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'Snowden risked lives' fearfest story prompts sceptical sneers


British Press

After the phone hacking enquirey and the British Governments reluctance to make a law against the press ,In return the press supported them in the last election and now the final pay back, in return the press is manipulated to be the mouth piece of the Government to help try and present the upcoming Snoopers charter as some savour to the Population rather than spying on us , you cannot trust any of the British newspapers or the TV channels who also pick up this rubbish from the press as if it were true.

Every time the government wants to put out more laws for surveilance there is always a leak about Snowden or some other person who has alerted us to the snooping going on, we have a system now that Hitler and Stalin could only have dreamed of , the ability to snoop and control the population without secret police , we are sliding into a time where manipulation of the news given to the public will be used to control the public, a distatorship by another name.

Saudi Arabia to flog man 1,000 times for insulting religion on Facebook


Well if the oil price keeps going down these Saudi dictators will have no power anywhere, and wouldnt be of any use to the west , thats when the west will abandon them to their own demise

'Snoopers' Charter IS DEAD', Lib Dems claim as party waves through IP address-matching


Old Teflon Drawers and her obsession with control power

Well if old Teflon drawers (nothing ever sticks to her , its always someone else,s fault) really thinks this rubbish will work, then let her and her followers put it in place, its all about making them think they are clever.and trying to impress others . Do they honestly believe that terrorist and others, cant overcome this?, how does this square up with "Whats App" and their decision to encypt ALL messages or others by using secure encypted VPN .

She is obsessed with wanting power to control everyone ,she is the next best thing to a dictatorship, trying to controll the population, and ensuring they cant read or access forbidden works.

Russel Brand sounds more normal by the day, none of these idiots are worth voting for, when they knock on your doors in the next few months , be sure to tell them so.

Use strong passwords and install antivirus, mmkay? UK.gov pushes awareness campaign


maybe no alternative

I think that the banks that provide rapport , may insist that if you dont use the offered software, then any breaches in security will be your responsibilty, we all know banks look for anyway of ovoiding responsibility for any losses. Lets hope not ,but Iits a strong possibility regardless of its suitabilty or effectiveness.

Guardian lets UK spooks trash 'Snowden files' PCs to make them feel better


Now we understand it was the senior civil servant who first contacted the guardian and made threats, since when do civil servants have the power to make threat's , they are not the Government, they are just that servants. If Cameron and the home office minster May don't have the guts to do it then don't do it , this signals a new phase in this already discredited coalition when they now hide behind civil servants. come the revolution we will have them all shot, and not before time too.

Snowden journalist's partner gave Brit spooks passwords to seized files


Seems to me the only way to outwit these security idiots and the (secret Police) is to publish the remaining documents on Piratebay and other sites , which would then allow the spreading of the documents without focussing on one person, they cant lock everyone up. As to the statement that the Americans didn't request it , just remember that in GCHQ Cheltenham at which there are two sites, the Americans reside in the site, they work along side and with our services, that I can confirm, so anything you hear about who authorised what, is just a cover for a joint operation. the one good thing that may come out of this ,might be that in future other methods may be employed to distribute information of interest to the public without risking arrest or persecution, so lets hope we hear about the rest of the revelations that effect us all , and hold this, and any future government to account

Leaked docs: GCHQ spooks secretly haul in more data than NSA


whistle blowing

Its seems that the people doing this spying with a concience are in short supply apart, from the current guy , why aren't more of them being honest instead of working for people who couldnt give a damn about them, come on you guys and girls in GCHQ do your self's and us a favour and tell us more about what else is going on in this shabby establishment. I saw some woman from GCHQ on tv tonight saying how awful it was that people were making their employees feel unwelcome, GOOD, work for the devil pay the price You choose to work for these organisation's doing illegal actions then pay the price.

All the media in the UK and the USA have been pressured to concentrate on the chase for the whistle blower and not to say to much about the actions of the NSA and GCHQ, we should'nt allow this we need to make sure our governments are made to account honestly or kick em out, any party who has deliberately known and been using the system illegally spying on us, need to be brought before the courts, dont let them get away by concentrating on the whistle blower , the messages from Washington state department towards China and Russia was arrogant, I hope the Chinese kick their asses, the Chinese own more of the USA than the USA government.


What the whistle blower has highlighted, is the fact that British Governments have been trying to get a bill through parliament for Internet providers to keep information on us for a month, when in fact they already have it , what they want is to have a legal law, to cover what they are doing illegally, I can assure you that within GCHQ there are many US citizens working there, on one site they had their own office block, and the site had plenty of of USA cars in there. The Ministers are trying to bluff you that first of all the UK didnt get information from the NSA in the USA, well that's technically correct as the NSA are within GCHQ so all information would be obtained in these uk offices within GCHQ, so dont believe this Government, they have been monitoring the UK ciitizens for several years with the NSA in GCHQ, Its a joint venture . The whistle blower now being hounded by the USA and this UK Government is a threat to them , because at last we can discuss the subject with a degree of fact , before, this government would have denied it was going on. If you want to ovoid some of this, use encryption on emails that are sensitive to you or others, the system relies on Key words in documents being scanned constantly , just think on the key words there would be loads and in combinations, just for the hell of it keep adding a few in your emails,coupled with a message to these spies monitoring your mail, then the system will be bogged down , to much data is also a threat to them .

What a country we live in. we have a Government in this country that would like to control you and stop you having any other view than their official view , sounds familiar doesnt it?, just like China whats the difference, and Oh by the way these messages will also be scanned so make your points known.