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Google Spanner — instamatic redundancy for 10 million servers?


I think there is a world market for maybe five computers

Maybe 7

Judge rebukes copyright enforcer in ringtone case



If my phone can play mp3 ringtones and my 250GB collection of mp3's can used as ringtones does that not equal a giant loophole for the well known ringtone site thepiratebay.com

Honda slips motorised unicycle into e-car


Just one problem

No doubt despite intense training and considerable practice every person using these things looks either terrified or queasy, The footrests should be behind the body line, The problem with leading with your genitals is when it goes wrong it really goes terribly terribly wrong.

NASA tweaks killer asteroid's trajectory of death


Well that's it then

We're Dooooooomed

Google lobs coder's Microsoft badge into rubbish bin


Most Vile People

"Sorry for pointing out the obvious, but "MVP status" is like getting a gold star at special school... crossed with an admission that you're a saddo with no life or friends who spends all his time posting on MS newsgroups. It's really not something to be proud of."

Oh yeah, that's pretty much the nutshell there.

As can be seen from the sad tragic losers defending their excreble membership of the Microsoft Mickey Mouse club, they are less than nothing. Unpaid groupie/half baked tech support more akin to wal mart greeters than anything else. If they had any real acumen they would not be using an MS product in the first place.

These creepy wannabe's are a bit sickening, it's like watching a bunch of accountants put on their general's uniforms and running around playing paintball then slapping themselves on the back and being awarded ersatz medals.

Nokia phone combats domestic violence



A lovely present for your wife or girlfriend to remind them that while it is good to talk, everything is best done in moderation.

US to cede control of ICANN?


Goodbye Everyone

It's communism I tell you, internet death panels patrolling the series of tubes. ehhh bedtime.

Linus calls Linux 'bloated and huge'


Where is the journalism?

What does RMS have to say Linus may think he's Jesus but RMS is YHW

'Evil' Windows 7 campaign goes global



Looks like a job for Glen Beck.

Rise in Northern Ireland violence highlights data failing



The silly soldier, no doubt discharged for shooting himself in the foot, and his overfed cheerleader make very dull and uninformed points. Sad old talking points and juggled figures spouted for decades by idiots. I was particularly amused by the description of the genitalia , no gentility of the occupying army, almost as impressed as the amount of strategic control exerted by a sweaty little man in a tin hat.

Amazing that a man in such a position of knowledge and authority could make the false statement "In NI, we were and are the Good Guys—we never killed an infant, we never killed a pregnant woman, we never planted a bomb in a pub or shopping centre."

As chummy uses the term we to mean the entire apparatus of the english empire and leaves out the loyalists working in collusion with the police and secret service I too will stick with just those drawing a wage from the government directly. I'll disregard the NI bit as of course there's no such thing. The two bombs made by the SAS in 1974 and planted in Dublin which killed a number of people must have been special "good guy" bombs. I suppose they were built with gentility and love and the timers were activated by the kiss of a prince with a pure heart.

The truth of the matter is far beyond your propaganda addled mind, your total lack of understanding of why you lost and how it happened is no surprise.


What a surprise

Amazingly the english army police and secret police work together to collude with loyalist murderers and facilitate their racist criminal activities. The same uniformed thugs who rescued Michael Stone and feted him as a hero after his attack on a funeral with grenades now show the same standards when they protect the steroid addled dog lover adair.

These are the same people who for some reason can't manage to arrest members of the BNP but if you posses more than the acceptable amount of melanin it might take all weekend to get home from work.

British troops get nifty techno-gunsights


Best "Here's looking at you." ever

I applaud Quality captioning when I see it, but I no longer shout at people because all life is suffering and there's no bloody point.

New iPod nano torn to pieces



Shocking backward satanic message player, the onan. Will it make you deaf?

TomTom goes Jock to abuse English 'bas'



Mr English Bas-Tard is probably related to Miss Fiona Likes of Tillit in Hertfordshire who lives in a delightful hostelry.

Dole bludger fined for BNP leak


@Simple dave

The actions of the BNP have oput many people in fear of their personal safety and well being, and there are documented cases of people having been directly injured as a result of this gangs actions.

Turn about is fair play.

Anyone defending the BNP is a prick, and all that horseshit about blinded justice is absolute crap.

When ISPs hijack your rights to NXDOMAIN


So boring

Could anyone be bothered reading the second page? After reading the waffling tripe at the end of the first one I was so bored and irritated I checked who wrote this heft and wasn't surprised.

Microsoft goes Darwinian with evolutionary tree patent



Hardly more like ^32 as case wouldn't matter and only a few punctuation marks would be needed.

Baby-roasting BBQ pulled from Sears site



"If it had of been "Gimped" and had pictures of roasting babies and legs and all - then it would have been funny....."

