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Google Brain king slashes cost of AI gear


Google's not the only company building deep neural networks...

I built a PaaS that does exactly this (www.ersatz1.com) There have been a lot of advances in neural nets, starting in 2006 (deep learning is now 7 years old!)

But yeah, Google seems to be focused on building bigger and bigger networks, but latest research is actually suggesting that "bigger isn't necessarily better" (see: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1301.3583v4.pdf) Our system takes the approach of training a bunch of smaller networks (although still huge compared to what people were doing just a few years ago) and stringing them together as modules, more like how our brains actually work.

Anyway, don't worry, this stuff is a looooong way from skynet... Expect to see a lot more growth in this industry, google is not the only game in town--although they do have by far the best PR team ;-)


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