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Microsoft breaks bug-bounty virginity in $100,000 contest


Modify the UEFI security to allow installation of concurrent OS's

I am sorry but Microsoft are trying to divert the attention from a major FU, the UEFI debate.

I have been a consultant for many years and although I can see the direction in which MS have been trying to take in improving security with Windows 8.x however at the request of the CEO have been instructed to lock out the potential of other OS's being installed. Typical underhanded methodologies merely to gain a monopoly on the market.

I personally do not like the UI of Window's 8.x, it is clunky & it does not adhere to typical processes of the user. As with all revisions of the Window's lineage, there are always flaws & security holes present. This is by design of Redmond to allow for future exploits by MS to monitor and potentially gain access to the systems remotely.

I fervently do not own a license of Window's 8.x because I am a true believer in the GPL modelling, admittedly I do on-sell licensed copies of Windows 7 because that is what the client requests for HOWEVER I do also suggest & promote the point of dual-boot systems to those people I recognize would benefit from also operating with any one of the POSIX based operating systems (Linux/BSD/Open Solaris) due to far superior security these environments provide.


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