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Trick not treat: 123 Reg down on Halloween, DNS borked by DDoS


Our team mobilised immediately...

"...and managed to contain the attack"

I sense a massive amount of surprise in this statement.

User couldn't open documents or turn on PC, still asked for reference as IT expert


Re: A whiter shade of pale?

Had to upvote you for this, as it reminded me of a client of mine who sent an email to me containing a user name and password in white text on a white background... you know, prying eyes and all. Don't want that info in the wrong hands!

Suspected Russian DNC hackers brew Mac trojan


Re: MacKeeper security software

Indeed, MacKeeper is at the very best sleezeware. I would personally categorize it as malware. I have had clients fall for the scare tactics employed by MacKeeper. It hijacks browsers and causes general havoc on Macs. And here is another very good reason not to touch it with a barge pole.

Security software my arse!

'Everyone' is buying Twitter



Buy it. Take it into the alley. Shoot it in the head. PLEASE!!!!!

Trump website server config snafu left interns' CVs exposed


"Staffers of the real estate mogul-turned-US presidential candidate “bungled the settings on their Amazon S3 server”, which according to MacKeeper security researcher Chris Vickery, the security researcher who discovered the recently-resolved flaw."

Still looking for the rest of this sentence. And is calling the guy from MacKeeper a "Security Researcher" some sort of joke?

FBI Director defends iPhone 5C unlock tool that's obviously going to leak into wrong hands



That's okay. It is no longer their mandate to protect or serve the citizens of this great country. The new mandate is to protect those in power at all costs.

Go back to sleep, little one. They're taking care of these problems for you. When you wake up, there will be nothing to fear.

Clear April 12: Windows, Samba to splat curious 'crucial' Badlock bug


Re: Home Users

Indeed. Have an upvote. I am often asked to implement a cross-platform server for home users of Windows and Macintosh computers. Samba is an obvious choice and not very difficult to enable on a wide variety of NAS devices or operating systems. Sort of thick to say that this is unlikely to affect home users.

Snowden WAS the Feds' quarry in Lavabit case, redaction blunder reveals


I wonder if the person who missed that redaction was also in charge of Hillary's mail server.

Apple tells iPhone court 'the Founders would be appalled' by Feds


Re: Rubbish

"Rubbish argument. Jefferson wasn't living with Islamic terrorism and cell phones."

Downvoted you for being an ignorant, anonymous coward. I guess the free and the brave have already left this country and scared weaklings are all that are left.

Apple's Watch charging pad proves Cupertino still screwing buyers

IT Angle


They did this with their USB keyboards and extenders back in the day. There was a divet in the physical interface that only allowed Apple products to be connected via an Apple extender. And we used to curse M$ for not following standards.

California cops pull over Google car for driving too SLOWLY


Google cars

Have never been in an accident. Causing them might be another story.

'Govt will not pass laws to ban encryption' – Baroness Shields


"Our people"

Sounds a bit possessive to me. Are we the government's people or is the government the people's. Some one needs to get that part right before going any farther.

Europe fails to ban web 'fast lanes' – what now for Euro net neutrality?


Two tier

Looked like two beir for a sec and I thought it sounded like a good idea. Oh well the icon thought it sounded good too.

TalkTalk CEO admits security fail, says hacker emailed ransom demand


I hope...

the criminal investigation of this breach is focusing on the lack of security and therefore may expose TalkTalk as the real culprit.

On one hand, I hate the hacking we all hear about every day. On the other, when hacks expose embarrassing security fuck ups made by people who should know better, I can only hope other corporate entities take notice.

Ultimately, hanging Dido out to dry in a criminal court for negligence is probably the only thing that might make them take notice. If Safe Harbor is illegal, then surely this level of technical stupidity should be criminal as well.

Now even EUROPE is slapping down ICANN in internet power struggle


Re: ICANN in a death spiral then?

I would hate being in a flat spin. That would fucking s**k. However, in this instance, I am enjoying watching the ensuing spectacle. This IS why we go to airshiws, yes?

Ad-slinging rootkit nasty permanently drills into Android mobes, tabs


Any dolt

That thinks their mobile is safe gets what they deserve. I think we can all agree that it really does not matter what platform you use. iPhone or Android (or one of you 5 kids with Windows Phones) are all vulnerable. Never mind vulnerable to what. It is vulnerable to something and that's food for thought.

