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Turns out teaching criminals to write web code keeps them out of prison

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If you cover your eyes the monsters don't exist, my child

Here in the UK, crime accounts for 100% of all recorded crime, and computer crime adds an extra 100%.

That's right, UK gov and Police have conspired to simply not count half of all crime, for the purposes of self-congratulation and election strategies etc.

The future of digital healthcare could be a two-metre USB cable

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I dialled 999 with my nose

both my hands fell off after a huge moebuntu session and both my hands fell off so I dialled 999 with my nose and got a webcam appointment so now I have to undo the thumbscrews with my teeth and tip and hit the pc to get the side off so I can use my mouth to hold a screwdriver to jumper the pc to start because the start button broke because I tried to use my toe to press it.

the moral of the story? disinfect your screwdriver you dirty basement dweller

It's time for IT teams, vendors to prioritize efficiency; here's where they should start

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Moores law done right

Let's do things by halves. We all thought the graphics were fine in 1992. If we all demanded the same performance for half the cost and power every other 18 months, halving the rate of moore's law, we'd all be doing better and the graphics would like fine, like they did in 2007.

LiquidStack CEO on why you shouldn't ignore immersion cooling

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People won't be walking around in there, so you don't need regular office floor. Dig out a five-story basement, support 4x the density of server with a big metal frame thingy, designed for the purpose. Plus, depending on the density of the coolant, the buoyancy effect will reduce the weight the frame would have to bare, and the bedrock would hold the weight of the oil, frame, and server farm, no problem.

Then build many floors of mixed use space above it and heat it all using the waste heat.

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Deviant Olam on YouTube

Another advantage of this, is that provided all outgoing cabling is suitably hard to reach and interfere with, there is little chance that Deviant Olam, famous physical pen tester (also electronics, rfid, automatic door, elevator hacking etc), will let himself in, plug in a serial cable, and you know the rest.

Python head hisses at looming Euro cybersecurity rules

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All industries are not the same

Pharmaceutical manufacturing : "We cannot have amateurs making drugs for free" to which the government responds by banning all legal markets for popular recreational drugs and gifting the huge market to criminal gangs, who are total amateurs at growing weed, according to GW Pharma.

Yoga Business "We cannot have amateurs teaching yoga for free" You can think what you like about this.

Software Business ""We MUST have amateurs writing code for free" Because?...

Is it time to tip open source developers? Here's one way to do it

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Get people who attract donations to their project, eg linuxmint, to redirect a percentage of their receipts to this scheme, and advertise it to forum readership too

Here's a fun idea: Try to unlock and drive away in someone else's Tesla

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But physical keys can be hacked

Especially in the digital age. Check out Deviant Olam on youtube.

Keys can be copied from pictures of keys, any lock can be defeated.

The illusion of security keeps insurers and sheep happy, but not the wise.

Upgrading what might be the world's oldest running Linux install

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Re: Well well well

Devuan is anti-systemd to an almost militant degree, perhaps not?

GParted 1.4: New version of live partition-manipulation tool

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Re: Low RAM tips?

Install LMDE to an SSD drive, install mate-session and marco, logout and back in as a Mate session, install gparted. Hack away at bloat (htop and systemd-analyze blame to find bloat) until it runs in under 150 mb, install gparted. Use this instead.

I use this setup happily on machines with half a gig of ram and single core 600 MHz celerons.

Oracle Linux appears somewhere unexpected: The Windows Store

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Please tell me it is not true?

Now that windows has a linux subsystem, will it now be worthwhile for agents to develop exploits targeting linux, and will exploits targeting the widows linux subsystem affect regular linux?

Infosec chap: I found a way to hijack your web accounts, turn on your webcam from Safari – and Apple gave me $100k

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Re: Value for money

To phrase such in a way that promotes the suggestion that a line exists between design and test, or between any two so-called software development phases, is to err, and finding err is good testing.

Devuan debuts version 4.0 – as usual without a hint of the hated systemd

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Re: Will it still "just work"?

