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Sure, if you ignore what Apples says...

Sure, I suppose you could interpret the fingerprint thing this way.

Though, Apple says it's sequestered onto a non-network-accessible portion of the A7. Which pretty much flies in the face of everything the FSF is claiming. I'm not particularly worried. We leave fingerprints everywhere, for anyone to retrieve and store.

Of course, the FSF chooses not to believe what corporations say. Maybe that's good, maybe it's foolish. It would be nice to have all the facts, though, rather than scare tactics about possibilities without evaluating the actual hardware's capabilities and design.

Just because Android's open doesn't mean it can't be abused. In fact, it's easier to abuse Android than iOS (though that isn't impossible, as recent news has shown).

New iPhones are latte-sipping inner city elitists


Good point there...

Yeah, I was wondering about that backwards compatibility. Also, remember that LTE, 4G (these two are not synonymous), and 3G are primarily data technologies, and not voice. Voice should work even outside of LTE range without problems.

As for the Apple haters, just buy your phones as you like, and let people buy iPhones if they like. "Looking dated" is a subjective evaluation, as is "cheap little screen". Just because you don't agree with another's opinion doesn't mean they're wrong, or that it has merits you don't appreciate.

And yes, iPhones are price-comparable to similarly specced Android phones (or as close as you can get). Your diamond ring analogy is clever, if inapt. You can get a free iPhone (with contract), a US$99 iPhone (with contract), or a US$199 iPhone (with contract), which pretty much means it matches any price point. I don't know what the price structure is like outside the US, of course.

That being said, I WOULD like to see Apple step up the pace of development, and allow a couple release cycles per year.

How NSA spooks spaffed my DAD'S DATA ALL OVER THE WEB



As said in the article, the picture is free to use, as long as requirements are met, so I don't know what could be done, rather than request that either the requirements be met or payment be made in lieu of credit and a linkback.

The more interesting thing to me is that the NSA must have paid somebody to create that logo, so this may have interesting repercussions for that individual or company.


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