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Help your fellow IT pals spruce up their virtual meetings: Design a winning background, win Register-branded gear

Joe Loughry

Langford's Parrot looks a bit like the Reg's vulture

Could I have it sitting on my shoulder?

DEATH by VEGETABLES: Woman charged with killing boyf using carrots. And peas

Joe Loughry

They're made on a carrot lathe.

PRATCHETT chats to Oz from 31,000m above Planet Earth

Joe Loughry

like reading reports from the early space programme

Great walk-though of the graphs and figures!

Darwin, Beer and Big Data? Must be a Reg Lecture Video

Joe Loughry
Thumb Up

Great lecture!

I enjoyed it very much. It was well worth watching (and excellent video quality, by the way).

Joe Loughry

There are lots of Reg readers overseas

Thanks! I'm watching it now, and looking forward to the next video of Duncan Campbell's lecture.

El Reg Christmas Lectures to span space, big data and GCHQ

Joe Loughry

Webcast please?

I can't get to London but I'm interested in these. For a webcast, I'd get up early to listen in.


Joe Loughry

Vulture stickers on Kickstarter please?

Just a plain vulture sticker, that's all I want. We already know they exist...but no one outside El Reg's office can get them.

Pretty please?

(Queueing up to support you on Kickstarter as soon as the project is announced.)

Vote now for LOHAN's stirring mission patch motto

Joe Loughry

by hard work, into a tree

per ardua, ad arbor is going to be painted on the next kite I build, thanks!

(Since I can't vote for that one, I voted for the shed.)

DOH! Google’s internet of things vision is powered by… Mac OS

Joe Loughry

It's right there on a poster:

<i>ne jamais travailler avec nouvelle technologie sur scene</i>

LOHAN in FIGHT to DEATH with brace of cantankerous canards

Joe Loughry

Re: Cupholder?

There had better be a tiny vulture on that cup.

What can The Simpsons teach us about stats algorithms? Glad you asked...

Joe Loughry

colour coding is brilliant

Thank you for this. It's the first time I really understood Simpson's Paradox, despite having seen it before. The breakthrough was the colour-coded plot in Figure 4. Brilliant way of explaining it.

Would you care to step into a time machine and take the place of my *first* statistics teacher in 1982?

LOHAN's mighty thruster poised for hot coupling

Joe Loughry

ring terminal on thermocouple (or thermistor)

That's clever! I like the aluminium crimp lug on the end of the thermocouple wire. In this situation (and for the original aquarium heater application) the increased thermal time constant won't matter, and it makes it dead easy to attach. Seems like an effective way of protecting delicate thermocouple junctions. Brilliant!

On second thought, it might be a thermistor glued inside there, not a thermocouple (it's not been crimped). Still a good idea so long as the adhesive is thermally conductive.

A short, sharp tool kit to get you to the top in financial IT

Joe Loughry

Turn these into a book NOW.

I hope you understand that I'm accumulating these articles in a folder. And regularly re-consulting them before I make career decisions. Having worked in both finance and aerospace, let me tell you the principles are surprisingly portable. A few word substitutions ('line' for 'traders' and 'security' for 'compliance' come to mind) and it matches the environment inside a large government/military contractor.

Turn these articles into a book, now, and I'll see to it that a few hundred copies are bought by engineers at my site.


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