I found, using devuan with the mate desktop, the audio device setting was not persisting as it should. Is this still the case with 4.0?

Audacity users stick the knife – and fork – in to strip audio editor of unwanted features

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Playmobil crosses the final frontier with enormous, metre-long Enterprise playset

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Re: tribbles, how to remove?

a couple of stages? I only have a pair, and that's dead!

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Re: tribbles, how to remove?

but cat :3

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tribbles, how to remove?

Having a mature poplar tree, she drops seeds in the tens of millions each summer. My job is picking them up. The seeds start life in racks of about two dozen then have a complex life-cycle and no two are the same. They all ultimately peak at the tribble phase, where they have transformed from little green pods to fluffy, slightly sticky, white balls.

This looks incredibly beautiful like snow in summer, but it strangles the grass on the lawn. One lawnmower is dead, another feeling the strain. Help, please? How to remove?

My point is, what inspired the tribbles episode? Could it have been a similar struggle?

Linus Torvalds tells kernel list poster to 'SHUT THE HELL UP' for saying COVID-19 vaccines create 'new humanoid race'

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those who fear evolution, demonstrate it

But I'm not anti-vaccine, I am pro-safer-vaccines.

I am not anti-"new humanoid race"

I am pro-"old humanoid race"

Seagate finds sets of two heads are cheaper than one in its new and very fast MACH.2 dual-actuator hard disks

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Re: So why not MACH.4?

Like, why not run, then, walk?

UK Special Forces soldiers' personal data was floating around WhatsApp in a leaked Army spreadsheet

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Re: At least it was sorted in the right order this time!

Just saw your username? Did you study maths at B'ham uni?

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Re: Several thoughts

Because nothing is ever the fault of some unscrupulous incompetent right-wing chancers?

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Re: "Who is General Fskup" ?

He's covered by Admiral Insurance so no prob.

How much would you pay me to develop a COVID tracking app that actually works? Ah, thought so: nothing

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Jumping from downward dog into Astavakrasana is actually fun.

It's the press handstand out of Astavakrasana that isn't so fun if you have hips like mine

Microsoft issues emergency fix for Wi-Fi foul-up delivered hot and fresh on Patch Tuesday

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Debian with a mint bodykit

Ubuntu - debian plus bloat

Mint - debian plus green bloat

LMDE debian plus green totalitarianism

Debian with mint artwork. Best.

Devuan with mint artwork, Much more betterer (if a little buggy)

One does not simply shove elephants on a ballet shoe point and call it an acceptable measure of pressure

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823 gram spud

Freshly harvested, too large to bake, how to convert to reg units for easier cooking?

What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you

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Lazy spoonerization and grimm's law m->l makes this one

For those who missed the title, 'PsychoLoft' seems apt now they are in the open source penthouse party mood.

Found on Mars: Alien insects... or whatever the hell this smudge is supposed to be, anyway

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Re: No oxygen

Creatures can survive the vacuum of space, so why not 'live' very slowly in the near-vacuum of mars?

Pupil mental health monitor promises app rewrite after hardcoded login creds discovered

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Another win for Shi$iTeth7ae 7esting

That Old Time 2018 IT songbook: Verity, Verity - give us your lyrics, do! We're half crazy, all for the love of you

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it's unix time, there's no need to give up RAID

Another 3D printer? Oh, stop it, you're killing us. Perhaps literally: Fears over ultrafine dust

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Re: n before g

All this could be a fignent of my inagniation.

I'll torpedo Tor weirdos, US AG storms: Feds have 'already infiltrated' darknet drug souks

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Re: Permissiveness has gone too far

Nah, let's just abuse each other for using tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, yerba mate

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Dying of overdose? How comfortable. The war on drugs makes it impossible for most of the non-American world to obtain these essential painkillers.

Legalise the lot.

Tsk-tsk, fat cat Softcat: Milk-slurping reseller taken to court

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I'm lactose intolerant and I demand to know why we have not heard from a vegan on this issue?

Newsflash: Car cyber-security still sucks

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When I was little back in the 70s a family friend had a yellow VW beetle. One day I saw him loading logs into it so he told me it ran on logs, my big brother confirmed this.

