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A floppy filled with software worth thousands of francs: Techie can't take it, customs won't keep it. What to do?


Kind of the point of Maastricht. Did you read the bit where this was ‘before Maastricht’

NCSC's London HQ was chosen because GCHQ spies panicked at the prospect of grubby Shoreditch offices


Re: Lessons learned

Not sure if it counts... but Boris learned to ‘never knowingly tell the truth’ after that time he got away with lying on the side off a bus


I think you’ll find that they - like all civil servants - would’ve been on one of the many pay freezes at around the time the NCSc was set up. As a civil servant, I’d have been happy to give them my pay rise and bonus as a contribution.


Wait time from Paddington on the circle line is rubbish. But Bakerloo to Oxford Circus, through the connecting tunnel and you’re on the. Vitoria Line. Much better route

Do not adjust your set: Hats off to Apple, you struggle to shift iPhones 'cos you're oddly ethical


Re: Headphone jack

Also, if say, i am in the car with my phone connected to the Aux with the lightning adapter, how am i supposed to charge it?

you cant, but you could

1. connect it to the cars usb socket instead and playback through that and charge at the same time

2. use bluetooth to play music, whilst charging thro lightning

Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits


Re: @alien8n Not just O2

Poiticians never lie. They reframe your question and answer based on an entirely different paradigm.

i call bullshit on that... evidence = boris johnson

oh and everything the leave campaign said

Sure, Europe. Here's our Android suite without Search, Chrome apps. Now pay the Google tax


Re: Or the fourth option...

The chances are that those replacements wouldn't get security patches pushed to them and the multitude of "stores" that supported them would be fragmented and not policed for security issues. It's not a good scenario.

Im sure the owners of Samsung devices will miss the regular and timely security updates

Punkt: A minimalist Android for the paranoid


Re: Calls and Email

I really wanted somehting this simple to give to my kids, without all the social media crap and security issues. Albeit cheaper and with GPS tracking.

Here you are kids, I’ve just bought you a new phone. Welcome to 1997

Git it girl! Academy tries to tempt women into coding with free course


Re: Feel free to be patronised

Women can enter the healthcare sector at any level, from care assistant to surgeon. Men seem to only be allowed to enter at doctor or above. That is a problem.

i guess my wife (mental health nurse) must have just imagined all those male nurse colleagues.

No, eight characters, some capital letters and numbers is not a good password policy


not surprised, forcing users to change good passwords every 30 days is a bad policy. check out NCSC advice for a better policy

The American dilemma: Competition, or fast broadband? Pick one


speaking as a brit

i never thought id ever be grateful for openreach and sharon white, but...

TalkTalk shrugs off moaning customers to claim 80,000 more


All airlines are shit

I’ve flown Ryanair and TBH it was only a little worse than my experience from much more expensive options. All airlines treat paying passengers as troublesome PITAs. So while I wouldn’t seek out Ryanair, I wouldn’t avoid it either - esp if their flight times were more convenient.

Talk Talk though - wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole

The future of radio may well be digital, but it won't survive on DAB


Radio 2 is intensely annoying for many reasons...

Steve Wright, that’s the main reason.

Open Internet lovin' Comcast: Buy our TV service – or no faster broadband for you!


Openreach I’m up for this

Oh, but you mean I have to stick to my crappy 2 Mb EOL line. Bollocks to that I’ll pass

So what does EE's 5G test really signal?


Re: Fantastic

>PS. I’m with O2

Don’t worry, burning through your data isn’t going to be a problem for you. Getting a data connection at all probably will be

Universal Service Oh... forget the Obligation. BT offers to stump up £600m for 10Mbps


Re: Why does it have to be BT?

Anyone that doesn't currently have access to a decent service (by which I'd say 40Mb/s or higher - sod 10Mb/s) it's because there's something about your area that makes it a right sod to upgrade

Bullocks. I live a mile from the centre of town and get 3Mb because I sit on an 2.5km EO line. Just round the corner is a nice new fibre enabled cabinet.

O2 admits to throttling network bandwidth for EU data roamers


In breach of.....

Not in my experience, O2 performance is like this a lot of the time here in the UK. No need to go to Dublin to be disappointed with O2 data rates

Labour says it will vote against DUP's proposed TV Licence reforms


Re: Why can they pull the strings?

I think what happens is that no party can force through legislation in the teeth of opposition. What they'd be forced to do is negotiate and compromise to come up with legislation that commands sufficient cross party support.

That doesn't sound too bad to me, but the politicians no doubt hate it.