Please learn some english.

YouTube injects cash into US F1 team


Team DNF

It's going to be fun watching them trying to bullshit about DNF being a good thing.

Obama site smackdown spam only offers malware


Anti-Obama morans

Nice to see the internet acting as a tool of evolution to take out the least fit.

38% of large US companies have full-time email monitoring staff


Land of the free home of the *CENSORED*

I like to send e-mails with subjects such as "Re: Stolen Documents" or "Re: Confidential Company Accounts". People give blood pressure a bad name but without it you'd be dead.

Police, Cameras, Pixellation


@Protesting too much

I'm paranoid and it's all just a bit of fun. So in the interests of a bit of fun why don't you publish a nice photo of yourself and give the details of your home address and see what happens, bearing in mind that you're just a civilian who may have annoyed a few people in the past but nothing as serious as say fucking them in prison for 5 years.

The police are the ones who stand up to the shitheads and arrest them then stand up in court and present evidence and get the criminal locked up for a few years. Do that again and again for a few years and consider how many people would be very interested in knowing your home address and would be prepared to do something about it (being criminals and ex-cons thanks to you).

Unlike an episode of Starsky and Hutch memories don't get wiped every episode and old scores settled every season. A Police may make the decision to take a stand against crime but their family shouldn't have to suffer because some douchebag wants to take a nice picture.

As for all the fuckwits who feel sulky because they got their heads cracked at some pro lentil nonsense fest, I couldn't give a fuck about you.


Amazingly one sided stuff

It's interesting that you make no attempt to present the "other side" in this article. If police can be traced back to where they live that leaves them and their families open to intimidation by criminal types. You seem to give this no consideration as though it was an unimportant point.

The desire of some clown with a camera to snap pictures is irrelevant compared to the safety of police officers. Police who are fellow citizens laying their lives on the line to protect you and your civil right to be a whining bleedling heart.

100 freetards an hour join Pirate Party UK



The most important thing in politics above all else is Slogans. So here's a theme the i in iTunes, iPod etc stands for indentured, so let's end indentured music and indentured artists.

Publishing giant hits delete on internal IT staff


Evolution in action

Everyone who send stuff to India brings it back, if they're still in business following the experience. If only there was some way of selecting managers who weren't incompetent buck passing yes men.

Boffins showcase do-it-yourself flying spy drone



Why not slap a 3g video phone onto a remote control helicopter set it to autoanswer and phone the thing. Surely a few elestic bands and a €30 phone isn't too expensive.

Exploding iPhone injures French teen


Apple are scum

Apple advertise on the glen beck show in the states, their muck is proprietary they overcharge and they indulge in the scam which is software patents. Their cancerous god stevesi thinks polo necks are cool and their designs all look like trash from the late sixties painted white. AppleFanbois are suckers but at least there will be less of them now so that's a good thing.

Brazilian TV ad: Save water, piss in the shower



Living in Ireland the concept of running out of water is completely alien, but I might take a crap in the shower to show solidarity.

Apple blueprints warranty Big Brother


That's the end for apple

Jobs and his cult have declared war on the consumer in order to further their proprietary nonsense worldview. I know the reg has an irrational unthinking bias against open source and freedom but surely even the most hidebound capitalist stooge must see this latest insanity for what it is.

Pirate Bay mouthpiece puts a zip on it



Fair play to him, I've been trying to use sessile in a sentence for years. I've managed sussurus and obtain but it's no consolation.

Apple accused of lowering cone of silence over iPod flame out



Bear in mind that americans aren't very bright. They don't differentiate between efficiency and mania. This insane attitude towards victims of faulty products smacks of the way scientologists behave. The scientology cult has been involved in business training scams before and have even sold MS software.

Scientology probably does explain the sad cult like drones obeying their cancerous master, either that or they're badly written henchmen characters in a bond flick.

Exposed activist accuses Tiscali of putting life in peril

IT Angle

Housewife Hysteria

Someone at el reg must be related to this old bag. Keeping a telephone number ex-directory isn't a security measure. If she was involved in some hush hush government secrets crap then she should have gotten it all sorted out through her government contacts. If she doesn't have any contacts then her story is bogus and housewife hysteria claims another gullible victim.

PS if there's one thing more boring than dealing with customer service at a telco it's reading a bleeding two page article about it embellished with nonsensical cloak and dagger guff.

MySQL.com sites go dark


Upp. is down?

It must be proof that godless socialism is nothing compared to apple pie fuelled democracy which is Capitalism.

