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With its Ohio fab under way, Intel's next challenge: Keeping its promises


Ohio will not ramp

Please google Intel Ft worth to find the future of the Intel Fab in Ohio.... check out the abandoned building lawsuit. No one wants more capacity from Intel.

Memory price 'correction' is coming, world's fourth-largest DRAM-maker warns


Re: potential to make next year's smartphone models a little cheaper

If DRAM gets cheaper... then phone manufacturers will pass on the savings to us. .....

I can see it now:

Tim Cook: "I don't want to increase our profitability. Lets pass on the savings to our victims/minions/moneysource"

Seagate HAMRs out a roadmap for future hard drive recording tech


Re: Awesome!

No worries about losing a 100TB drive. you can back it up over your 10Mbps in no time at all.

DRAM makers sued (yet again) for 'fixing prices' (yet again) of chips



Obviously they colluded (sorry Donald). they are currently planning fake fab power outages at this moment

but it is not illegal to not add capacity.

Focus on the forced package deals buying NAND in order to get DRAM shipments. Thats collusion! SAD ... VERY SAD. Donald trump Jr was seen in Boise negotiating deals between Korea and Micron.

Got some fancy new flash in the works, huh Micron? Join the QLC


Re: I don't see the advantage of QLC -Yet

qlc will be on same wafer and cell size as tlc.... much cheaper that way !

Besides the XPoint: Persistent memory tech is cool, but the price tag... OUCH


3D Xpoint is 5x slower than DRAM and 100x slower than SRAM... with 100x less endurance. Right now it appears to be ideal for a "superfast SSD niche" ... which means it wont be cost effective as mentioned above.

once it is in 5% of the laptops or 5% of servers we can talk more... that will be a few years at least according to Intel

Samsung rings death knell for disk, gears up for QLC flash production



QLC will provide a 25% lower price best case when it is released into mass production which will be Sept 2018 best case.

So today the cost of SSDs are 7-8x the cost per GB of HDDs. HDD prices dropped in the last year and SSD prices went up. So QLC will help make it so that SSDs are only 5x more expensive than HDDs

Someday SSDs will be half of all the GBs sold for storage. Today is not that day (HDD out-ships SSD GBs >7:1. 2020 is not that day either. 2025 seems good. HDD will be here for a while.

Flash reaches the enterprise tipping point


just checking... but it would seem the data mentioned and the graph shown is the opposite of a tipping point. it seems to be steady adoption over time... not yet at 50%. am I missing something.

Memory and storage boundary changes


some of the numbers are wrong but I love the theme and charts. great comparison of technologies. 3DXP is right in the NVDIMM space

Samsung wins Apple MacBook contract, starts spitting out PCIe SSDs


SSD business consolidation

I hear people talk about how SSD vendors must be NAND supplier to be successful

In the HDD business, my understanding is that it USED to be that the media (disk), heads, controller, and PCB suppliers were part of HDD OEM... but now WD/HGST, Seagate buy those from suppliers or subcons. HDD OEMs are now assembly, test, and marketing houses. they also design the HDDs but purchase materials and subcontract components

is this true?