Tech can do a lot, Prime Minister, but it can't save the NHS


Re: First of all

must be a different 'services' to the ones I'm familiar with. Because every time I talk to someone about service IT, it's accompanied by a rolling of eyes and something like '<systemname>, what a fucking joke'

Large scale it for an organisation spending way north of £100bn that's the biggest employer in Europe is just way hard

Break crypto to monitor jihadis in real time? Don't be ridiculous, say experts


Re: "The former policy wonk -

>Unfortunately that is a real-time reflection of how many fucking idiots are present in society.

But not everyone knows enough to be able to pick out fuckwits like Rohan. I dont doubt that that the other interviewee did know enough, but when it came to tricky things like stringing a sentence together, making a coherent argument and explaining things in ways that typical R4 listener might understand she couldn't compete. If the tech industry wants to be taken seriously, they need to send serious sounding people to be interviewed. Its a shame because this is yet another instance where our politicians are simply lying to us and it would be good to have had someone say so more cogently.

What is dead may never die – how to get a post-BlackBerry BlackBerry


Re: New Q10?

Well you could spend like 2s on amazon and buy another. Or a 9700, or a classic

Brit lords slip 30Mbps Universal Service Obligation into UK Digital Economy Bill


Re: 30Mbps USO will kill most of BT's plans for Pointless G.fast

Are you dido Harding in disguise?

I'm on a eo line and get about 2mb at the moment. A 10mb service would be great. A 30mb service even better. But having technology choices mandated in law is the stupidest idea I've ever heard. MPs generally don't know shit about tech matters and laws take ages to change.

G. Fast works perfectly well for a large percentage of potential users as does fttc. Forcing BT to install universal fttp in the absence of customer demand is just going to put up everyone's costs to no good end

Samsung wants your exploding Galaxy Note 7. Have a new one instead


Re: At one time it was Welsh Nationalists, not Galaxy Note Phones...

Have an upvote for resurrecting nearly 40 year old comedy. Not The Nine O'Clock News IIRC

Apple: Crisis? What innovation crisis? BTW, you like our toothbrush?


Re: the SD slot

>The customer pays for the product, and no one buys a product >100 pounds because it is .50p cheaper!

True, but they aren't going to drop the price by 50p are they. Imagine you're a manufacturer making & selling 10M phones per year. Saving 50p per phone means you make £5M more profit. The customer pays for the product, but the manufacturer specifies it.

Apple’s retail chief: ‘Touching customers’ key to retail success


Didnt Apple win that case

Oh yes..http://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=56cbac2e-00ca-4d3e-b8a2-dde35808de30

Doesn't anyone at el reg do research anymore. Still prob best not to let actual facts get in the way

Flexible friend: Data's Big digital journey online


can we have Mr Worstall back please

Dull uninteresting, factually incorrect tripe. Bring back worstall!

TalkTalk not talking much as systems take a tumble


BTs Fault

I'm going to guess that the next time we hear from Dido, she'll say that this is all BTs fault

UK's richest man backs music minnow merger to annoy Ticketzilla


Ring ring

Every concert I've been to in the last 5 years was sold out. Even relatively unknown bands in nightclub sized venues pack the house.

+1 Same here, every gig I've been too from new act indie to AOR like Fleetwood Mac has been packed. Praps not sold out, but certainly not half empty.

Big sales growth nothing to do with NSA fears - Huawei top brass


Re: I don't think China is doing much more espionage than other countries are not doing...

Over the last several decades China has not invaded anyone, bombed anyone, drone attacked anyone, or opened any new military bases outside of its own borders. Food for thought.

I guess that Dalai Lama bloke just made it up...

Wheely, wheely mad: Petrolheads fume over buggy Formula One app


Perhaps the app is just resting

Maybe the app isn't dead, its just spent another sunday afternoon watching the dullest sport on TV and has gone to sleep.

How many Androids does it take to change a light bulb?


Re: Uh-oh

No. Because noone would be stupid enough to waste their time and money on device controllable bulbs when an old fashioned switch works so well and costs a fraction of the price.

Sony's super-frumpy SmartEyeglass goggles are $840 Google Glasses


Ring ring

Hello Sony. This is the NHS. Can we gave our glasses back please.

EE 'best' of the UK mobile network bunch, but how good is that?


O2 beats Voda

Bloody hell. Voda must be shit. My thoughts are with Voda customers at this difficult time.

Freedom of Info at 10: Tony Blair's WORST NIGHTMARE


Re: Why?

Total nincompoop... Total Cnut more like

Assange™ slumps back on Ecuador's sofa after detention appeal binned


Re: "select markets"

And yes, the fact the prosecutors won't visit him for a chat is very telling.