Jupiter takes a serious knock



Space Nazis hate Jupiter

To the Moon - with extreme engineering



The story is mildly interesting but the amazing lack of secret projects and military industrial complex tie ins seems unreal. All this snivelling about today vs. then is the standard noise made by old failures about how their failing memories and inability to think clearly any more makes 1960's primitivism superior to the present day. Why didn't they build a Jupiter base in 1910?

"With our impoverished idea of human achievement, pessimism about our scientific and technological capabilities, and little faith in human organisation, it is hard to imagine Apollo happening today at all"

It's true, if you have that attitude you are a failure.

Russian snatches world's strongest 'intimate muscles' crown



It''s really on a site called canalblog.com fantastic.

Dell accidentally sells 140,000 monitors for $15 a pop


Hahaha Dell

That's what they get for pissing off out of Ireland, bad luck every day. I'd love to see their Irish sales figures over the last two years or so.

Notorious phone phreaker gets 11 years for swatting


No hmmm

He wasn't fiddling long distance bills or mashing credit cards he was sending heavily armed SWAT teams to what they though was a live fire situation. That's assault with a shitload of deadly weapons not playing around.

JustGiving CEO pledges refund over upgrade cockup


Charitable taking

Give money too winos on the street. The cash goes straight to the guy who needs it and some dickhead student with a bucket doesn't draw a pay packet and whatever they feel like stealing from the take. Why should a website slice away 1/20th of the donation? Scummy parasites.

Google Voice invites callers



Thanks for sharing your feelings with the group.

Skype allows for up to three numbers to ring using skype out and skypein can be used for multiple incoming numbers plus of course skype users. It costs a bit more than nothing but a lot less than standard telcos.

Buzz Aldrin gets down with Snoop Dogg


The Russians

If there was a(n) hoax why would the Russians have gone along with it? QED

Unless you are insane and the whole USA CCCP thing was itself a fake and the world is run by Lizards.

DARPA: Can we have a one-cabinet petaflop supercomputer?



They're not looking for AI they're looking for patterns and exceptions, deviations and spikes. It doesn't have to be Human Intelligence it has to be Artificial intelligence and that fucking Turing test guff is a red herring. I don't want to chat to the damn thing I want it to find things and notice stuff.

Wikipedia kills legendary journalist


Wikipedia is fascist right wing horseshit

Uneducated dolts agreeing that the truth must be half way between two opposing viewpoints. The Holocaust has a museum but there are also holocaust deniers therefore 3 million people were possibly killed.

Irish has been renamed goeidilic which noone has ever heard of by some student with a mania for rewriting articles. Edison was the greatest inventor of all time and didn't steal anything according to some arsehole who calls himself, that's right, edison. The english empire were lovely friendly chaps who just wanted to build roads and free the poor from slavery.

The amount of politically motivated revisionism is disgusting

Ronnie Reagan "He ranks highly among former U.S. presidents in terms of approval rating.", which is funny because I remember him as being a criminal with the iq of a fencepost who almost got us all nuked.

US city demands FaceSpaceGooHoo log-ins from job seekers



See it's secret muslim communist socialism just like jesus said.

Catholic social club ousts coven of witches


For the record

The Inquisition killed about 150 people in the course of 400 years, the protestants killed 25,000 people in a much shorter time for being witches. It's a typical WASP rewriting of history, like saying Ronnie Reagan was the greatest president.

The Times kills off blogger anonymity



The process of elimination is sure made a lot easier when everyone knows who wrote the stuff.

I presume the Reg would blow stuff up and kill people to preserve the anonymity of it's anonymous cowards. Am I right or is it open season all over?

Canonical responds to 'abusive' Ubuntu posts


Trolls built the tubes

If my behaviour ever starts to become "acceptable" I'll just blow my head off and be done with it.

Engineers are troublesome 'expert loners', says prof


There is no I in team but there is a me

I worked as part of a team once. They were all shite except one other guy. We worked away separately and every now and again liaised over some caveats. When we were done we briefed first the sales monkeys then the management scum. Then the sales monkeys demoed the system to the "team" and we rounded off a few rough edges before demoing it to the people with the money or customers as we called them.

I thought it was shit, then I went to a place with ISO9000 and that COPC fuckology and I realised the first place was in fact the good old days.

The moral of the story for you young un is this: Those management arseholes would rather you were weeks behind on the project as long as they have an armful of reports and e-mails. In management circles those things are like cigarettes in prison, they try to buy their way out of an assraping with them. They always prefer paperwork to productivity.

Iran's nuke boffins prefer Opteron baby supers


This article is a joke right?

You seriously think the Iranians have "difficulty" getting their hands on mobos and chips? Why would they?

German lad hit by 30,000 mph meteorite


Track, Positio, Shot

It's the ghost of Douglas Adams sending us a message, now if we could only build a computer to figure out what it is.