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Internet-of-stuff startup dumps NoSQL for ... SQL?

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Probably the right order to do it in...

This might look like one in the eye for NoSQL DBs, but if you think about their data model challenges as they were starting out, they would have been frequently changing their schema as their product evolved, without a whole lot of real-world data to validate it against. This would have favoured a NoSQL approach over a more structured SQL one, since it's a lot more tolerant to schema changes on the fly.

Now that things have settled down with their schema, SQL is the way to go, because they've woken up to the fact that it's one heck of a lot less complex to get data OUT of a relationally structured store than from a hierarchy of document-like shreds. They just should have considered it a bit earlier than they did: would have saved them lots of pain!

It's EE vs Vodafone: 'How good is my signal' study descends into network bunfight


Re: your milage may vary

Exactly my experience - they didn't seem to be at all bothered about the prospect of losing a high RPU customer.

Now with 3, the coverage is (much!) better, 3G speeds are pretty good, even in rural Hampshire, and text messages arrive instantly. Stark contrast with Vodafone, where they'd take days at times, even to my missus' Phone (also on Vodafone, believe it or not!)

Michael Dell: 'Cash in your shares, we are in a mess'


Private is the only way out of the Wall St parade

I used to work for Dell and I've met the man himself. Going private is absolutely the only way out of the mess: he came back to the company to turn it found, and Wall Street hasn't given him the leeway to tAke a hit for 4-6 quarters whilst the necessary changes are made. He has definitely got the right idea, and just needs the freedom to crack on and deliver

Dell goes for riches in niches with Gov Cloud


Arse? Elbow?

Dell seems to have very little clue of what to do to capture a bigger slice of the cloud market than just some of the tin. They keep dithering, diving into something out of fear they'll be left behind, changing their minds when they realise it's too late and then repeating the cycle. Being the fast follower does NOT work in this market. I worked there for 3 years, and this just looks like more of the same.


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