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China all but bans cryptocurrencies

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Well if China says so then it must be true...

Belgian police seize 28 tons of cocaine after 'cracking' Sky ECC's chat app encryption

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Re: Encyrption back door?

No-one every said they couldn't back door encryption, only that it's a monumentally stupid idea. But hey, I'm sure those in power can be trusted not to abuse that power, right?

Supermodel Lily Cole: 'I got a little bit upset by that Register article'

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More importantly... she did WHAT??!!

AWS breaks silence over Truecrypt's role in data import/export

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Fork TrueCrypt?

Given the amount of time now passed the most obvious logical conclusion is that the devs fell on their swords so they wouldn't have add any code helpfully provided by our friends in *insert shady gov acronym here*.

Clearly once a cryptography app reaches a level of popularity gov bods are going to want to insert a get-around mechanism. The only way around that is to kill the app and reminisce about the good old days when privacy on the web actually existed. The newly forked app may just become the next big thing but then the new devs are going to have the same gov bods knocking their at the door just like the old ones did.

Security through obscurity is a much safer bet IMO.

Russian Interior Ministry cuffs iPhone ransomware suspects

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"Two men, one born in 1991 and another in 1998..."

Christ I'm old.

Watch out! KILLER HP firmware update bricks ProLiant server mobos

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"To replace a server motherboard takes the best part of half a day..."

Must be a contractor ;)

Google Glassholes, GET OFF our ROADS, thunder lawmakers in seven US states

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Enforced driving mode switches the thing off when you're travelling over 10 mph. Exactly the same thing happened with dashboard in-car TV and the like...

Microsoft to RIP THE SHEETS off Windows 9 aka 'Threshold' in April

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Touch = Metro

I never understood why Metro had to force itself on us with Win8. Why not just default to Metro if you had a touch enabled device or simply boot straight to the standard desktop WITH start menu for the 99% of us cavemen still using a mouse?

I'm a fan of Win8.1 with classic shell installed - it's nearly as good as Windows 7 :)

IT bods: Windows XP, we WON'T leave you. Migrate? Chuh! As if...

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Seriously, keep XP?! In Enterprise?? You should be fired for incompetence.

Snowden latest: NSA stalks the human race using Google, ad cookies

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No wonder it's running slow, it's the only thing close to surfing the web in private!

How UK air traffic control system was caught asleep on the job

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14 hours to fix the largest air traffic control communication system in Europe sounds pretty good going to me. Those lads must've been crapping themselves!

Not to mention that air traffic control managed to get 80% of flights in/out the door without it... In this country we're too quick to point the finger rather than simply say well done for sorting it out.

Citizen Kano pitches easy-build Raspberry Pi for code-hungry kids

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Well done lads

Have one of these ...

BOFH: One flew over the PFY's nest

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As usual

A treat, thank you Simon!

JUST LIKE US: Hackers who work for gov seem almost... ORGANISED

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The Chinese

They're coming...

Anonymous claims Parliament Wi-Fi hack during London protest

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Sorry I call 'BOLLOCKS' on that one - I really doubt that any of the internal networks would be accessible via the Houses of Parliaments OWN public WI-FI and I really really doubt that the signal was good enough to be accessed outside the building. They took over iPads and Dell computers?? Bollocks, rubbish put out to try and get their names in the press. Where was the story at the time? There wasn't one, because there isn't one.

Oh hang on I forgot their crowning achievement - their "Eastern European brothers" managed to "slow down" Parliaments website for a day. How close we came to complete annihilation is still unclear…

DON'T BREW THAT CUPPA! Your kettle could be a SPAMBOT

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Coming Soon...

The NSA CoffeMate 2000!

How to find OS X Mavericks' 43 hidden photogenic beauties

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Macs are enterprise!

Ha! You basically got an article on el Reg telling you how to a set a nice background! Proper enterprise stuff this is...

Lenovo to ship all new PCs with Start Menu replacement

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Technology moves on, better ways of doing things emerge... deal with it.

HP admits to backdoors in storage products

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OK, not great but...

You'd still need access to the MGMT VLAN to do anything with it anyway.