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Think your smutty Snapchats can't be saved by dorks? Think again


I for one...

...am proud to have my cock photos on the internet. Bring it on.

Galaxy S4 way faster than iPhone 5: Which?


So the fairly new S4 is faster than a year old IPhone 5. How unusual. -_-

Journalism at it's best, ladies and gentleman.

Magpie Apple plunders the competition for cosmetics, as egos run wild


Fair comments, but....

Everyone seems so quick to point out the 'theft' from other device interfaces. Yet nobody seems to be concerned that Eric Schmidt ran away to Google after bagging a whole bunch of Apple ideas, which he then put straight into Android. So theft is fine as long as you are the first person to produce a device with the idea in use.

Tim Cook: Android version fragmentation is 'terrible for developers'


Silly comparisons

There seems to be no shortage of dorks who draw a comparison between 'Android' and 'iPhone'. Grow a brain people. One is a device and the other is an OS.

So if you're saying 'there are more installs of Android on the 100 odd devices capable of running it, versus the few models of iPhone' then you'd probably be right. But if you take the signature devices like the Galaxy S2 - S4 versus the iPhone 3GS - 5, you're not even close. Pound for pound, iOS is superior.

And for all the fandroids who insist on giving us the 'emperors new clothes' speech about buying iDevices, we pay the extra for the level of quality that comes with the product. In the case of Android devices, it's often a case of 'buy cheap, pay dear'. For development, I own both iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 and the iPhone never crashes. Whereas an unmodified and fairly empty S3 crashes regularly and without good reason.