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Now Spanish sperm takes a kick to the cojones


i can't believe no opportunist politico has blamed global warming yet.

Razzies set to torpedo Rihanna's Battleship


i really hope Battleshit wins all the razzies it's nominated for. puerile filth of the most decadent order...and that's just Rihanna.

Apple files 'Shake to Print' iOS patent application



...some moron is going to allow this nonsense a free rein on proceedings.

someone needs to stop this craziness.

Man City drags Big Data into Big Football


nice to see..

..a business (well, not a finance guy, given his imploring his manager to spend money needlessly) guy asking a club with about 100million in net debt to spend MORE money despite having spent a lot of money on players this season. now i understand what to do when in a hole. ask for a spade, apparently

that said..all match data should be released by the league..that will make analysis so interesting! not so sure about a new revelation in the methods of number crunching though..

Tech fault at RBS and Natwest freezes millions of UK bank balances



Bank account to Halifax last Wednesday. kinda thankful, since maybe 6 DDs would have come out of my old NW account this week.

i'm actually a fan of NW. never had a problem with them. hopefully this will be resolved in a way that does not erode any goodwill they may have had.

i will second the idea that people should have a second bank account with a competing bank with emergency cash..or at least a few bob under the mattress.

i used to bank with Santander. had an account in Malaga that took me a year and a half to close (yes..that is how incompetent their Spanish staff are)..so i bet even the worst of RBS cannot match the nonsense i had to put up with.

it would be good for anyone inconvenienced to be made good...but i doubt this will happen.

Amount of meat we eat will barely affect future climate change


Re: references, references, references ...

he can't have been the guy..not enough West Ham in the post!

i'd rather read Lewis than some of the rubbish i read in the papers/hear in the other media. at least using his antagonistic stance i can consider my own position rather than have it rammed down my throat by some even sillier pro-vegetarian 'writer' who has less comprehension of modelling than a toad has of space travel.

Ludicrously lucky teen survives spear through brain


this chap...

...just isn't supposed to win that Darwin award. Lucky one.

must try harder.

At least he'll live to tell the tale. Perhaps even give others pointers on how to avoid the tip of the spear.Even if they need such advice like they need an arrow through the head.

Facebook testing "announce important post" feature


slutty nights out and photos??

damn. i have the wrong facebook friends.

since i already log into fb as infrequently as i go to the high street shopping, i cannot see that changing any time soon.

but i am sure there'll be plenty dying to make use of this new 'tool'. tools.

Jailed Facebook hack Brit targeted Justin Bieber's girlfriend


no one...

...should get a year in the clink for stating facts.

Report: SAP exec charged with $1,000 LEGO bar-code caper



if i was him i'd be bricking it now.

GM snatchback of $10m Facebook ad cash = amateur move


Could any one tell me..

..Whether thay have bought a product after seeing it advertised on FB? it'd be interesting to see what it is people may be buying after seeing on FB. things like a car..well, most rational people would do a lot of research and base their purchases against their wants and needs (unless they were rolling in it i would assume). FB is no help here.

New Oyster online service goes live at TfL


Why not just..

..send a weekly email, like a receipt of sorts, which just tells each oyster user of their usage within the period in question. that way, those who want the emails regularly, will get them. and those who need them occasionally, for expenses or whatever, will also get them.

but i suppose this can cause issues. imagine your other half getting your oyster usage data and asking you why you go so regularly to Hammersmith after finishing work early when you both live in Harrow or something!

p.s. the most annoying thing on the underground is people getting annoyed when other peoples cards fail or when tourists are using the transport service. selfish ba^tards.

oh, and my failure to care to use caps.

James May 'hologram' raves about old tech at Science Museum


i hope his fucking hologram is better informed than he tends to be in real life. twat.

Murdoch 'sorry' he didn't shut News of the World years ago


Mr. Murdoch...

...the seat to the right hand of Satan awaits you, old bean. do the decent thing by the horned one - and humanity - and die. after suffering, of course.

Shuttle Discovery to buzz Washington DC at 1,500 feet


I've got a fair few pics of Discovery landing at Edwards (in the mid 2000s) and showing off its scorchment in glorious detail. and watching that thing come down was a sight i will never forget. damn marvellous.

but the photoshopping of the image the reg has used in the article? hilarious!!

Apple tells staff to 'capture' iPad 3s with Wi-Fi troubles


fair enough..

..At least they're offering free replacements if not exactly saying there is something wrong with the slab officially. Nothing too wrong with that i'd say. Quite an improvement, given their past behaviour.

Man stabbed at BlackBerry bash


a blackberry party in a nightclub on a wee..

..knight aimed at drunken yoofs.

Yoofanasia i tell you.

Nintendo DSi sends child abuser to the slammer


well done..