This is the new millenium, and cars can now brick themselves just by producing overly large electronic logs.

Nervy nuke-armed nation fires missile with 5,000km range

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Jai Hind

Mahabarat is maha :D

O Christmas wreath, O Christmas wreath, thy potent skunk's in bunches

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Re: Not funny in the slightest

Not sure if trolling, high

or worse...

Never been high?

User experience test tools: A privacy accident waiting to happen

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Re: Diversion tactics needed?

It won't work, market research analysts will just ignore your weird data, and use what they know is right to find another person, near enough like you, and double that person's weighting until you get bored and stop diverting, then they come back like night hags.

Yes this comment was designed to be found by certain searches.

Facebook vows to double staff with new cadre of Net Police

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I'm using Fluff Busting (FB) Purity. It lets me control things. If I want to see only friends I can. All that crap on the right is switched off. I just have my feeds and my chats.

UK's NHS to pilot 'Airbnb'-style care service in homeowners' spare rooms

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For patients who smoke this will be easier for popping outside.

7teven 4ect

Where will the patient's prescription be kept this month? Anything nice?

What could possibly go wrong?

NCA arrests six Lizard Squad users after gaming firms, retailers targeted

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Re: Engage with them?

The problem would be understanding with autistics. Yours.

Your statement may apply to sociopaths.

'Biggest bird ever': 21-foot ripsaw-beaked flying horror

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Another article pointed out that for each 1m drop, the bird could glide 22m

Waves go up and down, the bird just has to sit on the water, wait for a 1m wave to lift it, then glide up to 22m to catch a fish on the surface, then wait for a wave to lift it for the next attack.

Sat on a wave, the bird may have looked like a wave, almost invisible to fish.

Just because it's big, doesn't mean it had to fly or glide large distances.

Supposedly secure Dogecoin service Dogevault goes offline

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Punctuation error in your current frontpage message,

Dear Doge Support,

You have a superfluous apostrophe in "attacker's'"

Expected result: "We will also closely be investigating potential attack vectors, and determining the security breach which enabled the attackers to compromise the service."

Observed result: "We will also closely be investigating potential attack vectors, and determining the security breach which enabled the attacker's to compromise the service."

Kindest Regards,


P.S. Punctuation is important. I prefer cats but doge is ok too.

Rumour: Next Apple iThing to feature 65-inch screen. Four-limb multitouch, anyone?

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Remember the advert with the televisions?

Maybe just an update of the 1984 advert, 30 years on... www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtvjbmoDx-I

Cold-blooded, INHUMAN visitor hitches ride on NASA moon rocket

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It'll be fun, they said...

Tease the witch, they said.

Dopey dope-growing dope smoked out by own dope dope-growing vid

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Black Helicopters

ooohBAMMA luuurves warehousin' niggas 4 cash.

*nigga is not more politically incorrect than 'dope', when 'dope' is used derogatively and nigga is used brotherly, before anyone complains.

UK discovers Huawei UK staff auditing Huawei kit: Govt orders probe

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Black Helicopters

Some reading between the lines

UK: "We don't trust you"

Huawei: "We build trust centre"

GCHQ: "we take over trust centre and use it to spy on the East. Thank you."

It's called 'externalising costs'. Austerity.

Boffins want toilets to become POWER PLANTS

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Paris Hilton

Re: Back of a loo-roll calculation:

Thank you for wiping that for me.

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Back of a loo-roll calculation:

Urine is 95% water

Therefore it is ~5% 'food'

Let food have an average calorific density of 3 calories per millilitre.

The average daily urination volume is 1500 ml.

5% of 1500 is 75. Multiplying by 3 gives us 225 calories in a day's urine.

That's roughly 10% of our dietary needs.

Saving 10% off our total energy bill related to getting food from field to stomach.

Which is massive compared to the amount of energy we can probably extract from waste urine using MFCs.

Two pieces of advice:

1. Drink urine

2. Never admit it

The author does not drink has own urine.