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EMC's ViPR: It's genius, but not as we know it, Jim

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This is Exactly in LIne with My Thoughts....

I don't understand how EMC will make money with Vipr? It wont help sell their own hardware, so cross that off. How much will Vipr actually cost? And any real competitor wont be writing to the Vipr interface. So now we are left with the JBOD world. Will EMC write the interface to connect cheap storage ? Why would they unless the cost of Vipr somehow overcomes the lost revenue of an Isilon or Atmos or VNX array? Its great that EMC will write the NetApp interface to help them sell more Filers! Still not seeing the real money maker here. If EMC's own software / hardware combo isnt worth what they charge, then how is the software + JBOD gonna cut it?

One Correction - Invista was out of the data path, that was the big value AND it at least offered virtualization. But just like VPLEX, clones and snaps were promised but never appeared. Vipr isnt even promising that much. Just some FUD about automated provisioning but only for VMWare. Any AIX customers excited about Vipr ?