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SK Telecom launches first LTE-Advanced network with new Galaxy S4


Some time ago we moved to a new place and it took about a week to get the 100/10 fiber up and running.

Meanwhile I was using the LTE stick on the Macbook Air and get 4G performance of around 95 Mbit/s down, 30 Mbit/s up. I have also seen people report speed slightly above 100 Mbit/s.

No doubt LTE-A is a good thing and will improve the bandwidth available, but sometimes I feel the performance figures are too often based on US networks, where 4G speeds are often in the range that other markets can achieve already with 3G (DC-)HSPA+ networks. We spent four months in the US this spring and I was quite happy with the Verizon 4G MiFi device as a mobile broadband, but it wasn't that spectacular for LTE performance as such.