, although other Core 2 Quad CPUs, such as the Q9400, Q9550 and Q9650, do"

What? You mean the later processors support something the earlier one doesn't?

Come on. My new magimix has a special blade on it that does something strange with vegetables that my previous magixmix didn't. But they are both magimixes in the same "family".

The new nissan micra has buttons the old nissan micra didn't, they are both in the Micra family, under the Nissan heading.

the only way this is news is if a processor previous to the Q8200 has VT support, and to be honest, I can be just as arsed as you to look it up, ie not at all.

Win 7 RC fails to thwart well-known hacker risk


Just a thought.....

But why allow "double extensions" at all?

you should only be allowed one "." in a filename(although you can have them in a directory name, otherwise "content.IE5" won't work /thud)

you can still have your ".exe_old" or whatever.

Seems pretty simple from where I'm sitting.

Oompa-Loompa and Tinky Winky cuffed for drunken brawl

IT Angle

The moderatrix gave you an order!!


Please whip me....

Verizon calls for public access to D Block


@AC 19:12

No, it's more something that Simon Travaglia would admire :)

Microsoft retires AutoRun (kinda, sorta)


@the windows explorer vs "my computer" guys

Errrm, surely if you knew your pc's that well and had a half decent arranged file system you can just click start->run (even easier in Vista/7 no?) and just type in what you want?

Or can't you remember a bunch of folder names?

It's quite simple after all.

Actually someone explain to me the difference between double clicking "my computer" and clicking "folders" or pressing "windows+e". Retards.


A user doesn't care how they get there as_long_as_its_easy_for_them.

To be honest I don't care how they get there as_long_as_they_don't_have_to_call_me.

Autorun/autoplay is a good thing. It's how it is implemented that's the problem.

Pig plague and Twitter: The terrifying truth



Flu just doesn't cut it anymore, yes it may kill more people but it's not worth reporting as it has no prefix.

Bird Flu = "oh noes the Birds will kill us"

Pig Flu = "oh noes the pigs will get us"

I'm dreading the next one: MAN FLU!

It_feels_like its killed 500,000 people already

ASBO woman cuffed over raucous rumpy-pumpy


Marathon sex sessions....

"Screams: Caroline Cartwright and husband Steve's loud, marathon sex sessions kept their partially deaf neighbour Margery Ball awake at night for two years"

2 YEARS?!?!?!!!!?!!?!?! I can barely make 20mins!! including the pizza and WOW

Windows 7 gets built in XP mode


@AC 11:13

I think they mean virtualised as in Linux's "Wine" style virtualised. It doesn't actually install/run XP.

It's no news really, since MS did something a tad similar (not completely, granted and I understand the differences thanks) when going from 16bit to 32bit.

If the writer had like payed more atention to grammer in skool, they cood have told us that proper.

Penguin...because....well, look at him

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines


@Lee Jackson

This isn't the point Lee

The point is, regardless of which way the legal scythe scythed, Google, Yahoo, et. al should be treated the same way.

We aren't defending Pirate Bay, but a balanced legal system.

SLED 11: a distro for businesses, not idealists



I don't think you can blame SUSE for some mangled characters you get when opening a word doc made by a 3rd party app can you?

@Tom: I hope you brought enough popcorn for everybody....

Obama CIO a confessed petty thief


@matt bryant

Put me down for 3 light bears (how many units in a bear?) and a pepperoni please.

Wow though. A politician has got history. and all this time I thought they were kept in a basement until they were sufficiently ready to run a country badly for 3 or 4 years.

Obesity witchhunt is a 'moral panic' - sense out of Texas


@the fact overweight AC

Wow. Your leg muscles must be huge. I know my leg muscles can't lift that much weight. let alone walk around as well.

Congrats on the weight-loss by the way. If you are that successful why not start your own slimming world or something. That way you can get the money to keep yourself more trim, if you really wanted.

Jolly Rodger, coz his BMI is minimal

Scientology spokesman confirms Xenu story


Ha! You think you've got problems...

What if you are God? no company of your own kind, no-one to talk to, even the people you do talk to think they are hearing things, nothing to do and all eternity to do it in....I bet he spends most of his time watching MS progress bars and changing the estimated time for a laugh.

Just pray (ha!) that he hasn't got amazing lawyers, as the universe isn't under GPL and we are reverse engineering it for our own ends.

3D laser maths models of women's bodies produced


I don't even see the code....

All I see is blonde, brunette, redhead

Mines the one with the green mirrored chinese lettering

Chinese crackers create counterfeit iTunes racket


what do you call...

A 98 year old buddhist monk with bad teeth and hard skin on his feet and a bone disorder?

A super Calloused fragile mystic vexed by halitosis

Forced retirement due to age can be justified, rules ECJ



It's Frydae mayt, give heem a brayke

eye'v all waes spelled keabored lyke thaht

ITV to sell Friends Reunited, axe 600 jobs


Saturday night twataway?

sorry Stef, Saturday night takeaway is utter rubbish.

However my kids love TV Burp and You've been Framed, but they are both under 5.

Kind of says something about ITV's audience don't you think? :-P

Pirate Bay rejects law-breaking claims

Gates Horns

Not Guilty

Not Guilty does not mean that you refute the charges...it just means that you do not feel guilt.

Either you have done it and you are not remorseful, or you do not feel guilty because you didnt do it.

"how do you plead?" the correct reponses should be:

"I am not guilty" or

"I am guilty"

It is more a statement of feeling.

This whole part of the courtroom 'scene' suggests that the defendant is, or should be (feel) guilty of something. which in turn means that the authorities should have done their respective jobs properly.