..little girl. excellent presence of mind. I can't imagine just how many episodes like this go unrecorded simply because the level of assault may be deemed not serious enough to investigate without good proof. I know of a few occasions of when I was young and a certain teacher at my school seemed to have a reputation for suchness. It is doubtless (in my mind) that today this kind of person would be caught out pretty rapidly.

what wherewithal from that girl. well done!

Amazon boss finds Apollo 11 engines on seabed


Re: @Lusty

there's a disease called windows. Bill Gates is just the infection vector


the Russians..

..had a multi chamber/nozzle rocket powered by LOX and heavily refined Kerosene which had more power than the F-1, buuuut..this rocket engine certainly was the most powerful single nozzle engine lying at the bottom of the sea for sure! (i forget the name of the Russian engine, but have info on it in a hardback book at home somewhere which the geek in me will be digging out the moment i get home from work tonight!).

both had similar thrust to weight ratios IIRC, so the F-1 is still a cool mac-daddy!

anything capable of almost 7 megaNewton of thrust deserves better than a Paris icon IMO.

Lucy in 3.4 million-year-old cross-species cave tryst


Re: A foot skeleton?

well, i'm going to arch over all this punning and take this seriously!

are they able to extract viable material from these bones and perform genetic analyses? it would be interesting to profile our new skeletal friend here..

Everything you thought you knew about cybercrims is WRONG



...I wondered why my septugenarian father wanted a new laptop. Should've been obvious really...

BMW recalls 1.3m motors over fire risk



..when i heard about this yesterday, i was hoping that it was some brilliantly insidious plot by Japanese manufacturers to cripple the german car industry (wel, BMW anyways) at some as-yet-undisclosed time in the future. all it turns out to be is a darn wire.


Eddie Murphy heading for worst movie ever glory


recently saw something called...

...Sleeping Beauty recently. it was pure, unadulterated shit. after the credits rolled there was this numbing silence in the room. the GF (who suggested we watch it as it looked 'interesting') had this look of both perplexment and terror on her face. i suppose watching that TRASH was worth it from this point of view, but as i try to recall scenes oor dialogue from the film, i realise my brain has helpfully blacked out any memory bar the title just so i know to avoid it at any cost.

i think the only lucky one in that entire movie is the lead actress, since she gets to sleep through the whole sordid mess.

Cameron's 'Google Review' sparked by killer quote that never was


Re: No surprises here


i thought they were still in the age of issue cards and the like, hence Came-loon's crusade to bring them into the current century.

Horny VIKING MICE raped and pillaged Euro pipsqueaks


when they left to come...

...to these shores with their fornicating ways, did they leave with a (squeaky) chorus of: "So long and thanks for all the fleas (fish)?"

Nokia invents teeny throbbing tattoos to make your skin crawl


vibrating pants?

reg hacks do not need to wait for Nokia to make them. your local sex shop should suffice. much better than the sporadic vibrations offered in this guise anyhow, i'd wager.

Fragmentation bomb wounds Android in developer war


Re: hah hah hah

you, sir, are a funny, funny man.

now make sure you've taken your pills next time.

Underwater Greek volcano brewing Lara Croft style earthquake



...liked Rhona Mitra better as Lara Croft.

not that AJ is a bad choice. it's just that one cannot control childhood crushes you see, and it felt like EIDOS cheated me when they got rid of RM.

holy ferk. did i just admit that on teh interwebs?

Samsung celebrates iPad 3 day by suing Apple AGAIN


the consumer never loses...

...there's a new iPad out! whoopppeee.

then again...

Bletchley Park gets personal with new Alan Turing exhibition


talking of speech scramblers...

...i'm partial to a bit (ok, ok - a lot) that fine stuff called Hobgoblin, which is made not too far away from Bletchley...

i am looking forward to a visit to see this exhibition! thanks Reg for the reminder.

Two Brits in court over Michael Jackson back catalogue hack


Re: 50,000 files?

..Which is probably why it was clarified that 50,000 files did not mean 50,000 songs mate.

and it is perfectly reasonable to have many versions of particular songs, or even takes with mistakes etc. not that i am speculating that this was what was downloaded by our two 'sophisticated to a degree' cyber crooks here.

SOCA is such a waste. dreadful.

Lithuania rules beer brewing 'vitally essential' to life


oh my, that...

..leaves me in a bit of a pickle, since i enjoy (perhaps i have bad taste) a spot of the export variety. time for a switch.

carlsberg don't do disgruntled, abused employees. But if they did...

Stop snubbing top scientists' advice, Lords tell MPs



...in the 80s, luminaries like Feynman were unable to have their (definitively) expert opinions heard without some sort of stakeholder decrying them, what chance do today's boffins have at being heard. it's easier for them to just accept the cynical life and get bought.

