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Blighty's SMB tech ranks bitterly divided on Brexit


Definitely not paragons of anything Dan, least of all virtue, I agree with you. None of the Tories come out of this well. I take your point about the referendum being a way out of Cameron's dilemma over how to control his Eurosceptics.

But if you work for a living, staying in the EU is such a no-brainer that I really can't understand the arguments for an exit. Predicted loss of GDP is between 1% and 5% [best and worst case] of three separate economic forecasters. [scource FTimes today]. The two biggest UK property companies have both said that prices will at best stagnate and the commercial property market is already static in London and will undoubtedly fall if we exit, as companies relocate to the EU.

Obama took the trouble to say directly that we will be a long time negotiating a trade deal and it is inconceivable that anyone in the EU - especially the French - will look kindly on us after we leave.

As I said a no-brainer.


Come on El Reg the headline is hardly supported by the stats. I know your tags are often 'tongue in cheek' but a 60% for in and only 17% for out would seem to be overwhelming not 'bitterly divided'.

You will always have a small number of firms doing very well and a small number very badly from any major change in the business environment but this is because they are in specialised markets that will be the one's most affected by the change - whatever it is. However the 60 /17 % split clearly articulates that most people think staying in is the best decision for their business. This is also clearly reflected in the FT business polls. Simply looking at the leading out campaigners Farrago and Gove should be enough for most people. Can you imagine them running your company?

Margaret Hodge, PAC are scaring off new biz: Treasury source


It seems only reasonable that everyone should pay tax on PROFITS earned within a sovereign country I have to on my business and PAYE and VAT etc ...Etc. The way the multinationals get round it is presumably charging inflated amounts for intellectual property within the firm, 'rights' to licence trade names and remote management charges from a head office in a tax haven.

1] They are not going to re-locate HQ to GB because of said tax advantages.

2] they are equally not going to stop doing business here because they are obviously making a profit.

Stop listening to the big lobbyists Mr HMRC and please do your job, someone is paying you to do it - oh yes its us isn't it - should we stop?

Bill Gates slurps bigger share of Olympics bungle-boys G4S


Re Re : To Be Fair

If it's all about the blame it's not entirely the UK Govt who were at fault. They where strong-armed by the US into doubling the amount of security at the Olympics at short notice. Something like 'If ya don't have another 10k security personnel we aint comin' Says something when one of your closest allies doesn't even think you are competent to police your own events.


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