What utter rubbish. The crime he's alleged to have done was a crime in Sweden. The Swedish investigation needs to take place in Sweden just like an alleged criminal who committed a crime in the UK would be shipped back here to be investigated. It's not like he's just a witness here. He's alleged to be the actual perpetrator.

Supercomputer water-cooling comes to solar power


Re: The trick is *useful* energy

The extra 20KW of hot water is interesting, but how useful is that on a hot sunny day?...

That depends. If you collocate with something that uses lots of heat/hot water. Like say a brewery, then it would be very useful indeed. Mmmmm beer

Euro chiefs: Hi Google. Here's how to REALLY protect everyone's privacy. Hello? Hello?


Re: "select markets"

>The minute they introduced the idea of profit making third parties benefitting, it was a categorical 'no' for me, because I just don't believe for a second that the benefits to the NHS through research by private enterprise would ever be proportional to the value to profit making

Who do you think makes the actual drugs that the nhs use and who's research might benefit from access to data?

That's right profit making companies.

How do you think profit making companies pay for the research?

That's right out if their profits

And who will develop new drugs if profit making companies don't

That's right no-one.

So you'd sooner do without new drugs than allow anyone to make money from making them

Kate Bush: Don't make me HAVE CONTACT with your iPHONE


Re: This is why

>I will give them five minutes, five precious minutes of my time whilst they ruin the show for me, and then that fucking thing is getting very violently flung from their hands and I vanish into the crowd like a ninja.

Wow, you're amazing. So hard & cool. Just like a proper ninja I expect


Re: Hmm..

>If I did however, and given the inclement weather expected, I'd take my umbrella.

The owners of the venu are way ahead of you. In contrast to some London theatres, the Apollo has a roof

Microsoft and HTC are M8s again: New One mobe sports WinPhone


Re: MS are paying the wrong people ..

>WIndows Phone has over 300,000 apps now

But - and Spotify, you swine I'm talking to you - many of them aren't feature comparable with the iOS and Android versions. Oh and you BBC with your pathetic Winpho iPlayer lacking any of the good stuff like downloads and integration with playlister.

And I write as a Windows phone user who prefers the UI and is happy with the speed and general unbugginess of Winpho when compared with my previous experience of Android.

Microsoft: Just what the world needs – a $25 Nokia dumbphone


Re: "select markets"

Going on a lads weekend away ? welcome to your perfect tour phone. Enough music for a flight and no worries about breaking your expensive smart phone whilst enjoying the local culture.

Facebook goes down, people dial 911



Why don't you nostalgia alert for the truly old like me who watched the first episode. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OcGCGS2Ow30

watch and learn eighties kids

Conformist Google: Android devices must LOOK, WORK ALIKE


Google - More like Apple every day

Remind me, I thought the big deal about Android, you know the one that fandroids bang on about ad nauseum was how Android was free. Customisable and not at all like other OSs that sheeple use.

Hey, we'll do 4G for £15, says O2 (just mind how you go on the 1GB limit)


Re: i'm on the 5GB plan...

4G... In the M4 corridor? On O2? You're having a laugh. The bus I'm is currently grinding towards Chievelly whilst my phone is stuck in a 2.5G GPRS world. O2, cant you just sort out 3G first.

Tech that we want (but they never seem to give us)


3G service

Bugger 4G, i'd be pretty happy if the mobe networks could just see their way clear to delivering 3G coverage in those godforsaken wildernesses like (say) the M4 corridor. And yes O2, I am talking to you.

TalkTalk's catch-up telly fib silenced by ad watchdog


Re: Hang on.

>It's easy enough to do with a HTPC and suitable tuners installed.

Or you could just buy a Humax PVR (other brands are available).

EE & Vodafone will let you BONK on the TUBE – with Boris' blessing


Re: EE and Vodafone?

>Which rules out anything Apple flavoured.

perhaps it's just me, but i'm sure i've seen people on the tube using apps on phones which *weren't* made by Apple.

Microsoft: We've got HUNDREDS of patents on Android tech


Re: Why permit the secrecy

They're not taking anyone to court (like Apple), they're licensing. They're not refusing to license to anyone. If $8 per handset is anything like accurate that's quite reasonable. Sounds like it's fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory already.

A reasonable point completely lacking any "MS are evil servants of the devil" agenda. I cant see a balanced argument like that catching on here.

Nokia Lumia update spreads Black death



I am guessing that means yet again that this is only for WP 8+ devices...

well of course it is. This time last year MS were telling anyone with the ability to use an interest search tool that phones with WP7 weren't going to get WP8. WP7.8 was the end of the line. Hell even my gran knew that and she knows shut about mobile phones and stuff.



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