Tory minister: Let's exploit our rich resource of mud, er, wind


wind farms...

...are such a load of hot air.

Ten... top Android games


i'm still..

..enjoying a spot of ol' Pirates and Traders when i have a few moments on the tube. i just can't shake off from playing it! (this was once i had finished all the other gameloft games i had on my phone)

Apple slaps mega-solar panel field on new ENORMO data centre


Colin 4

you are joking about us having to put up PV cells everywhere right?

right? please say you're joking.


Re: Re: with all their cash sitting about..

..i was only half heartedly sarcastic. it is such a great idea and would be of serious benefit, assuming the natural predatory profiteers don't price everyone else out of the idea first.

but then again, with all the disinformation about nuclear energy, there'll always be huge implimentation obstacles.

speaking of Gates..isn't one of his ex-partners heading the think tank in Washington state that comes up with 'out-there' ideas such as this one?


with all their cash sitting about..

...shouldn't they just build a nuclear plant at this plant and sell the surplus to the grid?

not that i'm sure any government would put such stuff in the hands of private companies. it'll be far more efficient than bloody photovoltaic panels.

Fujitsu flaunts Tegra 3 for future phones


nothing wrong with 5 cores...

..they're mostly idle unless needed..

Flash DOOMED to drive itself off a cliff - boffins


so new tech makes Flash too slow and unreliable..

...so does that mean it will not go up in a puff of smoke after a flash of light and rather just fizzle out slowly?

kinda disappointing.

i'd get my overcoat, but i like to flash.

Scroogle unplugged for good this time


when outta luck...

...just ask the duck.

as has been mentioned, ads can be disabled and there's absosmurfly no tracking, which is always nice.

RIM's backdoor sniffed by BBM-snooping Indian spooks


Re: Governmental BES for citizens

Since you pay taxes you can dream on about such an option. such an option would only be available to someone rich enough not to have to pay taxes!

other than that..good morning!

Nokia Asha 201 Qwerty phone


Re: Only 2-band - how stupid.


But since it is more reasonably aimed at a *large* group of people who aren't temporal tech jet-setters who travel to these new and strange lands every other week, it would seem that dual band is not so stupid an idea after all, since it is only a comparatively small market they will have limited themselves from.

What you find stupid sounds like pretty smart cost-saving thinking to me.

the only criticism i can think of is the charging port, but with a claimed battery life as long as that? not a problem really. As it is I have to carry a spare battery for my current phone(i really hate how HTC have different sized batteries for their phones that have similarish dimensions!), so the thought of carrying a tiny adapter that'll allow me to charge off the now ubiquitous microUSB chargers lying about is no greater headache..

and for £45? flipping hell. nice deal.

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop



a man after my own heart.

Sony 'fesses to Whitney Houston price hike 'error'


So the woman's dead...

and demand for her music has increased for some odd reason. do people feel some moral obligation to formalize their love for the dead artist by buying her music when, for the last few years, they've probably thought she is a sad and washed up fart teetering on the verge of a life-expunging event. maybe there are a few from a new generation who've truly just discovered her, but that is probably a small amount of the people who're buying her music now.

the rest of them, i reckon, are joining the boat-party of faux grief. which is pathetic.

i know i'll get down-voted, but i could not care less about a long term drug addict finally (and successfully) putting herself out of whatever misery causes her to trip out all day long.

as for the record company..they're just taking advantage of what they know is the inevitable deluge of attention that her death would have brought. callous, yes, but not the worst thing in the world. what they SHOULD have done, though, was reduced the price of the music in order to let these short terms 'fans' to celebrate the artistic life of the addict for a little while before the next wash up rolls along.

some similar hysteria took place when that horrid Amy Wine-river died and she's obscure as truffles now.

both the buyers and the record companies are dubious in my book and i'm not afraid to be hated for feeling that way.

Greenpeace releases 'Cool IT' rankings


Go Lewis.

that's really all i have to say.

(wait, MrPat-thick has encouraged me, so...) fack, pi$$, sh!t and Bollox.

it's amazing you spent 5 minutes composing an ad hominem attack at our man Page here. it usually takes a few seconds to come up with something sturdy. did we forget to eat our weetabix today?

Expert to finger air steward commentards who 'harassed' pilot


Go Capt. Patel.

get all the info out into the open, get both parties investigated thoroughly. get rid of those responsible for whatever adjudged wrongdoing.

Super-powered 'frankenmalware' strains detected in the wild


something tells me that breeding Linux and windows will produce one fugly Mule.

Dinosaurs were super mums, nest find proves


mummy Tyrannosaur:

''pookie, do you want mayo on your Bronto-burger?''

i suppose, thouugh, that such behaviour would not be unexpected...