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Open source's new mission: To boldly go where no software has gone before


Old Visions, New Means

Maybe it is time to revisit the original underlying vision of the Xanadu Project, The large scale pattern processing underlying "AI" could be structured to support the mechanics of implementing that vision. But who, these days, would implement such a disruption...

No reliable way to detect AI-generated text, boffins sigh


Time to get serious about expectations of identification and verification -- registered identity keys and content checksums. Anonymous social communication can be a social malaise - but sometimes necessary. So, we need to allow anonymous but have validated communication when we need it.

IBM open sources its blockchain code – the non-crazy part of Bitcoin


I wonder if this could be a foundation for implementing Nelson's vision of an internet of information consumers directly paying information providers. Moving the internet off the advertising business model of support.

No, Agile does not 'equal' DevOps: Examining complexity and the long haul


Re: What if the interface actually needs to change?

Turning this upside down, durable sustainable systems can be seen where the fundamental system design is the interface(ing). A good example is the piping mechanism in UNIX. The whole system approach of UNIX could be looked at as piping enabling microservices to interoperate in providing an operating system environment. -- The terms keep changing to support the industries of churn but so many of the fundamental are simply recycled. (old greybeard - with suspenders)

Crowdsourced flaw-finding cheaper than in-house bug hunters


I recall a probably more previous case of Knuth offering a sliding rate for bug discovery in Tex. Initial discoveries had a low rate, but over time the rate went up, significantly, for the hard to find bugs. It worked well for a stable single release type product.