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Seven... SSD sizzlers

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Drive size is important

Drive size is important whilst benchmarking as the lower capacity drives have less chips rather than smaller ones. This means you can have fewer active data paths and so the smaller drives are slower. 3 of the 7 drives in this test used larger drives and so they will show greater performance than you would have seen with all 128GB drives. So its not exactly a fair comparison.

O2 finds new way to bind iPhone users

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The article suggests a new contract is needed..... is it not the case that the user just has to be on an iPhone tariff?

iPhone feature requires iPhone tariff - its not that big a shock.

Anyone staying on their iPhone contract would be mad anyway - the £20 simplicity 30 day tariff has the same minutes and texts as the £35 iPhone tariff. So Visual voice-mail becomes a £15 extra :)

iPhone 3.0 to nix app redownloading?

Kris Lord

Annoying but won't prevent piracy

If the idea is to share apps, then it will just be done via iTunes as this new system allows free downloads there. This change is just an annoyance rather than a good way of preventing unauthorised use.

Apple should just publish some rule similar to that how songs can be authorised on 5 PC's and limit it by hardware ID's.

iPhone compass evidence surfaces

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iPhone ad

"The iPhone compass application was seen by me Tuesday last in an iPhone advert that popped up on The Discovery Channel or some such. Portrait mode with a circular compass dial in the middle and GPS numbly bits on the top or bottom. Only about 3-4 seconds, but that should be enough to cement the rumors here."

The add shows an app called g-spot, which simply uses your GPS to work out which way you are moving, and show it on a compass. Stop moving and it has no idea which way you are pointing and is therefore doesn't have the same function as a true compass. The only useful feature it has is to provide raw gps data on your location (like nokia GPS phones)

North Americans just don't steal handsets, apparently...

Kris Lord

networks don't care

The network gets call revenue whether the phone is legit or not, so it's not always in their interests to block phones. A stolen phone either means an additional handset sale for the network or a cost to the insurance company. Either way the network doesn't lose

ISP blows the whistle on router chip 'fault'

Kris Lord

Sky Broadband

I had this problem with the DG834GT supplied by SKY.

I'm about 400m from the exchange and get 16Mbit, however still got dropouts.

I found the problem was caused by uPnP problems in the firmware.

Disabling uPnP has completely fixed things, currently been connected for 700 hours without a problem whereas i was getting at most 6 hours previously.

Insuring iTunes: are your digital downloads covered?

Kris Lord

Survey Results

How did they work out the average cost of replacement would be over £250?

Whilst iTunes is popular, haven't we had articles on here saying most users download a few tracks and thats it? The average download is no where near 250 songs!

I suspect whoever were asked simply stated the number of tracks in their library, and weren't asked if they were ripped from CD or downloaded from whatever source.


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