Mine's the one with tin foil body condom in the waist pocket.

Weird garbled Windows 7 update baffles world – now Microsoft reveals the truth



"... The fact that a test update was inadvertently released to the mainstream deployment channel should definitely give Windows 10 users pause. "

I think the time for Windows 10 users to pause was some time ago. Pausing now only delays the inevitable.

Fiorina: I rushed out HP servers to power NSA snooping. Mwahahaha!


This mass surveillance is not about protecting the people. It is about gaining power over them. I can only hope that the time is coming when those who have helped implement and support mass surveillance will be called out to answer for their crimes. I expect to see this one in the line up.

SCREW YOU, FEDS! Dozen or more US libraries line up to run Tor exit nodes


What would happen

If every one with an Internet connection did the same?

Food for thought.

As McAfee runs for US President – we ask a crucial question: Will Reg readers back him?


Re: Pro and con

He can be my president and my pusher.

Blessed are the cheesemakers, for they have defined the smidge



Grapes don't have nuts, silly.

Papa don't breach: Wannabe singer jailed for hacking Madonna




NSA continues mass slurping of Americans' phone metadata


On Tumblr?

Because the Director of National Intelligence is demented and sad, but social?

Cisco gobbles OpenDNS, sorts out cloud security portfolio



that f-ing sucks. Hate it when a hugely useful service is bought by doubious interests. Not too sure how I will replace that. Guess I will need to find a solution sooner rather than later. Fare thee well OpenDNS.

Uber execs charged, will stand trial in France


Economic Opportunities

I always look sideways at this who use several syllables when one will do.

Apple pulls Civil War games in Confederate flag takedown


I hang my head in shame

that the take away from a horrible crime is to stomp on the least significant aspect of it. We Americans are fools.

Regardless of how people feel about the shooting, the Confederate flag is not the issue. What fault of law allowed this mental defective to have a gun? Any one have good answer for that? Did the Confederate flag give him the gun? I think this is more typical American denial of the real problems in our society.

I believe in our right to bear arms. But we have a problem here in the U.S. of allowing the criminally insane to take part in that great Right. Maybe that's what we should be discussing instead of doing stupid, ignorant and virtually useless things.

I cannot imagine that removing the Confederate flag from the face of the nation will stop this from happening again. Maybe next time, the perpetrator will have a picture taken of him with the American flag. How will the dumb people I have to call my countrymen deal with that?

Verizon promised to wire up NYC with fiber... and failed miserably – audit


Sometimes even Verizon gets screwed.

I can attest that the right of way for Verizon to install fiber was indeed blocked by landlords in NYC.

I know of one client of mine that was in a building on Lafayette St. in Soho that was eligible for FiOS, but it needed to be connected through a neighboring building that already had FiOS.

In the end, the neighboring building's landlord would not allow the work to proceed to connect my client's building.

In the end, cogent provided a miserable 10x10 business Ethernet connection for 1000 clams per month.

I don't like Verizon or the way they do business, but there is some validity to their "landlord" argument from my own experience. Could Verizon run an extra 100 yards of fiber around the block to connect the building? I really don't know. But I personally spoke with the landlord of the neighboring building, and I know they simply were not going to allow the right of way for Verizon to bring the connection over.

Forget black helicopters, FBI flying surveillance Cessnas over US cities. Warrant? What's that?


Time to

get the high powered green lasers out and shoot at The cockpit of any Cessna you can find.

Yahoo! must! face! class-action! suit! over! email! snooping! – judge


Seems interesting...

That none of this applies to government agencies that do more damaging things to ones privacy than slinging an ad. Creepy double standard.

Feds finger Norks in Sony hack, Obama asks: HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE KOREA?



I am a U.S. citizen and I think the perpetrators were identified too easily. Considering the White House was under attack for a couple of weeks before they were made aware of the intrusion by an "ally". Seems pretty quick for them to come to a solid conclusion on this.

Others have said and I agree. This is going to be used to further restrict U.S. citizens' free speech and increase monitoring of U.S. citizens here in the land of the *cough* free.

I have little faith in our government's ability to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that NK has any hand in this. But the USG does not like NK, so we will just say it was them.

