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Lightsaber voted top movie weapon


@Webster Phreaky

FFS, get a life. You're complaining about the scientific accuracy of a weapon in a movie where people shoot lightning from their fingers?

Lightsabers are cool. Of course, they're not bloody real, that's part of what makes them cool.

'Swiss DMCA' fears overblown, says copyright authority


@Morely Dotes

I know the standard is slipping as of late, but we used to at least have adult idiots instead of this kind of 12-year-old "huh huh TURDS" crap.

GROW UP, for fucks sake. DRM *is* Digitial Rights Management, it's just not *your* rights it's managing.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like DRM, but this kind of Beavis and Butthead "it's not DRM, it's TURDS" argument doesn't really help the cause.

Spanish cartoonists fined for royal sex mag cover


@no royalist

>me, but I wonder where one does start to reverse the trend towards, "If I've got a thought - no matter how inane, insulting or gratuitous - and a forum, I've got a right to publish it."

yeah, god forbid people should be allowed express themselves. Perhaps we should appoint you as the guardian of "self-restraint and good taste"? Then you could decide what is "inane, insulting or gratuitous".

While I'll agree with you that there is plenty of "inane, insulting or gratuitous" content out there, I have a simple solution for you. Don't read/watch/listen to it. The sad thing is that this cartoon is actually making a valid political point.

Frankly, the concept that a family is "ordained by god" to lead a country is far more offensive to me.

Simon Pegg to play Scotty


You've all completely missed the point...

Simon Pegg has been cast not to do a Scottish accent but to do SCOTTY'S accent. The original Scotty didn't have a decent scottish accent, so why should the new one?

You want to learn about Ubuntu?



>> What's difficult about "sudo xorgconfig" is that unless you know to do it, figuring >out to do it is next to impossible.

>Ah yes, that's right: all Windows users were simply born knowing how to use it.

Uhm, actually yes. The problem with windows is not knowing how to use it. My MOTHER can use windows. My Dad can even (at a push) install it on a machine. Neither of them would stand a chance on linux.

What most Linux users (in which I count myself) don't get is that the average non-techie doesn't want to spend time configuring their machine, they expect it to work out of the box. and if it doesn't, then even the most technophobic can handle going to nvidia.com, downloading the driver.exe and running it.

If the Linux community want to "challenge windows", they are going to have to accept that windows actually does a lot of things right. It's the dominant os for a reason (and it's not just microsofts business practices).

Red ring of Xbox death costs Microsoft $1bn


Re: Microsoft are doomed

ROFL! Are you willing to put money on that?

Whatever problems MS (sorry I'm not big or clever enough to use a '$' or call them microshaft or whatever ) has with xbox or zune or even vista pale into insignificance compared to the number of companies that have made significant investment in windows in general (and .Net in particular). The fact remains that for the vast majority of computer users linux/osx/insert-your-favourite-os-here are simply not a viable alternative to windows.

There's a lot of things I don't like about microsoft, but they also do some good things too (I defy anyone to name a better debugger than visual studio). and they aren't going away.

and as for the 360, ok they messed up, but at least they're trying to fix it. which is more than sony ever did...


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