Unfortunately lawyers tend to bend language quite significantly, as well as people who hear the words but not their meaning.

Evil Bill - because he should be guilty

OiNK BitTorrent admin faces fraud prosecution


Hang on...

What I dont understand is that, if I seed, along with thousands of others then I am not sending the entire file, just a random string of bits that put together with other random strings of bits, happens to make a film or an mp3 or whatever.

Unless they can prove that I was seeding an entire film (or whatever), and someone recieved a full film(or whatever) from me, all I would say is that I was sending a stream of random bits to many people. How those many people use those bits is up to them.

Malicious gossip could cost you your job



You sir, are a fool.

It would be far too late then, as the accusation has already been made, and that is the point of the article.

Oz Anglicans embrace Darth Vader


Sad Life

I've read the Bible...and I can't even bear to call it a good book. The plot is sketchy, characters are weak and badly presented and fiction is presented as fact, also most readers beleive the tosh contained on the pages...Thinking about it I now, I know where Dan Brown got the idea.

Torvalds brands Digg users 'W*nking Walruses'

Dead Vulture

Where is the

Friday playmobile on this one eh?

Swedish customs pull Frenchman with two asses


@AC 16:00gmt

A dyslexic twat?

Flirty texting could land Scots in jail for 10 years


excuse me?

mobular phonotron? Can we add this to the reg's dictionary?

what about lapular computotron? or is that going too far?

Sixth British Columbia stray foot a hoax



someone was trying to get a shoe-in to the investigation?

It was no mean feet, this, and may have needed a personal trainer. Whoever it was, was trying to sock it to them.

Where is the it ankle? angle, sorry, I meant angle.

Croydon devil dog execution: Exclusive photo


never mind a T-shirt

...I want a mug!

And you can make the backgound thermo sensitive so it changes colour!

Thus spake the Moderatrix


@Alistair the confused

It is actually true that Disney did this, not himself, oh no, he ordered his gang of minions to do it.

Also Disney has made some other interesting films, even one about menstruation. Although this didn't involve pushing post-pubesant girls off a cliff.

Is Vista ready for Business?


vista wireless

I too had a problem with Vista wireless connections - I have a moderatley new netgear router and a moderately new wireless card that worked seamlessly with xp. However Vista didn't allow me to have any kind of encryption WEP WPA or anything - it just would not connect.

Also 800mb ram usage on a 1gb system? WTF?? I tweaked mine and got it down to just under 300mb usage, no load. In fact I ran a virtual machine through vmware and after a serious crash ram usage would go down to just under 200mb and STILL BE STABLE!!

Pirate Bay-probing cop on Warner Brothers payroll


I have a cunning plan my lord...

as Baldrick would say.

Go to the Movie theatres, buy the movies! Follow the rules!

So when the trailer says something like "The movie that makes every child laugh", or "the movie that make your summer complete" or whatever - do them for false advertising.

That way there will be no risk spending money in buying/seeing a film only to find its rubbish. Instead we will get - "The film that's quite good in places, but we've shown the best bits in the trailer", "The film that should have spent longer in the editing suite", "The film that we released just because we got a big name doing the main role"

BOFH: Fun with automatic doors

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Nice one Simon!

I'd install them on the crapper, to recognise the bosses face when desperate due to the large amounts of laxatives that "fell" into his morning brew.

The more desperate he appears the slower the doors would open!

Or put razor blades on the door jam and shut the door real fast....

Comcast admits it can do the impossible


And again!!!

I pay for a 8mb downstream 386kb upstream with a 40gb download limit.

And that is what I will damn well use - coz thats what I damn well pay for.

I don't pay for a ride on a rollercoaster to go halfway round then be told to get off because I am using all of my seat!

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

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One or t'other

I was running vista absolutely fine on my sempron 3000+ 1gb ram, admittedly I tweaked it to the bollox to get the ram usage down to about 268mb, and it was stable.

Installed SP1 and it showed some great improvements and I quite liked it.

However, I ran the latest version of Kubuntu from a live cd and I was shocked at the speed difference - and this is off a sodding cd! So, as I am not a fanboy of either camp I backed up everything and installed Kubuntu, everything worked....but wait....Where are my ntfs partitions? the gui could not mount them - I had to do it in the command line - accessed fine after that...but wait again.....I couldn't do the 147 updates that were required to bring it up to date some random error about pre-requistes (which I thought were supposed to be dealt with anyway)

Rebooted and the kernel had gone, that or Grub couldn't find it.

I am now running XP. Its the only OS that runs at a reasonable speed that I know all my hardware will run on, and that I know I have all the drivers for, that doesn't have any compatability problems.

All this kind of shit puts me off IT entirely.....I don't want to spend DAYS fucking debugging in Linux or working out which tweaks to do on an OS to get it to run appropriately. At least get the important bits right - I want to see my drives, connect to the internet, and access my files quickly and easily - thats it - and thats all my users want to do too.

SIIA slaps lawsuits on eight eBay Adobe sellers



Don't support the pirates by buying stuff off of them! You support terrorism, gangs, smugglers, armed robbery, druggery, buggery, thuggery and all sorts of anti-social shite like that.

why not just get utorrent or azeureas (sp?) or anything, and have it before the auction closes....or spend the extra 10 or 15 quid and get a fscking legal copy with free updates for a year and what not - and no viruses, for gods sake its not a bloody fortune is it?!

Retarded unknowing consumers!

Telco firm, Coke sponsor Filipino crucifixion festival

Gates Horns

Sponsored crucifiction?

Is that like 50p per nail per hour or what?

"Oh telco, why have you forsaken me? Surely its worth a bit more than a fiver? I'm up there all day you know!"