But it is probably our government that perpetrated this crime. I think we have a habit of victimizing our own citizens to justify our actions against the ones we don't like.

The whole thing seems rather convenient.

American bacon cured with AR-15 assault rifle


Re: A couple of things.

I like to soak some string in bacon grease before an afternoon at the river. Lay the soaked string in the water while swimming and return periodically to remove the crawfish doran evening boil. Often bring home 50 to 100 crawfish from the local pond for dinner.

The Texans I know won't eat em. They use crawfish for bait. Dummies.

NSA mass spying reform KILLED by US Senators


Re: Do I care enough to comment???

I already hate the next President.

SEX BEAST SEALS may be egging each other on to ATTACK PENGUINS


It's not rape

its a snuggle with a struggle.

Exit the dragon: US govt blows $325m on China-beating 300PFLOPS monster computer


Re: Not to mention

Like whale carcasses?

Samaritans 'suicide Twitter-sniffer' BACKFIRES over privacy concerns


If you use Twitter

... Or Facebook, or any such social media, you get what you deserve.

Happy 2nd birthday, Windows 8 and Surface: Anatomy of a disaster


Re: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...

God only made so many perfect heads. The rest, he put hair on.

I have plenty of hair, in case you're wondering.

OMG! With nothing but machine tools, steel and parts you can make a GUN!!


Re: Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

Eddie Izard is a twat.

Microsoft's Online Exchange fixed after going titsup for NINE HOURS


Re: Every cloud has a silver lining

Inside every silver lining, there's a dark cloud.

- George Carlin

No such luck: Apple, Samsung say peace talks are off – way off



I love watching people (or companies) blow their wad on lawyers. Wish I was one of the lawyers for either of these bone heads. This would set many future generations of my family for life.

Of course, I'm just a pleb so I grabs me some popcorn and watches the show.

'My house is on fire m8 lol' ... 911 texting tested in the US


I remember Katrina

After Katrina, cellular service was almost non-existent. SMS was often the only successful method if communication for many days. Of course, keeping a mobile phone charged was another matter.

Net neutrality protesters set up camp outside FCC headquarters



Like sending them to Guantanamo? Seems fitting. We need that oil! Oh... Wrong terrorists. My bad.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Ancient Fear of, er, a cheese-tastic title?


Re: Episode VII: Crimes Against Art

I can only watch the first two movies made. The rest made me shit my pants (and not in a good way). An Ancient Fear indeed. I will wait for its release on Netflix a month after it opens in theaters.

PARTY TIME! MIT slips $100 to each student ... in Bitcoin


Re: secure31415

Shooting them in the crotch first negates the effort required to lift the gun and shoot them in the face.

US Supreme Court to decide if cops can search mobes without a warrant


Re: Locked Phones

I have my phone set to erase itself after the 10th failed auth attempt. Wish I could set it to three. In the event I am ever asked for the pass word, I will feign com

Microsoft frisked blogger's Hotmail inbox, IM chat to hunt Windows 8 leaker, court told



Umm. Yes. When you use your employer's mail server (or one that they own), you have no reasonable expectation of privacy. Not that any one any where using any mail server they do not personally own and run should expect any privacy whatsoever. Even then, it may not pan out that way.

NASA: Earth JUST dodged comms-killing SOLAR BLAST in 2012


Re: @jamiejones

Do they have video recorders in there so they can see you are actually shitting and not smoking crack?

Mozilla takes Windows 8-friendly Firefox out back ... two shots heard


Re: TWO shots?!

Exactly. Leave NO witnesses.

Apple flops out latest OS X Mavericks beta, hopes sound+graphics sorted

Thumb Down

Odd OS X releases tend to suck

With the exception of perhaps 10.5 (which supported both PPC and Intel Macs), my experience is that the even versions are worth working with. The odd versions usually suck. Just my opinion.

Brawling neighbours challenge 'quiet' cul-de-sac myth


Re: Tip toe through the cat crap

Have you ever seen them keep cats away? It has been my observation that most dogs love to eat cat shit. If you have dogs and never see cat shit in your yard, it is because your dogs are eating it.

Twittapocalypse! Twitter implodes, locked out tweeps around the world


Re: They've found the problem

I don't need 140 characters to say "f*ck you".