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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: The mobe for CHUCK NORRIS TYPES


Re: So it's the telephone for religious rightwing gun nuts?


I got this in FINLAND - the land of Nokia - and I sold my Lumia 920 Red

for a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Urban Grey

being "a religious nut" who prefer straight, heterosexual, etc things

THANK YOU for your advice!

This is a very nice phone...

Pure boffinry: We peek inside Nokia's miracle cameraphone


Re: pureview 808?

that f/2.5 for the 808 is f/2.4 (or even slightly less)

AND 1020 has stereo HAAC mics

SK Telecom launches first LTE-Advanced network with new Galaxy S4



it's barely +50%

not anything really special

triple speed (double this new version) is around the corner

but the REAL 4G LTE-Advanced is that 1Gb (½Gb up) category!

Coming in to your operator any day (year) soon...2016

HP confirms it's back in the smartphone business


Full Linux-PC-Phone-Phablet

I just wonder about the keyboard solutions HP should bring out at least five different:

from full sized to pocketable


these just my wild guesses...

Galaxy S4 way faster than iPhone 5: Which?

Thumb Down

Re: iSheeple are easily fooled.

or my very flat iPhone doesn't need your S4 battery bulge

Style and Function before muscle (which mainly goes to Dalvik VM burning)


Re: Innovation? Pah.

Even Microsoft+Nokia understands that

thus GDPR2 has (finally) CardDAV and CalDAV support

Microsoft also offers to the Office365 cloud subscribers an iOS client

so iPhone/iPad can read your own/company excel, word, powerpoint


HTC One has OIS

IF you value

½ steady video

or unshaken (only stirred = out of focus) photos

and low-light photos


a phone with OIS

Huawei muses on Nokia's future


True Value

cash 4.5 billion



brands (Nokia, Here, Pureview, Lumia, Symbian, Asha, ...)

NavTeq map system


the value of the company is at lest three times more than current speculative price of the shares

grab as you can...

Samsung plans LTE Advanced version of Galaxy S4




No phone yet is capable of Full LTE speed

and to make things worse

some operators claim dual carrier 3G to be 4G

4G was originally the LTE Advanced in top speed 1Gb (½G up)

Please, please Bing this LTE thing...

'Smart ring' revealed by upstart Chinese mobe-maker


Re: Notice the design of the ring

You mean one should clean a ring?


More than one third of a century of negligence...

Microsoft lures buy-curious vixens, corduroys with a cheap fondle


Re: Does this heavy discounting

Killing RT and using Haswell + Windows Desktop/Metro UI 8.1 down to size of the current ASUS 8" tablet at 10W (4.5W) allowing 1024×768

AND scaling up the Windows Phone 8 GDPR3 using Qualcom SnapDragon up to 800 Series 3W (5W for Tablets) allowing 1920x1080

THUS overlapping these two platforms => No need for RT

MYSTERY Nokia image-mangling mobe spotted in public


Re: If it was an android i'd have bought one already

actually it's not the OS - it's the egosystem !


Re: A bit too late..

So you both will get a WP8 device from Nokia?


Re: @I ain't Spartacus

Take a good look at the very small TI Omap 2 GPU part

I think BOTH Symbian & WP8 need the dedicated sensor GPU

and a driver and special camera software


Re: Finally!

Take a good look at the TI Omap 2 CPU+GPU that was used in the Nokia 808

Without the dedicated DSP in the sensor module this would have not happened

Now that Windows is bringing support for the SnapDragon 800 (55Mpix max) in GDPR 3 beforore Xmas

there is no need to worry wheather you need drivers or not - I'd prefer using both DSP & SD 800


MS WPhone software development is way too slow and it's holding Nokia back


Re: I've been waiting a long time for this.

" I don't know if that 640x360 resolution was a technical limitation or just a way they could cut the development budget by reusing stuff from the C6 but for something at that price point it really wasn't good enough."


Nokia E90 Communicator (which is in front of me, operating right now with my main SIM)


Announced 2007, February. Released 2007, June

main screen: 800 x 352 pixels (secondary: 240 x 320 pixels)

Symbian OS v9.2, S60 rel. 3.1