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Game over, security researchers – DARPA’s AI bug hunters are coming for your jobs


I'm wondering if perhaps the 250 gpm is for the entire bank of seven of these monsters. That at least brings it down to a proper order of magnitude. And if it's a capacity of 250, not a flow rate of 250, it seems almost reasonable. (Also remember that almost everyone exaggerates the size of their pipe.)

£300m education tech framework is LIVE


"e-aution"??? What's that?

'Shut down the parts of internet used by Islamic State masterminds'


Re: Don't get upset, but this is (fairly) trivial to do.

Tell you what... come up with a working implementation of _any_ portion of what you just described, capable of being cost-effectively implemented worldwide without destroying the rest of the world in the process and I will consider you somewhat less of an idiot. In the meantime I might remind you that time and again organizations have tried this and have never succeeded.

Hacking Team: We're the good guys, but SO misunderstood. Like Batman


I would actually argue that what the "tools" they sold were in fact weapons as defined in the Tallinn Manual (Rule 41 and Rule 30 (sections 8 & 11)).

Ricoh rolls out electrifyingly exciting RUBBER!

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Re: guitar strings

Upvoted for the concept infinguitar.

VMware blasts bad backup bug in ESXi 6.0


And this is why I don't upgrade immediately after a major revision becomes available.

Dell denies 'insecure autoupdate app' flings open PC backdoor



It isn't installed by default on any of the machines around here ( >200 Dells). But I did find it on several I've used for diagnostic purposes & image building.

It auto-updates itself and runs at start-up as well... isn't that lovely? Remove it like any other program.


My self-driving cars may lead to human driver ban, says Tesla's Musk


Re: Real world testing

@ AC

Thank you for reminding me why I will never take a job in the North.

The joy of six: VMware ecstatic after finally emitting new vSphere


Re: 2k VMs per host

I'm in the middle of engineering a (UCS) solution that hits the 512 VMs per host as one of the first choke points. If I could go to 1024 or 2048 I could up the host RAM spec from 768 GB to 1.5 TB for ~$15K and cut my host number (8) and chassis number (2) in half for a savings of roughly $250,000.

Cisco: You think the internet is clogged with video now? Just wait until 2018


Re: Enough already

One, two, many, lots is only for music. For proper counting it should be one, two, three, many, lots. From there the math is easy.

A ZiB is either:

lots of many (lots to the lots power) Bytes,


two lots of lots of (lots to the lots power) bits.

At last! Virtual domain controllers just work


Re: A couple of notes...

You were expecting anything else?


Re: A couple of notes...

60 vs 180 -- It's a nit to be picked. I confirmed the number with a couple of domains before posting. Fortunately I was in the middle of building labs to study for my MCS* upgrade, and happened to have ADSI edit open when I read your article. There's a good discussion @ http://msmvps.com/blogs/ulfbsimonweidner/archive/2010/02/10/adjusting-the-tombstone-lifetime.aspx

I appreciate the articles, and wish the rest of the interwebs had an accuracy rate as high as yours.


A couple of notes...

On recovering from a failure of all DCs: It can and does happen in a full virty environment. Particularly when you are single threaded on power, AC, storage, and networking as some of the infrastructures I support are.

One of the best things you can do to make this less traumatic is have a non-DC server carrying a secondary DNS zone (not AD Integrated) for the domain and for _msdcs.domain. Your PDC emu's network settings should use that server as a second or third DNS server for name resolution.

When a DC boots the first thing it does is look for DNS for its own domain. If it can't find DNS, it will keep retrying for 20 minutes before continuing the boot cycle. If all your DCs are down, and all your zones are AD Integrated, the first to boot obviously won't find DNS. The backup secondary zone speeds this process along. Saving you the horrible feeling of standing with users behind you trying to explain that "It'll be a little longer before you can continue doing your job; and no I can't make it go any faster."

Also, the default tombstone for domains built from 2003 SP2 on is 180 days, not 60.


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