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Ten serious sci-fi films for the sentient fan

Bert Chadick

Primer gave the most bang for the buck and highlighted the ambitions of the young and hungry.

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Lest we forget, Aliens was all about overreach, corporateism and exploitation wrapped in a thick rind of adventure/horror. IMHO Zardoz was one level below Ice Pirates.

Vote now for the worst movie NEVER made

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"Wrinkles of Death"

A demented Australian billionaire uses his super powers (loads of cash) to take over a small island nation near Europe. He corrupts law enforcement and spies on the families of people in the news. When the government finally succumbs to his wrinkly tentacles the island nation is destroyed. The Monster is last seen wading out to sea headed West.

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Worst I've ever seen

Haven't any of you folks tried to watch "Green Lantern"? Perhaps it came out after the cut.

Google planning to brand and sell Android tablets

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Good Idea!

Le us say I am a tablet producer and my products use Android, just how long do you think I will continue using Android after Google starts competing with me. Android is a fine operating system, in some ways better than iOS but crappy business practice will kill the system just as sure as a lack of apps would. I carry water for no man's OS, but Apple's is pretty damn good.

Catholic social club ousts coven of witches

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Jobs Horns

Dodged a bullet

So the silly witches have been turned down by an organization of pedophiles headed by an ex Nazi wearing the arguably most hilarious hat in the world. I say the witches are better off for the rejection, if no less silly.

Mac users urged to ditch Safari

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Safari is sooo pretty

Ok. Safari has a hole. Phishing requires a bit of credulity on the part of those phished, and Apple will fix it. Don't get your panties in a bunch. I've never used Opera, but Firefox is slow and ugly. It reeks of second rate Windows interface. Ick.

Church hall bans 'unchristian' yoga for nippers

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I don't believe it.

Are you sure this didn't happen in Texas?

Gardener offers mouthwatering 'mow and blow' deal

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What do you English call leaf blowers anyway? In the cobbling business hand sewing is called a "hand job". Same dif.

Bretons turn on Britons

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What is French for "redneck"

I thought you Europeans were above this sort of thing. Can't you just put this all behind you and get back to hating us Americans?

Apple 8GB iPhone components 'cost $220'

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Design, design, design.

I know Apple has an annoying reputation to many. What Jobs has done is move Apple out of the commodity consumer electronics business. Traditional silicon heads prefer living in a tree house with a "No Girls Allowed" sign firmly nailed to the trunk. They haven't been happy since DOS last kept the digital peasants at bay.

Exactly how much is the leather worth in a pair of Italian loafers? What are the materials worth in a Turner? What is the value of the clay used in Wallace and Gromit?